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floor coverings

We choose floor coverings: will the floor please your feet?

Floor coverings are an important element of the interior not only from an aesthetic point of view. Reliable floors provide soundproofing, warmth, and comfort. Floors – this is one of the main strokes of any repair.

Consider the most popular types of floor coverings:floor coverings

Linoleum was or is almost in every apartment or house. There are two types of linoleum: heterogeneous and homogeneous commercial and household linoleum on a non-woven or foamed basis. For the basis of heterogeneous linoleum, use felt, PVC, polyester, jute. This linoleum has a larger range and is produced by rolls of 2, 3 and 4 meters wide. Homogeneous – 2, 3 meters, has a homogeneous structure without a base. Keep reading How to build a corner design house taking advantage of the 2 available facades and the solar path

The advantages of linoleum include:

  • It will suit both the kitchen and the room.
  • Color and stylistic diversity.
  • Is subject to wet and dry cleaning. Underlying linoleum is not necessary to perfectly level the floor.
  • It does not require much finance, time and effort.
  • Commercial-type linoleum is very resistant to damage, friction.

Disadvantages of linoleum:

  • Does not like direct sunlight, can burn out.
  • At very low temperatures – it splits.
  • On household linoleum, there can be dents from heavy furniture, on it breaks and damages can be formed.

Despite the unpretentiousness of linoleum, and it can be spoiled if one does not follow the basic advice: do not use shrinkage on PVA or mutilate, apply special glue on linoleum only at the junction site, lay only on the treated cement screed.

Laminate is a popular and stylish floor covering. In fact, it is a multi-layered board. The main layer of the laminate is made of chipboard or fiberboard. Keep reading  What is the best thermal insulation for a house?

Advantages of laminate:

  • Does not burn out, has a beautiful appearance.
  • It does not stick to dirt, it’s easy to clean.
  • Do not need to varnish, polish.
  • Has a large assortment.
  • A wide price range allows you to choose a budget option.


  • You need to be careful with water – the laminate is deformed from excess moisture.
  • Cheap laminate is short-lived

Which floors do you choose from the variety of promotional offers?floor coverings

Let’s try to understand. The first thing that determines the choice is the material of manufacture: it separates artificial and natural floor coverings. To the first group belong linoleum, tile, self-leveling floors. The natural refers to flooring from a wooden board, parquet, floors from a natural stone. It is necessary to consider where we choose the floors. The floor covering must be functional.

The second thing that will help in a complex solution, floor coverings are subdivided into species depending on the way of dividing the constituent elements of the floor. Floor coverings with artificial division – floor ceramic tiles, laminate, stone slab, wooden board, parquet. Rolled floor coverings – carpet, linoleum. Floor coverings-monoliths – filling the seamless floor of polymeric materials. keep reading Know the benefits of having wooden floors at home

floor coverings

Ceramic tiles – quite practical and modern floor covering. The advantages of tiles include moisture resistance, decorativeness, durability, relevance, a huge choice of colors and styles. To the disadvantages – the tiles are not universal and will suit more in the kitchen and in the bathroom than in the bedroom; tiles can crack from a strong impact, cold to the touch. Professional tiling is recommended. keep reading 10 tips to improve your home

Parquet floor, a floor from massive wooden boards, a floor from compositing elements – one of the oldest kinds of floor coverings. Always stylish and relevant. Its main advantage is ecological compatibility. The wooden floor is durable, very resistant to deformation. However, this flooring requires a lot of care. More suitable for a classic interior.

The floors are made of natural stone. It is appropriate in the corridor, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, without the installation of the “warm floor” system, the floors made of natural stone are rather cold. The main disadvantage is the high cost. Such floors are leading in resistance to where – they do not deform, they tolerate moisture and light well.

Carpet is a pleasant and cozy floor covering. The merits include: good sound insulation properties, a variety of colors and textures, will not crack or break when a heavy object falls on it. The lack of such a coating is the complexity of caring for it. Any stain will have to be removed by special means, so it’s hardly possible to put carpet in the kitchen or in the hallway.

The floor is made of polymers – the most modern and actual floors. Do not require a good screed base floor, because they themselves are leveled due to their liquid texture – liquid polymers fill in any irregularities and get an idea, beautiful, smooth surface. Modern technologies make it possible to get a filler floor of any color and texture. Such a floor is moisture resistant and reliable. Disadvantages: high-quality flooring is quite expensive, cheap self-leveling floors can turn yellow when exposed to direct sunlight.

The floor is made of wooden boards – warm, eco-friendly and beautiful. Correctly laid on the logs boards, without crevices and fastenings with nails, unpainted, and covered with wax or special varnish – this is one of the best options. Advantages: the use of natural, expensive lumber with a beautiful pattern and color of wood, a natural gap for ventilation due to the height of the lag, a warm pleasant surface of the polished board. The disadvantages can be attributed – if the formation of the floorboards undersaturated or vice versa, there is a deformation or there are cracks, requires constant care.

Glass floors – very fashionable and exotic floors made of knee glass of great thickness. They are made in the form of inserts in the base sheet of another coating or solid. The picture of the floor can be monophonic, ornamental, landscapes and paintings and a 3D effect. Advantages can be called – ecology, high aesthetics, stylishness, and to disadvantages – the coating is slippery, it can become a source of injury.


All floor coverings, presented in construction shops, have different properties and characteristics. Some thanks to their water resistance can be used in the kitchen and bathroom, others require delicate care and will only fit for living rooms. Modern floor coverings are made of extremely diverse materials: wood, natural and artificial stone, plastic, rubber, and cork. Do not forget about carpeting. A wide selection means great opportunities – now you can find the suitable floor covering within any budget and for any purpose. To inexpensive include linoleum and laminate, as well as some types of carpet. Synthetic stone and wood will cost more, and flooring from natural stone and precious woods usually belong to the premium class. However, the division is conditional, as everything depends on the manufacturer and the technologies involved in the production process.

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