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communicative graphic design

How to define the basic elements of a communicative graphic design

The main purpose of communicative graphic design is as its name says, visual communication , and this is because it is the producer to develop communicative strategies with visual elements that allow a message to be effectively transmitted to the public. That is, it is the mediator between the sender and the receiver.

web developer


Working on your own should be a natural progression of web developer career … not the path to a career. Someone who has established a network of professional contacts, who has polished their web development skills and who has an entrepreneurial spirit will have the right formula to build a successful business as a freelancer. […]

industrial design

Importance of Industrial Design in Everyday Life

Understood as a highly utilitarian race by the objective it seeks to achieve and the elements by which it is fulfilled, industrial design is a discipline that today is studied in large numbers by young people who want to dedicate themselves to the design and subsequent creation of products. and elements that serve for everyday […]

editorial design

The Importance of Editorial Design

The Importance of editorial design realization of a book is not only based on the textual content of the publication. Also, the support that contains it and how it contains it plays an important role: the book and its design. Editorial Design to the first word: Image In a bookstore, if it is not by […]

freelance graphic designer

4 Courses that, as a freelance graphic designer, you should take

In the following article we will expose you a small top of 4 courses taught from the Udemy platform, taking advantage of Black Friday, we wanted to give you the 4 most striking and that can help you when polishing your profession as a freelance graphic designer. If you are a graphic designer and you […]

freelance web designer

The Qualities that Every Freelance Web Designer Should Have

It is considered that freelance web designer is a mature sector, however, finding good professionals is not easy at all. Many are those who want to dedicate or are already dedicated to web design, but few who have all the necessary skills to excel in this field. In this article, we will see the qualities […]

web designer

Knowledge and skills needed for a web designer

Frequently the web designer is confused with the programmer because both are dedicated to the creation of websites. Although their task has points in common, they are responsible for working different aspects around the construction of the product. The programmer assembles the code to materialize the site but the web designer must go further to […]

free online

24 free online courses on creativity and graphic design

If you are thinking of entering the world of graphic design or want to complement your training by developing visual communication skills, you can take into account these 24 free online graphic design courses that we share today. Graphic design is an exciting creativity career and its visual principles can be applied to different professionals […]

Graphic design history

Graphic design history in the United States

The graphic design history of the time of the depression in the United States was dominated by the traditional illustration that changed after the arrival of emigrant-European designers and architects who arrived with new trends. The rising tide of Nazism in Europe led to the largest emigration of intellectuals and talented creators. At the end […]

cover design

Attractive cover design an with 10 tips: magazines, books or digital

In the publishing world, currently, the cover design is what makes people turn to see, browse and buy a publication. And this cover design is focusing on this area, doing a job that is creative, careful and original so that it is recognized and applauded by the consumer.