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legal tips

Top 10 legal tips for digital marketing campaigns

Did you know that 70% of USA companies are unaware of the legal tips of online marketing. And that 65% of Internet users recognize that this advertising influences their purchase process? Need the following some legal tips on it so as not to make mistakes.

e-commerce site

Why and how to use the A / B test for your e-commerce site

The ability to perform an A / B test is one of the most significant advantages of electronic commerce. You can try alternative strategies and methods for different parts of your business and e-commerce site. The most common benefits include minimizing wasted investments and amplifying more efficient opportunities. Below is a general description of why […]

content marketing strategy

4 steps in a content marketing strategy

The content marketing strategy part of Inbound Marketing is the art of understanding exactly what they need to know your customers and deliver relevant and compelling manner; it consists of creating and distributing relevant content for clients and potential clients with the aim of attracting them to the company and connecting with them. It is […]

digital marketing


If you are looking for a job in digital marketing, it is likely that you have already exhausted the path of traditional portals such as Infojobs. What if I told you that there are specific employment websites for online marketing? Would you be interested in knowing a tool that allows you to send auto-candidacies to […]

email marketing

10 good practices of Email marketing for eCommerce

Despite the increasing popularity of social media in e-commerce, email marketing remains one of the most powerful eCommerce promotion tools to involve potential clients and customers. The benefits are multiple to Increase the profitability of your online business, generate new customers to retain them If you want to capture more potential customers, increase repurchase rates, […]

content marketing

4 Key Tools for Content Marketing of your Business

The technique called content marketing is not new, in fact, it has been used for more than 100 years with the important historical background, but in Content Marketing practice, it is, for companies of any size, a clear differentiator when approaching consumers. Content marketing is based on a series of activities of generation, distribution, and […]

landing page


WHAT IS A LANDING PAGE? There is no doubt that a landing page – and the ways to capture leads, raised in the online strategies of Inbound Marketing – are two of the most important elements in online business. Without them, marketers would have many more limitations to convert website visitors into potential customers – […]

Restaurants Marketing strategy

Restaurants Marketing strategy: photography to whet the appetite

Today I want to talk about the importance of having a good picture in your restaurant’s Marketing strategy. A few days ago we visited one of our clients: it is called L’AldilĂ , it is an Italian restaurant in Poblenou and we are in charge of bringing them communication. We were there to carry out a photo […]

Online Food Business

6 Marketing Tips for your Online Food Business

Independent online food business relied heavily on incoming traffic, comments in print and word of mouth In the days before the reign of social networks and smartphones. In the digital age, however, customers access more and more information, decide what to do with their time and make purchases online.

good practices

7 good practices for optimizing conversion online marketing

Good practices are considered to be the set of principles, measures, actions and experiences that, having reported advantages of different types for the organization in a proven and proven way, can be considered as a possible reference to continue to bring the improvement to other organizations, for which it must have completed the cycle of […]

online marketing strategies

Effective online marketing strategies

The Internet has become much more than a simple showcase for businesses of all kinds, becoming an important part of the income of companies that know how to use online marketing strategies.To optimize and achieve the best results there are several online marketing strategies, among which the following stand out for their effectiveness.