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10 tips to improve your home

Over the years there are many possibilities that new trends in decoration offer us to improve our home. Today we will talk about 10 tips that will help you to have a more comfortable and comfortable home. Change bathtub by shower: more and more people are getting into the car of this change. It’s about changing the old bathtub of a lifetime for a shower. The showers are much more comfortable for all members of the house; in addition, this change from the bathtub to shower can be even more effective if we place a transparent glass screen without profiles, which will give the finish a much more elegant touch.

Opting for open spaceshome improve tips

The open concept is fashionable, something we can see in the decoration programs that have been popularized in several television channels. It is about expanding spaces, gathering environments, as it may be that the kitchen and living room are united. This type of space is more comfortable to be wider and to interact with all members of the house wherever you are.

Close the terrace or the porchhome improve tips

The enclosures of terrace or porch are the most common nowadays, it is about closing with a glass the spaces, allowing its use regardless of the time that you make. Rain or snow, we can use the terrace or the porch without any problem.

Energy saving light bulbshome improve tips

You can also choose the LED lights, which are low consumption; this will benefit the environment and will benefit you, seeing how the electricity bills are lower. If you also opt for appliances that spend little, you can see a really important reduction.

Optimize spacehome improve tips

One of the most common problems in all homes is the lack of space, if this is your case, you have to improve storage spaces. You can include more cabinets for this purpose or opt for boxes or other equally valid systems.

 Incorporates plants and natural elements

Green is a balancing color that cannot be missing to achieve harmony at home, especially if we live in the city.There are indoor plants that also have excellent air cleansing properties, better than any electric purifier, such as POTUS.

Opt for simplicity and order

It seems obvious because the usual thing is for mothers to criticize the lack of order and the accumulation of things in the rooms. However, it is not only an aesthetic issue.

A neat and clean house is much more harmonious, cozy and relaxing. To achieve this, we must first filter what we really need, to get rid of the rest. This is a difficult but essential step. Secondly, we will keep what we do not use in the short term in closets, storage rooms, attics or boxes. Read more Attractive cover design an with 10 tips: magazines, books or digital

 Beware of mirrors

According to Fang Shun, mirrors are very beneficial if we put them in the right place. They help us to enlarge small and narrow spaces and to give light to dark spaces. In general, they should always reflect something nice and nice. However, we must avoid them in the bedroom, especially if we can see them from the bed, as well as right at the entrance if they reflect the main door.

 The aroma is important

Each home has an odor that characterizes it, and it is usually the mixture of different aromas of the house. We should not overdo the use of air fresheners, much less if they are synthetic fragrances. It is preferable to opt for natural fragrances based on essential oils, incenses, resins, etc.

Ventilate daily

Much more important than the aroma that we choose is the fact of getting used to ventilate the rooms daily, for a while every morning. This simple gesture allows us to renew the air in the house, prevent humidity, regulate the temperature, avoid odors, etc.

Although there are houses that already have specific ventilation systems, the classic way is to open two doors or windows that are at opposite ends of the house.

Choose colors well

By choosing the colors correctly we refer, first of all, to the walls, but also to the furniture, curtains and decorative elements in general. Also in this, we must find the right point to achieve harmony at home. The white, the neutral color, is very suitable for spaces in which we want to enhance the luminosity.

  • In cold houses, we will add touches of orange, yellow and red.
  • In warm homes, we will choose whites, blues, and violets.
  • We can bring green, as we have said, with natural plants.

Some details of black or metallic colors will bring elegance and sophistication to the rooms.

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