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Eat cheap

Eat cheap in New York

Eat cheap in New York. We keep talking about our trip to New York and today we have to talk about gastronomy: where to eat cheaply in New York. We are going to tell you about some of the places where we ate in our 5 days in the big apple, some of them highly […]

drinks for this winter

11 drinks for this winter that you can not miss!

The cold arrives and with it, the desire to accompany your daily routine with excellent coffee. Drinks for this winter, Starbucks offers you the Cappuccino, a perfect balance between Espresso Roast coffee, steamed milk and abundant milk foam, as the ideal option to enjoy this season.

prepare pasta

Top 4 ways to prepare pasta differently

Do you like pasta a lot but have already gotten bored of preparing it always in the same way? Do not worry, we present top 4 ways to prepare pasta differently. Prepare your ingredients to make these delights that in some cases may seem exotic. But this makes it more interesting, do not you think? […]

fresh pasta

Five best places to buy fresh pasta

As in football, when we talk about fresh pasta, we all have the post. Each one is sure that he buys gnocchi and cannelloni in the best house in Buenos Aires. Even, everyone knows some local neighborhood that has insurmountable specialties. But beyond these precious and unique places, only a few brands managed to cross […]

amazing cooking

12 amazing cooking tricks with mayonnaise

Aside from being a delicious ~ seasoning, amazing cooking with mayonnaise can also be used in heaps of culinary applications that will level you up in the kitchen.  Mayonnaise is basically fat (eggs and oil, that is, two things that we often add to the food anyway to improve its flavor).  That’s why, although it’s just […]

different date

The 5 most original bars in the world: Ideal to have a different date!

Having an original appointment, departure from everyday life with your partner is possible. And, from Zankyou we love to advise you and show you different places where you could have an amazing time and a lot of fun with your partner for a different date. Today we focus our post to tell you which are […]

romantic date

The 6 most original bars in the world for a romantic date

If you think of a special date, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Surely, a romantic dinner in a stylish place. You, well made up and dressed. Your companion made a gentleman. It’s a pretty appetizing option. But there are other original ideas for a romantic date. There are corners around the […]

original bars

The 5 most original bars in the world to have a very special date

There are original bars that are unique. In the cities and towns of origin, the usual original bars always prevails, enjoyed by the upstarts as if it were the greatest discovery in their history. There prevail the typical products and a relaxed atmosphere, with beer as a cornerstone. But there are many more of all fur and […]