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The Skills needed to be a live-in carer.

Rather than choose to live in sheltered accommodation or in a home, many people who require care opt to have a live-in carer. This means that someone is resident with them and provides complete care, including meals, cleaning and companionship. This is not an easy job, and just like any other employed role, it needs […]

quarantined duel

The quarantined duel

Quarantined duel-Quarantined grief is a reality present in more and more homes. Worldwide, there are already more than 245000 deaths from corona virus and everything indicates that the numbers will continue to increase in the coming months, until really effective treatments or a vaccine are obtained.

legs during isolation

How to improve the circulation of the legs during isolation?

The importance of caring for and improving the circulation of the legs during isolation lies in the fact that it is a fundamental measure to prevent venous problems, such as the varicose vein. With simple exercises it is enough to avoid difficulties.

muscle toning

How to achieve muscle toning?

Muscle toning-130or tone up is words that are usually heard daily in gyms and of which many people have unclear or erroneous concepts. Toning is understood as the process of marking the muscles, by eliminating body fat, to the point that it reaches a low percentage. And of course it must be accompanied by a […]

anger eats

10 tricks to calm down quickly when anger eats you

Anger eats– Either because you have a bad day at work, as a result of a misunderstanding with a friend, because you had a fight with your partner or because your boss has decided to endorse your tasks – just in case you get bored with yours.

muscle hypertrophy

What is muscle hypertrophy and how is it achieved?

Muscle hypertrophy-The muscle growth process is an extremely complex equation, in which different factors such as satellite cell proliferation, my ostatin secretion, inflammatory processes, fiber quality, genes, intracellular fluid and hormonal levels act. However, it can be summarized in three easy to understand factors, which we will put into practice to force the development of […]

gain volume

Guide for ectomorphs, or how to gain volume

There is a minority whose problem is the opposite. What they need is to gain volume, and it seems that whatever they do they cannot.


Self-esteem comes after work well done

Self-esteem comes after a job well done. It is not a lottery that can ever touch; it is the fruit of a personal disposition. When we look for a result, we have to understand that that entails a process.

mood swings

Anxiety and mood swings in pregnancy

Anxiety and mood swings? The hormonal changes of pregnancy and the physical changes in your body are the main causes. We tell you what you can do to

muscle mass

At what speed should muscle mass be built?

It is something that happens to many: as soon as a period of volume beginsĀ  , muscle mass seems to accumulate on its own. In a short time you gain muscle quickly, but that does not last forever. After the first few months, maintaining muscle gainĀ  becomes difficult. The muscles seem to adapt to the […]

bad character

Bad character? Top tips to learn to control your emotions

Bad character– Do you feel that you smoke when you go over time and your car is in the middle of traffic? Or that the blood pressure increases when your child refuses to listen and obey? Anger is a normal and healthy emotion, as long as you know how to deal with it in a […]


25 best self-help ideas for tired parents

Many parents often feel not passing fatigue and exhaustion. According to the research, moms work 98 hours a week, and they only have 17 minutes left for themselves. One of the unexpected sources of parent fatigue is a sense of loneliness due to changes in relationships in the family and with friends. Loneliness not only […]