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around Dubai

The best route around Dubai 2020 and Summer surprises

Around Dubai-Hearing the name of Dubai always generates in us the idea and the intention of being able to travel and get to know that emblematic tourist destination in recent years. One of the really young destinations because if we remember in the 1960s it has nothing of similarity to what this wonderful destination is […]


The new BMW iNEXT (future electric iX5) finalizes its set-up

The BMW iNext had its world premiere in October 2018, at the Paris Motor Show. But what was still there in concept form should land in dealerships in 2021 in the form of BMW iX5.  After the arrival of the iX3  and the i4. But before it goes on sale, the iNext continues its journey […]

famous trains

The 7 most famous trains in the world

Famous trains-Traveling in them is much more than traveling. It is part of something historical. For the route he does, for his age, for his luxuries. Or simply, for what he means. For the stories he keeps among his cars.

types of sports

Different Types of Sports That You Have To Know

Types of sports– Sports are understood as various games and physical. And mental activities that are regulated and structured, activities that are practiced for leisure, or in a professional manner.

disadvantages of traveling

The advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone

Disadvantages of traveling-After traveling two continents without more companion than my backpack I have learned that traveling has only many advantages but also disadvantages. There are good things and other less good things.

Movie places

Movie places, between reality and fiction

Movie places-We are going to make a film trip to places that move between reality and fantasy. Places that in many cases you will recognize without problems.

railway routes

10 of the most picturesque railway routes of the planet

Most picturesque railway routes-French writer Paul Moran said that a train ticket raises more hope than a lottery ticket. For readers of letters from Ostrovka, I picked up 10 trains, having bought

ski trip

Tips for preparing your first ski trip

Have you always dreamed of sliding through the snow and have never dared? Have you been proposed to take a ski trip. And in addition to not having

traveling Europe in winter

Top 10 destinations to Traveling Europe in winter

Traveling Europe in winter-There is an urban legend that says that winter is a season in which you must stay at home, depressed and melancholy, seeing how life seems to freeze through the window. Well, many people also said that Trump was not going to win, showing that not always the majority is right.

hotels in Ukraine

7 luxury hotel in Ukraine for a perfect wedding

Choosing a place for a wedding banquet, you have to personally inspect a lot of restaurants and study their menu in details. But, after thinking about how many problems in the form of not only the festive banquet but also the accommodation of guests and the first wedding night, falls on the newlyweds, we decided […]

great Lands

Bus tour of Russia “Great Lands” is gaining popularity!

We invite you to make a unique trip to the Great Lands of the north-west of Russia: Smolensk, Pskov and Novgorod! This route can be called the “Golden Ring of the Western Russia”. Portal VisitSmolensk.ru talked with the manager of the tour “Great Lands”, the executive director of the travel agency “Smolensk Travel” Alexandra Stepanova […]

summer camp

5 tips to choose the best summer camp

Parents always have doubts about the criteria to take into account to choose the best summer camp. The holidays are approaching, so it’s time to start this search. In summer it is almost mandatory to take the little ones to enjoy the programs designed for them. For this reason, the offer has increased considerably. The […]