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quarantined duel

The quarantined duel

Quarantined duel-Quarantined grief is a reality present in more and more homes. Worldwide, there are already more than 245000 deaths from corona virus and everything indicates that the numbers will continue to increase in the coming months, until really effective treatments or a vaccine are obtained.

Lexus LC 2021

Lexus LC 2021: The coupe becomes more attractive and dynamic

The Lexus LC 2021 is one of those cars that conquers you by the look. And is that its lines are quite striking. For the MY 2021 the Japanese firm wants the coupe to stand out a bit more with new exterior shades, tire designs. And improved road behavior. A slight decrease in total weight […]

Lexus GX 2020

Lexus GX 2020: the Japanese giant is updated

Lexus GX 2020-One of the largest models of the Japanese manufacturer has just been presented to the United States, one of its main markets, offering a refreshed image. And much more generous equipment.

vinyl records

How to decorate with vinyl records: Most original ideas

Vinyl records can be reused in the decoration of living rooms, bedrooms and other spaces in the home. Do you have some at home? Vinyl records are an object of desire for nostalgic collectors. If you resisted throwing your own, but you want to give them a functional and fun use decorating the house.

legs during isolation

How to improve the circulation of the legs during isolation?

The importance of caring for and improving the circulation of the legs during isolation lies in the fact that it is a fundamental measure to prevent venous problems, such as the varicose vein. With simple exercises it is enough to avoid difficulties.

Cosmetic routine

Cosmetic routine: everything you need to know

A cosmetic routine aims to keep the skin healthy and free of blemishes. What does it consist of? What care should I include? In this space we detail everything you should take into account.

tooth decay

Baby bottle tooth decay: symptoms and prevention

Baby bottle tooth decay is a destructive process of baby teeth in babies and children that develops due to the excessive proliferation of bacteria. How to recognize this disease? What to do to prevent it?

maintaining family

Keys to maintaining family life during quarantine

Quarantine has tested many of the strengths to maintain family life. However, following certain guidelines, harm Quarantine has tested many of the strengths to maintain family life. However, following certain guidelines, harmony may reign. We invite you to discover them in this space.

natural remedies

The 10 best natural remedies to prevent colds

Natural remedies-Something as simple as drinking enough water and staying properly hydrated with dejected green can help us purify toxins and avoid contracting colds and other diseases.

joint pain

Do your joint pain? These could be the causes!

Although joint pain does not have to be indicative of any serious problem, if it does not remit or occurs regularly, it is advisable to have a medical checkup as soon as possible.

around Dubai

The best route around Dubai 2020 and Summer surprises

Around Dubai-Hearing the name of Dubai always generates in us the idea and the intention of being able to travel and get to know that emblematic tourist destination in recent years. One of the really young destinations because if we remember in the 1960s it has nothing of similarity to what this wonderful destination is […]