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Tips for installing a new meter box

Have you got a broken meter box? Not only are these unsightly, especially if they are located on the front of a property but they can also leave delicate and dangerous cables and parts exposed to the elements and tampering. It’s time for a new one but how to install it? If the old door […]

How to make the most of marble tiles

Marble has been valued for its luxurious and durable qualities for thousands of years. Current interior design trends reflect the popularity of marble. If you are looking for a versatile and durable material, available in a wide variety of colours and tile shapes, a tiled marble floor or wall could be just what you need. […]

Tips for decorating your bedroom

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, whether you live in a large family home or Park Homes Gloucestershire way there are a number of things that you will want to consider. Image Credit Colours – subtle colours often work best in bedrooms but if you prefer bold colours then why not think about having […]

vinyl records

How to decorate with vinyl records: Most original ideas

Vinyl records can be reused in the decoration of living rooms, bedrooms and other spaces in the home. Do you have some at home? Vinyl records are an object of desire for nostalgic collectors. If you resisted throwing your own, but you want to give them a functional and fun use decorating the house.



The beautiful design kitchen is the place where the whole family meets. Therefore, it must be warm and comfortable for all family members and comfortable for the hostess. These factors should be considered when planning a repair.

wood and black

Wood and black in the kitchen: ideas for a winning combination

Wood and black in the kitchen-The kitchen decoration is a topic that is increasingly relevant for several reasons. This space has gained a special dimension throughout the generations, going from being a simple place where our grandmothers or mothers cooked to become a center of life for the whole family.



In today’s article we will see examples of small white kitchens 2019. When you have little space in the kitchen it is best to bet everything for the color white.

white kitchen

How to decorate a white kitchen: All the tricks

The white kitchens are our clear choice. They adapt very well to any condition of space, and, as they reflect light, they have the property of making them appear larger than they really are.

terrace house

Ideas to decorate the terrace house

Decorate your terrace house  and enjoy the good weather. Surely you are already enjoying this false summer that we have in February. Of course, I take advantage of


Dealing with Energy: How to Choose an Energy Provider for Your Business Utilities

There are a lot of benefits and perks when it comes to seeking a business energy service provider to deal with your needs. Not only will you be able to negotiate the terms of the energy utilities you are opting to use, whether they be gas or electric, you will also be able to consider […]

floor coverings

We choose floor coverings: will the floor please your feet?

Floor coverings are an important element of the interior not only from an aesthetic point of view. Reliable floors provide soundproofing, warmth, and comfort. Floors – this is one of the main strokes of any repair.

favorite garden

A favorite garden with your own hands: ideas and design

Very often at the sight of beautifully decorated gardens in which everything harmoniously merges into one composition, dacha dwellers doubt their abilities, not daring to transform their own plot. We suggest that you consider ready-made designs, made by yourself, to help you find the source of inspiration. If you want to radically change your favorite […]