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legal tips

Top 10 legal tips for digital marketing campaigns

Did you know that 70% of USA companies are unaware of the legal tips of online marketing. And that 65% of Internet users recognize that this advertising influences their purchase process? Need the following some legal tips on it so as not to make mistakes.

Google Assistant

How to open the Google Assistant: all possible ways

Google Assistant-The Assistant Google is about to celebrate her third birthday. And during his short life he has managed to become the best ally of millions of Android device users worldwide. Others, on the other hand, have not yet entered the vast world of Google AI. And they are missing all that this virtual assistant […]

best quotes

11 websites with the best quotes and famous Phrases

Some hate them, others collect them and occasionally share them compulsively on the Internet. We are talking about best quotes, phrases more or less ingenious, author recognized or anonymous, that make us reflect, motivate us or we pull a smile. Some companies have made them the center of their business, and they are also good […]

communicative graphic design

How to define the basic elements of a communicative graphic design

The main purpose of communicative graphic design is as its name says, visual communication , and this is because it is the producer to develop communicative strategies with visual elements that allow a message to be effectively transmitted to the public. That is, it is the mediator between the sender and the receiver.

best iPhone 6 Review

iPhone 6 Review

Since the day of the official presentation of new smartphones from Apple has not passed a month, and the new generation of iPhone is already on sale. And the attention of buyers is provided simultaneously two models, significantly different diagonals of displays. This fundamentally contradicts the conservative views of Californian developers, but the market dictates […]

Android and iOS

Top 5 streaming music apps on Android and iOS

Android and iOS- Listening to music is one of the favorite activities of modern users of mobile devices. Services for this are many, free and paid, they allow you to listen to music when you have access to the network and without it, and to find new artists and keep in touch with them.