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Entertainment options for your wedding reception

If you have planned your wedding and opted for a Barn Wedding Venue Kent way such as The Plough at Leigh Kent you might be wondering what kind of entertainment would work best for y our evening reception. There are lots of choices in this area and it will depend very much on the atmosphere […]

Tips for Creating a Seating Plan For Your Wedding Reception

Creating a seating plan for your wedding can be a little overwhelming, especially if you have never done so before. The key to making it work is to make sure that everyone has at least one person they know on their table. If you have multiple tables, plan to have circular tables so it’s easier […]

wedding day

Tips for dressing up at a wedding day

Wedding day-After the excitement of receiving your best friend’s wedding invitation, surely all kinds of questions will come to mind about what the label that will mark the costume of the guests. And bridesmaids will be like. Many people panic when they think about the options on what to wear.

bridesmaid dresses

12 tips to choose bridesmaid dresses

Who to choose as bridesmaid dresses? If this is your big question, it is important that you bear in mind that they will be your company on the day of marriage.  Therefore, they will play a key role. We explain how to make the best choice.

elegant wedding guest dresses

Elegant wedding guest dresses: to shine during the celebration

Elegant wedding guest dresses– Did you check your closet and not find a wedding party dress? Do not panic. We invite you to see this selection in elegant wedding guest dresses to give you an idea of ​​what you can wear in the celebration. You received the invitation from the couple. They want you to accompany […]

Oily Skin

Bridal Makeup for Oily Skin

It might not seem like it, but oily skin is a blessing. once you get past the problems with breakouts and open pores, the one thing to remember is that you’ll stay younger looking for longer! There are lots of skin care products out there to help you balance your skin, I’m not going to […]

Wedding hairstyle


WEDDING HAIRSTYLE- The wedding day for each of the fairer sex is one of the most important and responsible. This day you want to look not just beautiful, but divine. The image of the bride must be harmonious, stylish, amazing, every detail is important in it, be it dress, make-up, hairstyle, manicure. Fashion for wedding […]

Cocktail reception

Cocktail reception before the wedding banquet: why and how to organize?

Cocktail reception– A doll on the hood rings on the roof, bows, and ribbons – all this is usually carefully looked out at the guests at the wedding, waiting for the groom and the bride to the wedding banquet. And still, wander from side to side, update social networks in the phone and frankly bored. […]

Wedding in Russian style

Wedding in Russian style: ideas for decoration

Thematic national weddings have long been popular both in our country and abroad. The reason lies in their unusual atmosphere, the opportunity to arrange their own holiday so that it will be remembered for life. Thematic wedding in the Russian style is included in the top 10 of this kind of events. Such a holiday […]

essentials accessories

5 essentials accessories of the groom

If you need some essentials accessories of the groom because of the preparations for marriage and the number of things you have in your head, which surely have you up and down, do not allow neglect any infallible complement that accompanies your wedding suit. You have to be ideal and radiant for the occasion as […]

rainy wedding

How to survive a rainy wedding: 6 ways to make it unforgettable

Rainy wedding probably one of the biggest fears of many brides is that it rains on their wedding day and spoils the dress, hairstyle, and make-up that they had so lovingly prepared. A situation that the couple who marry in hot months like June or July, in theory, do not suffer, preparing the perfect celebration […]

outdoor banquet

How to organize an outdoor banquet?

Outdoor banquet previously, marriages were only performed in closed places. The ceremony carried out inside a church and the reception in a room behind closed doors. However, the times were changing and with him the couples who made the decision to marry. Nowadays we can see how the exteriors, such as gardens, fields or forests, […]