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What are the exceptions of Stamp duty Land tax?

Most transactions involving the purchase of land and property are subject to stamp duty land tax.  This is one of the government’s best ways of raising revenue.  It represents a significant amount of income to  Her Majesty’s treasury. However, there are ways to seek relief from stamp duty land tax.  Here are some notable exceptions […]

3 essential tools for financial advisors

Financial advisors need certain tools to be effective in their job. These include: Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) Consider CRM as a digital Rolodex and your brain combined. Put simply, a CRM helps you keep track of existing clients and all your potential leads. A CRM includes a lot of details like contact information, conversations […]

The principles of SEO

If you have a blog on your website, then writing good quality content is only part of the process. If you want the search engines to find you, there are certain principles of SEO or search engine optimization to stick to. The higher you rank in the search, the more visitors to your site, simple. […]

profitable businesses

9 types of profitable businesses that can be done on a budget

The most profitable businesses in USA that require little budget are focused on gastronomy, tourism, application development, sale of products for children, beauty and cleaning services. Below you know the details of each of the businesses. And it is always a good time to start your own business. You only need to know the tools […]

automotive companies

Top 10 of the largest automotive companies in the world

Over the years, the automotive companies has strives to generate important changes for the benefit of human beings, in 400 years of history, the advances have been innumerable. For example, in terms of car energy. It evolved from steam to gasoline and from gasoline to cars powered by gas and electric power.

most profitable companies


The most profitable companies– For any company to achieve profitability is a great achievement, especially for those arising from the venture. Then remember that, in the case of Mexico, up to 75 percent of businesses close before the end of the second year.

new business

The new businesses for 2019 that are triumphing

New businesses for 2019– If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have ever thought about setting up your own company, surely you have wondered at some time what it is that makes a business work or sink. There is no magic formula for this since there are many factors that influence, from the idea to […]

Laundry Business

How To Set Up A Laundry Business

A laundry business is an excellent way to make money due to the flexibility of setting your own schedule. Today we will see one of the best business ideas that exist today, it is about how to set up a laundry. Formerly this idea had been one of the great successes in business, becoming a […]

Business dress codes

Business dress codes: Difference between casual and commercial business attire

Business dress codes are typical clothing options consist of colors, fabrics and conservative styles. Occasionally, office workers may dress less formally in garments that help maintain a productive business environment but are comfortable enough to feel more relaxed than in a typical workday. If in doubt about the clothing of the workplace, choose more conservative […]