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tooth decay

Baby bottle tooth decay: symptoms and prevention

Baby bottle tooth decay is a destructive process of baby teeth in babies and children that develops due to the excessive proliferation of bacteria. How to recognize this disease? What to do to prevent it?

rice water

How to make rice water for babies and what it is for

Rice is a natural cereal, easily digestible, which brings multiple benefits to our body. It is popularly known for its properties to cut annoying diarrhea, but does it work the same for babies? Is it good to give them rice water?

newborn vaccines

What are the newborn vaccines?

Newborn vaccines- What newborn vaccines are mandatory or recommended? Since they are born, babies are protected thanks to the antibodies they receive from mom through the first shots of milk, better known as colostrum.

Newborn shots

Newborn shots

Newborn shots-One of the recurring problems in breastfeeding. When the healthy child is followed up in the consultation, is the contradiction between the recommendations. And what comes to the mother from almost all other fronts. The reality is that most people find it strange that breastfeeding is actually done on demand Newborn shots.

baby refusing the breast

When the baby refusing the breast

Baby refusing the breast-The baby can reject the mother’s breast, although its nature is that of a mammal. And is prepared to be breastfed from the first moment. It is important to give the value that corresponds to breastfeeding. But in the same way it is to give solutions in cases where the baby rejects […]

formula milk

How to know what is the best formula milk for a baby

Today I propose to know better everything that surrounds formula milk. Most women do not usually have problems breastfeeding, But there are many who cannot do it for various reasons and decide to resort to formula milks for their feeding. There are hundreds of reasons for a mother to choose this type of feeding for […]

types of breast milk

Types of breast milk and benefits of each

Types of breast milk-If there is a food that can be considered the best. And most complete in the world, that is breast milk. This natural product, perfect and always ready to drink contains water, proteins, fats, minerals.

Breastfeeding strike

Breastfeeding strike: my baby rejects the breast

The breastfeeding strike is a situation in which the baby or child rejects the breast, which usually occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. That is to say, a baby who, from one day to the next. For whatever reason, does not want to take a breast.