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legs during isolation

How to improve the circulation of the legs during isolation?

The importance of caring for and improving the circulation of the legs during isolation lies in the fact that it is a fundamental measure to prevent venous problems, such as the varicose vein. With simple exercises it is enough to avoid difficulties.

muscle toning

How to achieve muscle toning?

Muscle toning-130or tone up is words that are usually heard daily in gyms and of which many people have unclear or erroneous concepts. Toning is understood as the process of marking the muscles, by eliminating body fat, to the point that it reaches a low percentage. And of course it must be accompanied by a […]

muscle hypertrophy

What is muscle hypertrophy and how is it achieved?

Muscle hypertrophy-The muscle growth process is an extremely complex equation, in which different factors such as satellite cell proliferation, my ostatin secretion, inflammatory processes, fiber quality, genes, intracellular fluid and hormonal levels act. However, it can be summarized in three easy to understand factors, which we will put into practice to force the development of […]

gain volume

Guide for ectomorphs, or how to gain volume

There is a minority whose problem is the opposite. What they need is to gain volume, and it seems that whatever they do they cannot.

muscle mass

At what speed should muscle mass be built?

It is something that happens to many: as soon as a period of volume begins  , muscle mass seems to accumulate on its own. In a short time you gain muscle quickly, but that does not last forever. After the first few months, maintaining muscle gain  becomes difficult. The muscles seem to adapt to the […]

healthy eyes

4 exercises for the healthy eyes

There are several exercises for the healthy eyes that can help you enjoy greater well-being. Do you usually have red eyes? Do you sometimes hurt? Do you notice a slight tension in them? People who work in front of a computer are much more likely to suffer this. For this reason, if we do not […]

healthy habits

5 healthy habits that will transform your mornings and change your life

Waking up every morning with a smile and a positive attitude is something really healthy habits that will surely be noticed the rest of the day. However, most people rarely wake up with the best attitude and are almost always without energy, tired and with a negative mentality to take on the challenges of the […]

, how many days

How many days to rest from training and how to do

Today from Vitónica we move this question to you, how many days a week do you rest from your training? Surely you know people who even injured or simply because they think it’s ideal, train every day of the week. Are you really doing the right thing? We always tend to think that more means […]

relieve back pain

How to relieve back pain with just breathing – very effective

Do your back hurt and you do not know what to do to relieve back pain and stop it from getting worse? Surely you’re thinking about having to go to the doctor, do more stretching and exercise and go to a physiotherapist to solve it as soon as possible. The truth is that yes, you […]

Dorsal back pain

Dorsal back pain remove by 6 steps

Dorsal back pain is a symptom that we all suffer at some time, caused mainly by the bad postures that we adopt when sitting and on many occasions also while we walk. The pain knapsack type is one that affects the middle back. In most cases, it appears without a pathology behind it. Thus, it […]

Improving Yoga Practice

4 Secrets For Improving Yoga Practice

Improving yoga practice being perfectly still in mind and body is harder than one might think. More than the physical challenge of holding a pose (whether it’s Lotus or a handstand), what many of us continue to struggle with is the task of calming the mind and focusing on the self and the present. We […]

yoga sequence

New hidden yoga sequence about eight things

If you follow some yoga sequence and you practice yoga for some time with a teacher, if you have read yoga books and manuals, if you have done online courses, you probably already know a good number of asana, the yoga postures. If you do an autonomous practice, even if it’s only a few minutes […]