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wooden floor

Know the benefits of having wooden floors at home

Wood is an excellent material to use on the floor of your house. Discover its benefits.

The floor of your home will determine many aspects of the decoration. Therefore, do not leave that topic at random. Among so many options the wooden floor is one of the best because it brings you a series of advantages. Know them:

– Good aesthetics. The wood usually has a soft color and different shades of brown. It is one of the most beautiful floors and it is very difficult to look bad in any environment of your home.

– Thermal insulation. A material such as wood will help you to keep the cold from entering your home and keep it warm. That heat that emits the floor will not be necessary carpets.

wooden floor

– Easy to combine. When decorating your home with furniture, you should see that they combine well with the floor. Wood is a material that usually looks good with everything, so you will not find problems when choosing your furniture.

– It’s durable. Another advantage of the wooden floor is that it lasts much longer than other materials. It is important to know that the thicker the soil, the longer it will last.

– Easy to maintain. A good cleaning of your wooden floors will help keep it always in good condition. A good option is to mix a little water with white vinegar and then pass it over the surface.

How to Choose Wood Floors

Wood floors not only have style, but they are also economical and increase their value as time goes by. If you are considering…

Wood floors not only have style, but they are also economical and increase their value as time goes by. If you are considering placing a wood floor, first of all you should consider some things.

In what rooms do you plan to place the wooden floors? Because wood floors are susceptible to moisture damage, it is not convenient to place them in kitchens or bathrooms. Also, consider how many people are going to use that room, as it will wear out faster if the room is used frequently. On the other hand, think about the activities that will take place in the room. The wooden floors are ideal for personal rooms and libraries. But that does not mean you cannot place wooden floors in other rooms. Then choose what type of wood you want. The most popular types of wood floors are oak and acre. The duration, quality, color and other properties of the wood must match what you are looking for and also with your budget. If you are looking for a wooden floor that lasts a long time, maple is one of the most resistant woods available. In any case, this wood cannot be stained.

The higher grade woods mean they are either lighter or of better quality. The lower grade ones can have visible spots and last less. The degrees depend on the type of wood, they can be common. Another factor to consider is the color. The darker wood floors make the room look more elegant and formal while the lighter colored floors make the room look warmer and more comfortable.

wooden floor

You will also have to choose between tables with or without termination. Those that have finished last longer and also reduce the time needed to install them for the sanding and finishing time. Unfinished tables take more time to install than finished ones. If you want a wooden floor that can be placed in different ways, either glued, nailed or floating, choose engineering products like cheap engineered wood. If you prefer to be stuck or stuck, the solid products are fine.

If you’re worried about moisture resistance, cutting the wood can help. The oak flooring into quarters allows less humidity.

Now that you know how to choose hardwood floors, you should learn to maintain them. Never wipe a wooden floor! You can use floor polisher, wax or other products to polish and maintain wood floors.

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