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4 Courses that, as a freelance graphic designer, you should take

In the following article we will expose you a small top of 4 courses taught from the Udemy platform, taking advantage of Black Friday, we wanted to give you the 4 most striking and that can help you when polishing your profession as a freelance graphic designer.

If you are a graphic designer and you want to work freelance you should know that there is a great labor demand in this area, the competition for the juiciest contracts and the potential clients is always the order of the day.

Therefore, whether you want to start as a freelance graphic designer or if you are already working as such, it is necessary to update with the new and polishing what is already known through online courses.

In the following article we will expose you a small top of 4 courses taught from the Udemy platform, taking advantage of Black Friday, we wanted to give you the 4 most striking and that can help you to polish your profession as a freelance graphics designer. Let’s start!

Freelance graphic designer: Design of projects step by stepfreelance graphic designer

The course was given by the publicist Katherine de la Rosa, who has 10 years of experience in graphic design, web design and editorial design, among others, and the SDQ Training Center, the only center in the Dominican Republic to obtain direct certification from Adobe and AutoDesk. Expert instructors in their areas. Read more: 24 free online courses on creativity and graphic design will increase their difficulty to achieve any vector art design with full confidence.

It is a course aimed at people with basic knowledge of freelance graphic design, use of colors, fonts, and composition. It is also suitable for those who have already worked with Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop so if you do not know about these programs, I would recommend taking a course about them first.

With this course, you will learn how to design brochures, magazines, and books, as well as learn more about InDesign tools. For each project, you will find video tutorials step by step for your best learning, going from the most basic concepts to the most complex ones.

Each project contains the tutorial videos explaining step by step the indicated topic and also the resources used in each project for a better understanding of it.

Photoshop for beginners: From zero to the expert!freelance graphic designer

The course aimed at people who have little knowledge in the use of Adobe Photoshop (although those who have basic knowledge is even more recommended because you can refresh knowledge and learn new tools). Photoshop is a tool of utmost importance for the photographer, designer, and publicist. In this course, you will learn 4 fundamental things that, if you are a freelance graphic designer worker, will open many doors in your field of work.

With the Photoshop course from zero to expert, you will learn to eliminate moles, skin imperfections, wrinkles, blackheads, give porcelain skin to your photos, disguise cellulite, modify the size of the nose, add hair, make photo- montages, isolate people or objects from the image, eliminate red eyes, change eye color and many other techniques that will make your photos and images even more professional.

It is a practical course that offers you structured videos from the most basic concepts to more advanced practices for a pleasant and fast learning. This is how it becomes an ideal course for people without knowledge of this useful tool, so if you want to learn everything about Adobe Photoshop without so many theoretical classes and go directly to practice, this course is the right one. Read more: Knowledge and skills needed for a web designer

Illustrator CC for novices: From scratch to an expert!freelance graphic designer

Perfect course to start in the area of graphic design vector. Here you will learn through exercises that, as you progress through the course,

You must have Adobe Illustrator software installed with version CS5 or higher. You should also be familiar with the operating system Windows or Apple and above all, have the willingness and willingness to learn.

This is a freelance graphic designer course that is mostly done under the practice, making it simpler and increasing your interest in the world of graphic design. It is taught by Joel Combes, BA in Graphic Design from UNAPEC, in the Dominican Republic with more than 13 years of experience in the field of graphic design, illustrator and bookmaker for different publishers, among them the “Editora Susaeta”.

Adobe Animate CC: Create HTML5 Interactivityfreelance graphic designer

Marlon Ceballos is the instructor of this course, Marlon is an Adobe technology and applications consultant for multimedia with more than 20 years of experience. He has obtained specialized certifications in Adobe ACE, Desing Master and ACE and Web Master and Adobe Community Professional.

The Adobe Anime CC course is aimed especially at eLearning content creators, programmers working with JavaScript in Adobe Animate, designers and anyone else who wants to learn and create HTML5 content for websites.

You must have minimal knowledge in Adobe Animate CC and programming languages management, although, this is not limiting since if you are not familiar with these two things, the course allows you to go from a basic and fundamental level to the deepest in tools and software management

Each of the courses that appear in this article has a certificate of completion, access to the course of life, ability to be viewed on mobile devices and TV and a 30-day money back guarantees.

It is only a matter of you examining the one that best suits your abilities and begins to nurture your knowledge to remain the best in your work as a freelance graphic designer.

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