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communicative graphic design

How to define the basic elements of a communicative graphic design

The main purpose of communicative graphic design is as its name says, visual communication , and this is because it is the producer to develop communicative strategies with visual elements that allow a message to be effectively transmitted to the public. That is, it is the mediator between the sender and the receiver.

At present, society remains in continuous contact with technology. For this reason, it is necessary that the message that is transmitted to the public is detectable, discriminate, attractive and simple. All this is related to the daily life of people and their cultural environment, so these are essential elements for a good development of a communicative design.

In all communication it is essential to have a work strategy and a defined goal . The harmony that must have the methodology decided by the designer is extremely important, because it is the meeting point where the process begins to create the desired.

In this sense it is essential to take into account that there are certain essential elements to be able to create a communicative graphic design that is efficient.

Having a communicative intention defined

basic elements of a communicative graphic design

The secret of a good design is not found in the effects that are applied to the image or in the amount of tricks and tools that were used to make it. The real work of a graphic designer is in the conceptual background with which he shaped the idea to get an answer to the needs of the client.

To do this we must be aware that what we do is build a graphic language. This is important because it will allow you to understand that all the rhetorical figures used in literary narratives, for example, are perfectly applicable visually, being mainly used for the use of metaphors in the development of these graphic contents.

Build a solid structure to which to stick

This tends to seem obvious but it is a common mistake in many jobs that we see on the street. It is fundamental to understand the format in which we are working so that each of the elements feels in balance, that the eye of the spectator can naturally walk through the whole image in the desired order and not look at something in particular.

When facing each project we must ask ourselves, what do we want to communicate visually? The purpose is to define in words with which to guide and shape the content (fluid, symmetry, golden, direction, etc.) as well as other words a little more open but that will guide us to how we want the image to feel.

Be faithful to the choice of typography and color

the basic elements of a communicative graphic design

It is always good to remember the importance of these two elements in every project of visual communication; because of its functional nature, where our first decisions in this regard respond to the need for readability of the content, as well as its graphic value, which, when used coherently, will give rise to a graphic identity.

To achieve these objectives, we must be moderate when choosing the number of sources to work and the chromatic palette to which we must stick, since within a small selection we already have a great amount of values ​​to explore and create new images that differ from the others in the medium in which the work will be presented.

The medium is the message

This premise raised by Marshall McLuhan will sound quite exaggerated at first but it is an invitation to reflect on the way in which the reader receives and interacts with our work, since it is not the same as the way we see an advertisement for the sale of a product on television that to see it on the Internet or on a flyer on the street.

No means is better than another, each one responds to different forms of interaction that by having them conscious we will optimize the way in which our work is presented and the needs of our client are met.

Become a conscious consumer

We are all consumers of information, we can not stop saying or stop perceiving what the environment tells us. But as communication professionals we must keep ourselves in the exercise of analyzing the ways in which we perceive these contents to the point of doing it as something natural in our day to day. This act will allow us to know the general trends of the current design and the elements of each specific field.

Recall that each project is located in a context and focused on a specific audience, so we need to develop a visual culture that allows us to generate results that fall within those contexts but that in turn break the rule generating a difference.

Tips for an efficient communicative graphic design

the communicative graphic design

It is important to define as any decision that the problem of a communicative graphic design becomes a discipline in a protective way. It is important to keep in mind that when a project is carried out, it must be organized and take into account the following recommendations:

  • Investigate and collect information on the project that will be executed.
  • Sort and hierarchies information.
  • Make a selection of the speech that graphically you want to design and what is going to manifest.
  • Make a selection of broad alternatives reflecting and being self-critical. It is necessary to verify that the graphic proposals manifest the concepts used.

The importance of the details

discover communicative graphic design

A good graphic designer takes the task of organizing the information with which he will work. It’s all about the creation of the design and the diffusion that design will have in the medium that is placed. The final product of the communicative graphic designer is the message that will be given to the public , it is important to take all the aspect of communication in a necessary way, without it one of the essential elements for a good graphic design is omitted. Taking into account all these premises, we can develop a graphic image design suitable for each company completely adapted to the needs of each client.

Finally, creating a good communicative graphic design requires being aware of the environment that surrounds us and the demands of the public . The application of the design on them is to create communication spaces within existing cultures and influence the public to which the project is directed.

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