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24 free online courses on creativity and graphic design

If you are thinking of entering the world of graphic design or want to complement your training by developing visual communication skills, you can take into account these 24 free online graphic design courses that we share today. Graphic design is an exciting creativity career and its visual principles can be applied to different professionals or personal projects.

They are free online graphic design course, which is taught on different platforms and can be taken for free. Some of them can be followed at our pace and others demand that we respect the terms of the study program.online courses

For those who are going to take their first steps in graphic design, we chose 4 free online courses that teach the basics of design. Understanding their fundamentals will help you to have an overview of the design process and understand how to apply the visual principles in different projects.

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University free online coursefree online

We have two proposals from international universities. They are taught through the free online courses platform and although they have a start date, it is renewed monthly, so we will have many opportunities to do them.

Understanding the design – University of Arizona

Here all the doubts that can arise when choosing this race will be answered. We will see what is the design, how it is manifested, its process, as well as some references to our time for the free online course.

  • Principles of Design: an Introduction – University of California
  • In the first modules of the program, we will look at the fundamentals of design, and then focus on user-centered design.
  • Fundamental Principles of Graphic Design – California Institute of Art This
  • is a very practical course that teaches us the basics of design with many examples and activities.
  • Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – California Institute of Art
  • A journey through the history of design, analyzing case studies and seeing the influence of different references.

Video competitions to perform at our own pace for free online coursefree online

  • Intro to the Design of Everyday Things – Udacity
  • We will see the basic concepts of design and how to apply its principles in different contexts and activities.
  • Complete graphic design course – Design There
  • are 19 videos that analyze the fundamentals of design, typography, color psychology, among other topics.
  • Beginners guide to Graphic Design – TastyTuts
  • A tour of all the concerns that someone who wants to study graphic design can have …. work output, programs to use, reference tips, visual principles, among other topics.
  • The creative process and innovation are essential for the development of design projects. So we chose 3 free courses that will guide us in creative thinking and show us some design tricks to conceptualize our ideas.
  • Be more creative – UNAM
  • We will see tips for strategies to enhance our creative talent, with many practical examples.
  • Innovate – Arizona State University
  • Analyzes what the innovation process implies, its importance and how to implement it in design.

Tutorial free online coursefree online

  • Creativity – Canva
  • It is a tutorial that shows us how creative thinking works and how we can conceptualize our design ideas while maintaining our style.

And if we talk about design, free online courses cannot be missed to help us become familiar with the most popular programs among designers. Although there are many tools and software that they use, we have chosen two: Photoshop and Illustrator.

Principles of Design: an Introductionfree online

Coursera approaches this 4-week course (3/4 hours a week) taught by Scott Klemmer, Associate Professor of Cognitive Sciences and Informatics at the University of California, San Diego. The free online course focuses on the principles of visual design and how to effectively measure the impact of work on users, the principles of perception and cognition, perform and analyze controlled experiments on the network, among other things.

Product designfree online

The Class Central platform offers this course created by Google, developed by Chris Salden and dictated by Amir Shevat, to help you materialize your revolutionary idea and transform it into a product around which you can create your company. The free online course incorporates theory and practice to teach you about product validation, user interface and user practices, and the methodology for analyzing metrics. It is in English and lasts 8 weeks, with an average of 6 hours weekly dedication. You can take it to the rhythm that you want, it does not have restrictions of beginning and end of a free online course.

The best tricks for free online coursefree online

Because even the most trained professionals need to improve their knowledge and learn new techniques, this free online course promises to teach the best tricks of the profession to anyone interested in training. The 12 video competitions that make up the program promise to transmit the most important concepts to generate high impact projects.

Principles of game designfree online

Offers this free online course taught by the  State University of Michigan in which he explains how to pass a great idea for a game from theory to reality, counting the process of documentation, production of prototypes and putting to the test. It addresses the different elements present in the game design process from the concept, the history, the characters, the development of the game world, the mechanics and the design of the levels, as well as the design in pursuit of the user experience.

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