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5 essential professional skills if you want to be a graphic designer

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Professional skills-Creating amazing designs is not enough to succeed in this career, especially when the designs do not match what the customer expected.

This profession combines knowledge of Art and Design with technological tools to promote the creation of different types of products. Therefore, it requires the management of a series of computer programs for the creation. And editing of images, as well as knowledge of Communication, retouching and even Photography.


essential professional skills

When thinking about what is needed to practice this profession, one usually speaks almost uniquely about the programs that graphic designers must handle. However, this is not the only thing that this professional requires.

To become a successful graphic designer, it is necessary combine technical knowledge with a series of soft professional skills or soft skills that develop the profession best. The creativity is perhaps the most important of these, but not the only one.

  1. Proactively
  2. Analysis capacity
  3. Creativity
  4. Negotiation
  5. Empathy

Would you like to be a Graphic Designer? These are the 5 essential professional skills you will need in this race:

Some of these skills can be acquired with the experience and the passage of time, however, it is also possible to exercise them directly during the training for the race and thus ensure that obtaining the degree and leaving the labor market finding a job will be easier.


This career is part of the field of visual communication, so its essence is to transmit ideas and messages through symbols, signs, signals and images, and today there are different digital and computer programs to achieve this goal under high standards of quality.

In conclusion, studying Graphic Design will make you an expert communicator, rather than an artist.

Below we will mention 3 professional skills of the ways in which drawing and Digital Graphic Design are related.


This is one of the areas of specialization in the world of Digital graphic design and, in turn, is related to drawing.

Currently, this work is done through information technologies; but to develop the compositions, mastery and knowledge about traditional elements of drawing are needed, such as:

  • Figures
  • Delineation
  • Perspective
  • Shades

This point exemplifies, in a clear way, that the relationship between drawing and Digital Graphic Design has more weight from the conceptual point of view than from the practical point of view although, logically, if you master the execution of this visual art, much better!

The grip, weight and handling of this kind of tools is different from that of a pencil, brush or physical element of traditional drawing and, therefore, requires different  professional skills.


From a practical point of view, this is one of the points where Digital Graphic Design and drawing have a closer relationship.

However, when used for production phases and not for the elaboration of the final composition of a project, it is not necessary that the application of this visual art be perfect, since the result will not be in the hands of the clients for whom you collaborate.

In the world of design, the sketch is the phase prior to the realization of a visual work in which ideas and forms are developed and then carried out through digital tools.

Of course, the sketches of some designs can also be specified through specialized computer programs, leaving aside the traditional drawing.

For example, there are applications to design corporate logos in which sketches can be made based on ranges of colors, shapes, shades and other preset elements in the software, which significantly speeds up the work.

Academic content

The good news is that, like everything else in life, the essential thing is practice, training and perseverance.

And is that people who believe that knowing how to draw should not study more techniques and neglect their talent, they fail to exploit their potential to the fullest.

Precisely, when studying Digital Graphic Design you will learn about drawing, both in a practical and conceptual way; yes, another of the relationships between this career and the art of the stroke is that it will be part of your academic program during college.

Thanks to the subject of Drawing, which is within the major area of ​​the degree, you will understand the importance of proportions, symmetry and, above all, the harmony of the elements, such as colors, textures and shapes.

Also, in this chair you will polish your technique through various practical exercises.

So if it is difficult for you to draw, do not be discouraged! It is not one of the mandatory requirements for students of this degree.


the  professional skills

When choosing a university career, in addition to analyzing your interests, talents and goals, you must consider what the demands of the labor market are. Therefore, today we will talk about the degree in Digital Animation Design, an academic option that responds to current needs.

Admission profile

Just as all professional careers require that their students and professionals have a certain profile, the degree in Digital Animation Design demands people with some skills, abilities and qualities that are very helpful during their study and, later, professional practice.

Do you want to know what they are? Next we will mention 5 of these.


When talking about design, both digital and traditional, this is one of the key aspects.

Students and professionals of this kind of career should be characterized by having facility to create and invent new things.

So if you’re imagination flies, especially when planning or making drawings and other compositions, this degree is ideal for you. In addition, it is important that, even if you are organized, you have the ability to improvise.

Tilt by technology

If you live with technology daily and use it as a tool to facilitate your tasks, perfect! That means that you have another of the ideal characteristics that the students of the degree in Digital Animation Design have.

And it is essential that students of this academic option have an inclination for technology and, in addition, they are passionate.

Ability to work in a team

This is another key aspect of the entry profile of this interesting degree. The ability to work in a team is essential in the field of communication, especially in areas related to design.

The same happens with the practical exercises of the career that will require you to complement yourself with your classmates to build an excellent final result.

On the other hand, it is important that you have the ability to understand and execute instructions.

As for the labor field, you will have to stick to the needs and demands of your clients; although that does not mean that your opinions cease to be valuable during the process of planning a message.

Orientation to excellence

When it comes to creating audiovisual compositions, there are always new techniques, trends. Or methodologies to implement that can help you improve your projects.

And it is that conformism can cause your creations to not have the desired quality. And therefore you cannot succeed as a student of this degree or as one of their professionals.

In addition, to develop your orientation to excellence you have to propose to learn every day.

That will help you identify the best practices and methodologies when making audiovisual animation projects.

Ability to work under pressure

Even if you find a job in a pleasant place and with an excellent organizational climate. It is likely that, on occasion, you will have a lot of pressure when doing certain professional projects. The same happens in quality universities that focus on making the most of each of their students.

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