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Graphic design career

Graphic design career: 5 reasons why Graphic Design is a real career

Graphic design career-We all know that,  regardless of the career you have in mind to study, since you finish high school you are subject to the scrutiny of others, whether your parents, friends or society.

However, there is a special stigma around  graphic design career that makes it a very controversial area and difficult for others to explain.

You’re never going to find work studying that, you’re going to end up making hamburgers, Better study law or medicine to help people. Or That’s very easy, anyone can do it, even me!” Are phrases that any Potential designer heard sometime in his life.

The truth is that nobody has ever died of hunger to study Design!

In fact, quite the opposite: ask any creative agency  how much it charges or inquires with a freelance designer   the freedom of its agenda and workload … and, also, if it is so easy, why your aunt, the one who criticized you, Do not you do that?

Today I want to present you 5 reasons so that once and for all you can convince yourself that Graphic design career is a real career and that it is worthwhile to dedicate yourself to it:

You never stop learning

Graphic design career

By having a creative mind, you are always in search of new knowledge. When you dedicate yourself to Graphic Design, your work will never stop improving, there will always be new challenges to face and problems to solve.

Design is a discipline that never stagnates because trends, tools and technology are always in constant change. By studying this career you can specialize in a wide variety of fields such as  illustration, editorial design, web design , multimedia,  lettering, branding , packaging and packaging, and so on. There is always a new direction to go to.

There will always be demand

Yes, Graphic Design is very necessary, especially in the digital era because every business needs to create an image that distinguishes it from its competitors and adds value to its products. In this era in which we are constantly reminded that we can be displaced by automation, Design came to stay, because it really needs  a  human mind behind and a lot of creativity , unlike other professions that have been gradually displaced by technology .

Of course, Design is a very competitive world, but do not worry. If you have talent and the necessary skills, you will have no problem finding a job.

You can work from anywhere in the world

Being a designer in the digital age means that you will have the freedom to work in the place you want. Worldwide, the demand for good designers is very high; the language of design and audiovisual communication is universal. In addition, many have found in freelance  a way to make a career from the comfort of their computers.

Your work is very noticeable

When was the last time you were proud of something you did and showed it to everyone? … Exactly. The sense of satisfaction of a designer is very great. Because it brings out your creativity to shine and – for better or worse. The effort put into a job is very noticeable.

You learn to deal with different personalities

The creative team and the client: your work depends on them. If you work for a company, the safest thing is that you have to work with copywriters, marketers, advertisers, sales representatives, etc.

Working with so many people will not only fill you with contacts for the future, but will increase your  social skills and experience, especially the ability to deal effectively with people of different personalities and opinions.

The racing art and creativity are for those who know that the creative potential and professional are not at odds, but they go hand in hand.

Making the decision to  graphic design career in our days is the opposite of a risk. It is an advantage that will put you on top of other people with similar aptitudes, in a field that does not stop adding vacancies. Become the future!

Objectives of graphic design career

graphic design career

Graphic designers analyze and create visual images for businesses and organizations. These professionals have a great understanding of visual communications. And are able to implement design styles and achieve customer goals. Although the specific objectives of the graphic designer are determined by the client, several career objectives are universal.

Design development

One of the main objectives of a graphic designer is to develop the designs according to the specifications delineated by the client. Graphic designers career can work for private individuals as well as large and small companies in all industries. A designer must be able to create images according to the objectives of the project. A graphic designer must determine the most effective way to convey the desired message of a client through the use of photography, animation, illustration and color. To create the image, a graphic designer must meet with the clients to determine what the major objectives of the project are and then produce a design to achieve those requirements.

Take care of the budget

Graphic designers must complete the project not only within a specific time. But also within the established budget. When a graphic designer is selected for a project, he is given a budget with which to work. The main objective of a graphic designer is to produce the highest quality work possible while staying within budget. During a project, a graphic designer must use innovations to work with the time and cost constraints while producing a job that achieves the client’s objectives.

Improve existing designs

A graphic designer is usually called to redesign an existing image for an organization or business. The objective of this task is to create an image that follows the latest trends within the client’s industry. This may require research to determine what is the most appropriate style while creating a unique. And captivating image to attract customers. Before redesigning the image, a graphic designer can meet with the owners of a business to determine the design objectives. And get ideas from the client.

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