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CHRISTMAS SHOPPING- As we know, Christmas is celebrated every December 25th, one of the most important festivities of Christianity. In this website we will not give an extensive explanation about what Christmas is, but how to take advantage of the opportunities to do Christmas shopping in a timely manner, and not go crazy in the attempt. Christmas is approaching, a time when consumption will increase in an exorbitant manner and is that these are some dates in which, in addition to gifts, we increase (and much) the expenditure on food. So that your purchases of Christmas are totally safe and do not let take by the own consumption of these dates, the Ministry of Health of the Junta de Andalusian, through the General Secretary of Public Health and Consumption, have recommended a series of advice for so do not fall into temptation.


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Budget determined

One of the main things you must do for your Christmas shopping is to establish a certain budget and make lists with the people you are going to give.

Pay with cash

Another of the tips to keep in mind is to pay with cash instead of with a card. This way you will avoid the temptation to spend more than you should.


As during the rest of the year, it is best to compare the price, in different establishments, of the products you want to buy. Thanks to this you will be able to discover the savings that you are going to achieve by buying a product in one or another establishment.

Advance purchases

The closer Christmas approaches, the more expensive the products are. Therefore, the best thing is that you advance (as far as possible) your Christmas purchases . You will save and buy everything you need without last-minute burdens and without having to endure long lines.

Save the purchase ticket

Finally, another of the practices that you have to take into account is to always keep the purchase ticket, since this is proof of the acquisition of the product and will serve to be able to return or submit any type of claim.

Christmas shopping online

the Christmas shopping

Buying in advance or online is two ways to save more than 60% . The Internet has become a primordial tool to search for gifts and compare prices. In this sense, up to 65% of consumers who buy online do so, especially for discounts, offers and promotions .

In addition to the economic savings, the other two reasons why users buy on the Internet are the convenience and time savings that involves being able to do it from your own home. 60% of Internet users seeking discounts on web portals are women between the ages of 25 and 34. In this type of purchases, the most demanded products are electronics, cameras, telephones and small appliances.

The importance of buying before Christmas

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The arrival of Christmas is synonymous with joy, family and shopping. These festivities suppose a strong disbursement for the majority of Spanish families, but we have some tricks that can help you. As well as offering computer services, Jovian is also your  trusted store  in the purchase of electronics.

In general, the prices of the products are kept at a constant price before January 2. From there, these begin to rise progressively until the end of the month. There are many people who choose to buy everything at the last moment, but that little “wait” makes you lose a few extra euros. It is always recommended to make the purchase before December 31 , although it is set as the deadline on January 2. From there, you can check how prices start to rise.

Also, we recommend that you do not be fooled by the  white or “cheaper” brands because in the long run they tend to be more expensive, hence the famous saying “cheap is expensive …”. In Jovian, for example, we always reward quality more than the price itself, we prefer to offer quality products at a price somewhat higher than its similar  white label but we know it will not fail easily. Brands such as D-Link, Logitech, Creative, Skyscraper, 3GO, NGS or Energy Si stem are clear examples of the price quality dispute.

In this way we recommend that this  Christmas  buy quality before price, but in order to save as much as possible, advance your purchases, putting as a deadline that January 2. You save in time and price, while you will gain in comfort and quality. This Christmas do not hesitate and get to do the task of their Majesties the Magi something lighter, since on January 5 will have a hard road ahead to bring the magic of  Christmas to all homes in  Spain and the rest of the world.

When to start buying Christmas gifts

discover Christmas shopping


For everyone it is an extra expense, even more if you have a large family or you are not very financially bounteous . If you leave everything for the last moment you will find yourself having to pay for all the gifts the same month so forget about indulging yourself or just arrive at day 31 a little relaxed . When you return from vacation, you surely do not have much money left in your bank account and you are aware of the need to save . That’s why it’s a good time to plan Christmas shopping.

You still have three months ahead and that does not mean that you have to buy the gifts, but you can keep a part of your money every month so that when the time comes to go to buy do not get hot flashes with how fast they go down the numbers of your bank card .

A recommendation: that money that you are keeping in cash, because when you go to pay you are much more aware of what you spend when you give bills than when you pass the credit card . It is a way to avoid that then you come up at the time of purchase and do not control what you spend.


While you are saving, it would also be interesting to make a budget of how much you want to spend. There are two options: a total calculation or how much you are going to give to each person, because we already know that what is given to the invisible friend of the office is not the same as your partner . You can set a total maximum , and when the money runs out it’s over, or per person. The second option is fairer.

And while you save and budget you can take advantage of these weeks to go thinking about what to give to people. When you stop shopping for the last moment you end up taking the first thing you find and that is how your father adds the thirteenth tie that you give him, thinking about the wedding he will have in summer.

If you have decided to do it well, you still have time to organize yourself and go pointing out ideas that you can think of, things that you listen to that you like and so on . That way, in addition, you can go comparing the products in different establishments and opt for the one that best suits what you are looking for or your budget.


This is very useful for the ‘black friday’, which takes place on the last Friday of November. It is a trend imported from the United States, but we will not deny that it comes very well in the face of buying Christmas gifts with the odd discount . In fact this day can be considered the starting signal to start Christmas shopping.

Keep in mind that this is a month before Christmas , when many families give gifts, and a month and a half before the night of Kings. You have more than enough time to put on purchases without stress and without being caught by the bull . By then there will still be products that are scarce – as it can happen if you leave it for the last days – and the stores have already removed all their arsenal thinking about the Christmas gifts .


In addition you have to take into account the time it takes time to make returns . When you buy gifts you do it with the illusion that whoever receives them will be delighted, but it may not be that way, that they have it repeated or that they present a defect and that they have to return to the store. It does not make sense to buy products well in advance knowing that you will not have this protection and risk giving a lost gift. Or have to repeat it .

When you go to do Christmas shopping make sure that your return period goes beyond the day you’re going to deliver them. Sometimes this time is extended because they understand that many products will be given in those days and the date is extended .


What to do if in spite of all these tips you put the time on top and do not want to make the mistakes of previous years? Well, focus your efforts . You can propose to make a great invisible family friend, so you do not have to think about what to give to your boyfriend’s grandmother or the village cousin . Each one touches only one person. This in addition to facilitate the purchase also lightens the budget.

Another option is to find someone who is in the same situation as you and make an alliance to help each other: you distribute the gifts you have to buy and you will earn time because when you go to a gourmet store there is little difference between buying one or two wine bottles .

The 10 best Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas shopping  2018

Vienna , Austria

Vienna is the European capital par excellence of the Christmas markets . As soon as the festivities are approaching, almost all the squares of the city are filled with wooden huts where you can buy local crafts and even decorative Christmas objects . The amount of lights and effort that the Viennese invest in their Christmas markets is incredible and the result is spectacular. You just have to drop by the one they put in each year in front of the Schonbrunn Palace or the typical one in front of the Town Hall . If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, go to the Spittelberg district or to the Christmas market in Karlsplatz.. All of Austria turns to Christmas, so if you do not find flights to Vienna, try Salzburg or Innsbruck .

Nuremberg , Germany

Germany is the birthplace of the Christmas markets (or Christkindlesmarkt, in German) but the picturesque city of Nuremberg takes the cake. Its market has been organized for more than 4 centuries and is deeply rooted. If you want to live Christmas intensely, come and stroll through its beautiful pedestrian streets with medieval airs. The decoration will leave you with your mouth open … ideal for you, as you are, cates some of the local specialties such as toasted almonds , the typical Lebkuchen (a kind of biscuits with spices and honey very decorated that you will see everywhere) and the Glüwein , the spiced hot wine. So anyone gets warm.

Tallinn , Estonia

The medieval environment of the heart of Tallinn is transformed as soon as Christmas begins to show its head. The cold and snow are no impediment to enjoy one of the best Christmas markets in Europe . Only in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento there are more than 50 stalls, surrounding the huge illuminated fir tree. If you have to make a gift for these dates, you will find everything, but the glass craft is so beautiful that you can not resist. And if you’re hungry do not suffer, the Estonians know how to take care of themselves and you can choose between hot soups , sausages , sauerkraut and many more delicacies. All watered, of course, with mulled wine. Believe us, with the cold that your body does, it will thank you.

Prague , Czech Republic

The Christmas market in Prague is the largest in the Czech Republic and possibly the most beautiful as well. For little that you have seen of its spectacular historical center, it is easy to understand the reason of its attractions. The city dresses in light, light and color those days and if you walk through the Old Town Square , Wenceslas Square and the Republic, the traditions, the bright atmosphere and the aromas will seduce you. If you are there on November 29, do not miss the Christmas Tree lighting .

Strasbourg , France

Almost touching the German border, the city of Strasbourg lives the weeks leading up to Christmas with as much intensity as its German neighbors. Since 1570 the oldest Christmas market in France has been celebrated here , the famous “Christkindelsmarik” in Broglie Square . Alsace is a beautiful region, but still more if the time under the lights and decorations typical of winter. Take advantage to buy crafts, try the local confectionery and walk when night falls and everything is full of magic.

Copenhagen , Denmark

The Danish Christmas is much hotter than you think. Maybe it’s cold and nightfall sooner than you’d like, but the illusion of these holidays overwhelms everything. This time of ancient traditions is an ideal time to visit Copenhagen and let yourself be carried away by its streets and events. In addition to eating and drinking well , music concerts are frequent in churches , ideal if you want to warm up after visiting one of the great Christmas markets that are spread throughout the city. Of course, if you want to see something unique do not miss the one they put in Tivoli Gardens .

Budapest , Hungary

One of the best things about Christmas in Hungary is its Christmas markets . Its charm is unique and indescribable. So put to see one, go to any of those that are organized in Budapest . The Hungarian capital is a beautiful city, but illuminated by the magic of Christmas it is even more so. The largest is the one that is mounted in Vorosmarty tér , next to Vaci utca , the most important commercial street. Their paraditas are a real temptation, although if you want something authentic, knock the teeth out of any of the gastronomic delights they serve.

Stockholm , Sweden

Stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan , with the snow under your feet and the cold on your cheeks while you let yourself be guided by the lights of the Christmas decorations . Wherever you go, surely you end up in a square with a very picturesque Christmas Market , with the aroma of roasted chestnuts floating in the air. If you want to see one of the best known, go to Skansen, which, more than a market, is a kind of open-air museum where you can see artisans in action.

Zurich , Switzerland

Zürich changes its facet as a business city as soon as Christmas is smelled. Then the city of Limmat becomes a romantic place like few and full of charm thanks to the craft markets and the lights that illuminate everything warmly. The largest, best and most spectacular assortment is the Christmas Market of the central station, which has more than 160 decorated booths . While the oldest and most traditional is the one in the heart of the city. On the other hand, in the square Werdmuhleplatz they install the famous “Singing Christmas Tree” around which several choirs play music for Christmas.

Brussels, Belgium

The Christmas markets are one of the winter pleasures of Belgium and, in particular, of its capital. Brussels focuses on the organization and celebration of the festivities with the same pomp as the countries of central Europe. The Christmas market of the Belgian capital has 2 kilometers (there is nothing!), A giant tree decorates the Grand Place , you could climb a huge Ferris wheel to enjoy the

Quick Credits for Christmas Shopping

the Christmas shopping

For the Christmas season, which is only a few days away, there is a proliferation of fast credit offers , which make it possible to cover the needs for quick and urgent financing.

There are several types of quick loans to finance holiday shopping and get out of trouble shopping without having to saturate credit cards; These are low-cost credits that offer more than convenient conditions to finish the year well, without so many worries and to be able to make all the purchases that Christmas demands, since these days are not all gifts, they are also special dinners, family gatherings and walks , without counting that the tuition of the children should also be covered .

Let’s see some of the main characteristics of the quick credits that are offered in the market, who offers them, and their advantages and disadvantages.

What are quick credits?

Fast loans are financial products similar to consumer loans, aimed at satisfying the need to obtain money quickly, offering convenient payment conditions , that is, low interest rates and long payment terms and best of all, the possibility of taking them without major formalities, even through the internet.

The quick credits for Christmas purchases , can be taken as we said before, through the Internet, by phone or approaching a bank branch, although there are also retail stores and companies dedicated to offering these financial products without being the typical recognized banks.

Advantages of quick credits

Getting money through a quick credit can be very advantageous for the following reasons:

It’s fast: The credits for Christmas shopping are very fast and easy to obtain. In most cases it is enough to confirm the email sent by the executive and the money is paid directly to the checking account in just a few hours.

It’s easy: The credits for Christmas purchases are being offered by phone, by email, and can also be requested online. Simply fill out the required amount and the deadline to pay and the credit is already scheduled. No further requirements are requested since the client has previously studied it.

Wide offer: Every day there are more financial entities interested in making us take a quick credit, and this is how we can see many banks, financial companies , and the same multitasking . You just have to give yourself the job of comparing the best option, and although we do not compare them, they usually come out cheaper than taking an advance with a credit card .

Disadvantages of quick credits

Although quick credits have many advantages they also have some disadvantages, which are the following:

Short decision time: Since quick credits must be taken in a short period of time, ie within 24 or 48 hours, many times people do not get enough time to compare with other options and they take it because it is a promotion unequaled

Payment term: Fast loans have payment terms similar to consumer loans, which are a maximum of 48 months , so you have to be very careful when choosing them, because the longer the term, the more expensive ends up resulting in the cost of credit. You should also look at the months of grace , because although nowhere is there a cost, the months of grace make the total cost of credit more expensive .

Most ways to save money on your Christmas shopping


Christmas holidays are dates of celebration with family, friends and co-workers. We all know that we will spend more money at Christmas. Gifts and food take much of the budget for the holidays. Still, saving is possible. You just need to take note of the following tips:

  • Estimate what you will spend on your Christmas shopping. It is about making a budget of everything we think we will need to celebrate the holidays, food, gifts or drinks. Estimate how much money you will leave in each one and do not pass.
  • Buy only what you need. Christmas is a time of great expense and many people compulsively buy products they do not need. If you want to save money on your Christmas shopping, do not waste.
  • Compare prices. Do not buy the first thing you see. If you need something concrete, the best thing you can do is invest your time in comparing its price in several stores. Sometimes, the savings can be remarkable.
  • Do not wait at the last minute to buy. It is useless to plan your Christmas shopping if you wait until the last minute. The most consumed foods at Christmas can even double their price. Start buying what you will need soon and do not be afraid to freeze the food. Anticipates the purchase of gifts and non-perishable items.
  • Use discount cards and offers. It is a simple and effective way to save. Many establishments offer discounts as well as payment facilities for regular customers. Internet is also the place to find discount coupons.
  • If you can wait, do it. Clothing is one of the most popular gifts at Christmas and many family members choose to buy clothing for their gifts. But if the purchases are not urgent, you can wait a few days for the sales to come.

Finally, Christmas shopping is a challenge every year. Establishments full of people, exhausted items, feel the obligation of having to buy a gift but not knowing what … An obstacle course in which we have to sharpen our expertise and our savoir faire of consumer experts. To help you in such an arduous task and to leave completely unharmed, we have elaborated this small guide of tips and recommendations with which the Christmas purchases will be your favorite moment of these so indicated parties. Just take note and, above all, try to spend a happy Christmas.

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