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Buy clothes-With its thousand and one stores, New York is a fantastic destination to buy clothes. Surely you are already dreaming of going in search of bargains. The bags that you will fill and the trot you will give to the card!

But where to start? What are the most famous stores. The best shopping areas to unleash the shopping session and where can you get cheap clothes in the Big Apple?

To answer all the questions, we have prepared this super guide on where to buy clothes in New York. With lots of shops, outlets, shopping centers and recommendations. Prepare your suitcase!

Buy clothes and footwear stores in New York


If you’re not sure where to start buying clothes in New York, these well-known brand stores are a safe bet. We have tried to include ideas for all styles and budgets.

They are chains, so most have more than one establishment in the city. Just open the map of New York on Google Maps and look for the name of the brand in question.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch (clothes and accessories). One of the most emblematic clothing brands in the United States. The shops are a spectacle; Head over to the most famous in New York, on 5th Avenue, and you’ll see what we mean.
  • Hollister Co (clothes and accessories). This California-inspired clothing store belongs to the same company as Abercrombie. And although the designs are similar, prices are a bit lower.
  • GAP (clothes and accessories). Cotton clothes, jeans, sports fashion, children’s fashion, accessories… You will find good discounts at the Gap Factory outlet.
  • Old Navy (clothes and accessories). From the same company as Gap. The claim of this store is youth style fashion at low prices, with constant offers throughout the year.
  • Banana republic (clothes and accessories). He also shares a company with GAP and Old Navy. But is his elegant companion. Prices are higher, and garments have more sober styles. And higher quality. For good deals, go to the Banana Republic Factory outlet.
  • Levi’s (clothes and accessories). If you want to get a pair of the most famous jeans in America, in New York there are several Levi’s stores. To buy them at a discount, visit the stores they have in the outlets of Jersey Gardens and Woodbury Common.
  • Forever 21 (clothes, accessories and beauty). Modern designs, tons of new clothes and accessories every week. And very low prices make this chain, which reminds a little of H&M. The favorite destination of many young people.
  • American eagle Outfitters (clothing, accessories and lingerie). Oriented to a young audience. And with a tempting selection of jeans and lingerie.
  • Victoria’s Secret. Feel like one of Victoria’s Secret’s angels in this lingerie shop where everything is pink. And wipe out her bras, lace panties and sportswear. The most spectacular is the Herald Square store!
  • UNIQLO (clothes and accessories). Japanese clothing chain very popular in the United States, with affordable prices and solid colored garments.
  • Urban Outfitters (clothes, accessories and decoration). Shops with a bohemian. And vintage touch with clothes, decoration, accessories and beauty products.
  • Anthropologies (clothes, accessories and decoration). From the same company as Urban Outfitters. This chain is aimed at women, and in it you will find dresses, coats, accessories. And decoration at slightly more exclusive prices.
  • Journeys (footwear and accessories). Shoe stores and accessories where you will find brands such as Vans, UGG, Converse or Timberland.
  • Penguin (clothes and accessories). An American brand of classic but original style where you will find polo shirts, shirts, accessories …
  • Topshop (clothes and accessories). The well-known British brand, for which figures such as Kate Moss or Beyonce have designed collections, also has stores in the Big Apple.
  • Flight Club. If you like designer shoes, look no further. In Flight Club, the walls are packed with Nikes, Adidas, caps and other accessories of every color and shape imaginable.
  • If you don’t want to leave New York without a couple of warm UGGs, in the Big Apple you will find several American brand stores where you can try on your boots.
  • Brooklyn Industries. New York stamp and innovative designs. In a few years, this brand born in the neighborhood of Williamsburg (Brooklyn) has become a chain with stores throughout the city.

Where to buy cheap clothes in New York


  • 21st century. The most popular store among tourists to go hunting for cheap clothes in New York is undoubtedly Century 21. In these department stores outlet several floors of branded clothes await you with important discounts, accessories, home decoration … The Downtown store It is the busiest because it is next to the World Trade Center, but they also have other stores in New York where you will not find so many crowds.
  • TJ Maxx. You will need patience to navigate among the thousands of clothes, shoes and accessories of this store. Here the important thing is not the decoration, the music or the atmosphere, here you come to buy cheap clothes and discount brands.
  • Burlington Coat Factory. Following the same philosophy as TJ Maxx, this multi-storey shop looks shabby and outdated at first sight, but stores tons of clothes, accessories and home decor at discounted prices. Special mention to its section of coats, which can get you out of trouble if you travel to New York in winter.

New York outlets

In the previous section we collect cheap clothing stores within the city, but, if you are clear that you want to go hunting for bargains and have the energy and time to devote a whole day to shopping, visit the  New York outlets: Woodbury Common and Jersey Gardens .

Sample Sales

Another way to buy clothes in New York is sample sales. As we tell you in the New York Dictionary, they are temporary stores that brands open to get rid of seasonal debris.

They are more difficult to locate than normal stores, since they are located in empty premises and, after a few weeks, disappear. But, if you see a sign of Sample Sale while walking, come to browse, there are usually good deals!

Shopping centers and department stores

  • Macy’s. Macy’s is a chain of department stores present throughout the United States, but its Manhattan store is almost a legend, the heart of Herald Square since 1902.
  • Manhattan Mall. Just one street from Macy’s you will find the Manhattan Mall, a European-style shopping mall and a good place to buy clothes in New York. Fashion brands of all budgets share a space and a large store of the JC Penney chain that occupies several floors, with cheap clothes, home, appliances …
  • Bloomingdale’s. For luxury shopping in one of those establishments where the customer is king, in New York you have to go to Bloomingdale’s, a department store born in the city in 1861. The store with the largest selection of products is the one on 59th Street, perfect to take a few steps and buy something sweet at Dylan’s Candy Bar or Serendipity 3 to have a bad drink if you’ve squeezed your credit card too much …
  • Saks Fifth Avenue. The king of all the luxury department stores on Fifth Avenue. From beauty to fashion, through jewelry, in Saks you will find the most exquisite products.

Where to buy sportswear

  • One of the sports stores with the greatest offer, from sneakers to team shirts.
  • The original Adidas store in New York is in SoHo.
  • Nike Town. The largest Nike store in New York is a couple of streets from Central Park, and in SoHo you will also find another giant store. There are the latest trends of the brand.
  • NBA Store. Basketball fan? In addition to attending an NBA game, in New York you can stop by the NBA Store, on 5th Avenue, which sells clothing and accessories for all equipment.
  • North Face. This famous clothing brand for mountaineering, skiing and other outdoor sports has a couple of stores in the Big Apple where in winter you can get a good coat.

Where to buy original clothes in New York

  • Artists & Fleas. This vintage market, with positions of designers of all kinds, is the perfect place for that dress, t-shirt or accessory that does not sell elsewhere in New York. You will find it at the Chelsea Market and in Williamsburg.
  • HBO Shop. If you are an unconditional follower of Game of Thrones, you did not miss an adventure of Carrie Bradshaw or you have not yet recovered from the end of The Sopranos, stop by the HBO chain store, very close to Bryant Park, where you will find clothes and merchandising of the series.
  • NBC Store. If you are more than Friends, The Office or Parks and Recreation. The NBC store awaits you at the Rockefeller Center with clothes and accessories of all kinds.
  • Think Geek. Another geek destination worth pilgrimage to in New York. T-shirts and all kinds of merchandising of movies, books, series and comics.
  • Brooklyn Industries. We mention it in the section of clothing chains. But we have to make special mention of their shirts with drawings and original motifs of the city. A good memory of New York!
  • Second-hand clothes. If you feel like losing yourself in vintage clothing and reusing second-hand clothes, two of our favorite stores are Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange.

The best shopping areas in New York

  • The Fifth Avenue. Let’s start with the most consecrated place and home to the most prestigious stores in New York, Fifth Avenue between 59th and 50th streets. Luxury firms, department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, unique venues such as Abercrombie & Fitch…
  • Herald Square and 34th Street. We have told you that this square, at the confluence of 6th Avenue, Broadway and 34th Street, is home to the mythical Macy’s. But, in addition, in the nearby streets you will find one of the largest concentrations of clothing stores in New York: emblematic stores such as H&M and Victoria’s Secret, shoe stores … Most are on 34th Street between 5th Avenue and 8th Avenue.
  • The SoHo. The most avant-garde stores and the most prestigious international brands shake hands in the streets of SoHo, where decoration. Stroll between Prince St and Broome Street, and between Broadway and West Broadway, to enjoy the best shops.
  • Ready to haggle? It is an essential art if you want to browse the shops of trinkets and imitation clothing in Chinatown.
  • Madison Avenue. The section that goes from 58th Street to 72nd Street on this avenue is a magnet for luxury stores.
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