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6 Marketing Tips for your Online Food Business

Independent online food business relied heavily on incoming traffic, comments in print and word of mouth In the days before the reign of social networks and smartphones. In the digital age, however, customers access more and more information, decide what to do with their time and make purchases online.Online Food Business

Online food business generates great opportunities for small local food merchants. A low-quality seller with a large budget can still get a lot of business just because he can pay the rent at that location, just in front of the bus station. Now, the smallest and most ambitious craft bakery, which operates outside a kitchen at home, can also find success. With proper marketing in new media and focus on the brand, everyone will have the opportunity to meet and taste their flavors.

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Here are five tactics you can consider so that your online food business can be found get more customers to buy your delicious products.

The Success of the Pin in Social Networks an online food businessonline food business

The statistics recently published by the National Restaurant Association of the United States speak for themselves. 90% of restaurant owners believe that their success depends more and more on social media marketing. 95% are already on Facebook or intend to remain active there in the near future. There is a good reason for this, too, as 28% of consumers decide where to eat using the internet and social networks.

Although the greater activity of the users in the social networks is based on the interaction with the existing social circles offline, in Pinterest, the activity is based mainly on the shared interests. In this sense, it is easier for small businesses to find new audiences on Pinterest than on other networks. And food is the most sought and chosen interest category on Pinterest.

Publish Dynamic Content an online food businessonline food business

Content marketing tries to establish authority through the exchange of knowledge. The more useful the content you publish about your sub-niche, the higher Google will rank you in relation to your relevant keywords. And if your original and dynamic content really provides value to your target audience by addressing their interests, readers will share it with their peers and return for more.

Start your blog immediately so that your pages can begin to be indexed, which can take time! You can start by posting some of your favorite tricks and cuts for the kitchen – they are always something fun to read.

Stay Active in Food Photography Communities an online food business online food business

When it comes to a small brand exposure of food through communities to share photos, Pinterest is just the beginning. Opportunities await in super-targeted communities you may or may not have heard of, including Foodily, Instagram, Burpple, Kitchen Artistry, dishPal and food-oriented groups on Flickr.

Some of these platforms may have relatively small reach, but the people there are already self-selected to be interested in what you are offering.

Enable Online Orders an online food businessonline food business

Depending on what type of food you sell, you may already be using your website as an e-commerce property. This is essential if the food is packaged and can be easily shipped.

But even if your product needs to be served within minutes of preparation, the potential of online ordering to improve your sales is huge. Studies show that both restaurant owners and food consumers are very interested in electronic payment options and the digital order self-service modality.

Are you not convinced that the demand is out there? An application for smartphones called NoWait, which allows hungry people to see places where they can sit immediately, boasts having connected 21.2 million people to their meals.

If you have an elegant restaurant, a fast service counter or a food supply brand, there are many things you can do. The Wix App Market has a lot of applications made for this type of functions, with tools for booking tables, orders, payments and more.

Optimize Local Search an online food business online food business

Google receives more than two billion searches every month – and that’s just from desktop computers in the US. More than half of all mobile searches use keywords related to location. These measurements make a lot of sense if we consider that the Internet is a perfect resource for busy people who are looking for things to do with little notice.

Make sure that these people can find you by publishing content about your regional settings (mentioning your city, region, neighborhood and zip code), related to businesses in your area, and relevant events that occur around you.

Mobile Presence an online food businessonline food business

When people are hungry at home, they may wonder where to get food, or they may attack their own refrigerators. But when people are away from home, especially in an area unknown to them, they will turn to their smartphones for suggestions. Make sure your site looks good on mobile devices so that potential customers do not get a bad taste in the mouth. Fortunately, with the new Wix solution of HTML5 mobile websites, publishing a friendly mobile version of your own site is free and easy to do.

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