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Top 10 legal tips for digital marketing campaigns

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Did you know that 70% of USA companies are unaware of the legal tips of online marketing. And that 65% of Internet users recognize that this advertising influences their purchase process? Need the following some legal tips on it so as not to make mistakes.

The advertising investment in digital media is growing. In the last year they have done it at 20%. Although only 3 out of 10 companies meet with their legal department before conducting a digital marketing campaign.

Although online advertising is one of the most effective sales tools, 70% of USA companies are unaware of the legal tips of online advertising, which can generate economic.

legal tips

  • There are prohibited or restricted commercial messages: the context and manner in which the language. Or image is used can be denigration or harmful to third-party rights. And even constitute an assumption of illegal advertising.
  • It serves the sectors of activity with specific regulations: among others, health, pharmaceutical, insurance, financial. Or telecommunications, in which additional requirements must be taken into account.
  • Identify what is publicity and what is not: when developing a promotional action in a social network it must be clearly identified that we are facing a commercial message. On Twitter you can generate a hashtag followed by the word advertising. While on Facebook it is better to use the space enabled for it or the corporate profiles of the company.
  • Know the type of keywords you can use: in sponsored advertising it is essential to know what keywords can be used in search engines. It is also important to have an alternative strategy when competitors use keywords that match those of your brand.
  • Always inform the user about the use that will be made of their data: when collecting personal data, you must first inform them of their use. And obtain the user’s explicit consent. Do not forget that personal data is the oil of the future.
  • It gives the option to unsubscribe from communications such as newsletters: the use of tools such as Email Marketing offers interesting advantages over other traditional marketing systems. But the option to unsubscribe should always be visible to the user in emailing.
  • Analyze the legal implications before making any online advertising: the fundamental thing is to know in depth the medium. And the channels that are going to be used, the promotional campaigns, analyze the legal implications. And finally perform an analysis of the risk of complying with that framework. Or not legal and work in coordination between the marketing and legal department of the company.
  • Beware of economic sanctions and reputation damage: the main consequence of ignoring the legal implications of online advertising is a possible economic sanction, in addition to the possible damage to the company’s image.
  • The person responsible for a communication in a social network is the advertiser: there is a specific legal tips that varies by country. And that you must comply with. In addition, the medium where the communication is made may have specific regulations. And restrictions that must be respected by the advertiser.

How to combine online and offline marketing effectively to promote your local business

A very common mistake made by physical companies is to focus solely on offline marketing strategies and the same goes for online companies with online marketing strategies.

The most effective is to create a strategy that combines the two aspects: online marketing + offline marketing. Transferring is a good example of this: it is a local entity that uses its own techniques of offline and online marketing.

In the following lines we will see some of the steps we must take to achieve the definitive combination.

Steps to combine online marketing with offline marketing

The first step you will have to take is to know your client’s profile: you will have to know their age, what they like, their behavior, where they buy and how they do it, among many other criteria.

You will have to make a segmentation to find your target audience. This will help you know how to get there, both with physical advertising and online advertising.

Combine online interactions with offline actions

We seek to motivate calls to action and the most interesting thing to achieve this is to offer the user something.

For example, we can organize a presentation of a certain product or service. In it, we will launch advertising that invites the potential client to visit our website.

Be creative

Advertising agencies often appeal to emotions and logic to make a difference between companies. Be creative and so you can change the attitude of the client.

Also, design advertising that is easy to share. If you have added photos and videos on your website, do not forget to add a link so that it can be shared on social networks.

And don’t forget to measure by results

No marketing strategy will work if we do not measure the results we are getting. There are key tools that will allow us to monitor campaigns.

It is true that offline campaigns are more difficult to control than online campaigns, but there are also certain mechanisms that can help us with this. Big brands already combine online advertising with offline advertising, and the results are obvious.

The digital marketing services you need for your online store to sell

Did you know that a good digital marketing strategy helps improve the sales of your online store? The process is based on three axes: make your e-commerce get more visibility in search engines, get traffic to your online store and turn your visitors into customers.

The tools of digital marketing using all online channels. Social networks, email marketing, content marketing and search engine positioning.

You can carry out a digital marketing plan yourself and later manage the channels, but if you are not an expert or do not fully master the techniques, a marketing agency can be your best ally to optimize the available resources.

Content Marketing

You have probably read on more than one occasion that the content is king. And it is true, especially since the latest Google algorithms and major social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, were launched.

The success of content marketing lies in two points: create quality and relevant content and disseminate it so that it has the widest possible reach.

The informative content has its best tool in the corporate blog and the newsletter. It is important to know what content your audience is interested in and publish periodically.

Email marketing

The email marketing is one of the most effective and economic strategies that you can use in your e – commerce. The usual strategy is to send newsletters that compile blog posts to keep subscribers informed. It is also a good tool to get discounts, promotions, offers and news from your online store.

Search engine optimization

Organic positioning is achieved with SEO strategies. The results of SEO techniques are not as immediate as those of SEM positioning but are more effective in the medium and long term.

SEO works by creating content relevant to Google, but that adds value to users. In addition, it requires a study of the keywords with which your potential customers look for products such as those in your online store.

Many companies choose a combination of SEM to get immediate traffic and SEO to position them in the long term.

Social networks

Social networks have become one of the most important tools in digital marketing, especially for online stores. Is it necessary that your brand be on all social networks? The best option is to choose only those used by your target audience and publish quality content frequently to achieve reach and a loyal community.

Online stores have the advantage that they can use a lot of visual content, which is the most appreciated by users. Thus, some social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are excellent to publicize your products and create events, such as contests, to attract followers.

In addition to disseminating your content, use social networks to participate in groups and debates, as well as to interact with your audience, answering their questions and comments.

Influence marketing

Although lately it is a bit of annoyance, well-used influences marketing are a good tool to boost your brand recognition and reach more potential customers.

An influence is a person with a strong presence in social networks and with the ability to influence audiences with their opinions. If you use this type of campaign, you must choose influences that are in tune with your target audience and your brand image.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method with which you can increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce.  Basically, it is that other websites recommend your online store in exchange for a reward or commission for each sale that comes from that page.

You can create an affiliate program in many ways. The most frequent are through codes to identify the origin of traffic, text links and banners.

In short, there are many digital marketing services that you can use to make your online store sell. The key is to combine the right techniques for your type of business and that serve to add value to your brand. This way, you can increase traffic to your e-commerce and improve the conversion rate.

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