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Indian hairstyles

Wedding Indian hairstyles for long hair

Indian hairstyles– One of the ancient cultures of the world civilization is the Indian. Great people, who preserved their traditions, rituals. The feminine appearance of Indian women is very original. Bright outfits, patterns from henna, exotic hairstyles with expensive ornaments make the appearance of the women of India special.

It so happened that until now, the entire population in the state is divided into castes. Belonging to them is encrypted in clothes, ornaments, and hairstyles. Not everyone happens to get into this country and see with their own eyes the richness of Eastern culture, but Indian movies can reveal the secrets of women’s hairstyles.

Wedding Indian hairstylesIndian hairstyles

The braids have been traditional Indian wedding hairstyles from past years and still. They look very nice to any bride. Throughout the year, there have been some changes in the simplest scythe, but still for the better! “Fishtail” and “waterfall” are very popular now among girls and look very elegant on Indian wedding dresses. The braids look great with long hair and medium, but if you have short hair, then you can buy special strands, they will make your hair longer. Read more: BOB HAIRCUT: WHAT IS IT, WHERE DOES IT COME FROM AND WHEN TO TAKE IT?


Youth hairstyles in modern IndiaIndian hairstyles

Indian variants of hairstyles were adopted by modern hairdressers. Imitating Indian women, they change hairstyles several times a year. Simple and uncomplicated, they emphasize female beauty and naturalness. On holidays and on special occasions, hairstyles are given special attention. The hair is decorated with pearls and flowers, jewelry ornaments and hoops. Everything should be just the best and beautiful. Color – preference is given to the black tone, you can give the strands a copper tint. For the protection of Indian hair, special oils are applied.

A feature of modern Hairstyles in the Indian style is that if the wearer has short hair or a bang, then to create an Indian appearance it is not suitable. Hair should be long, thick and well-groomed. Preference is given to hairstyles reminiscent of knots and baskets. Read more: Types of blouses you can use to make your waist look smaller

You can use hairpieces if the length is not enough. They are located closer to the neck. The knot is always decorated with finely woven braids and laced ornaments from them. The decoration is chosen depending on the case. For each day, they can be mild and modest, but for the holiday all restrictions are removed.

If a woman has long and medium hair, then it is necessary to emphasize this. It is enough to collect the lateral strands of hair from behind, to make waviness the whole volume. Let the curls fall freely on your shoulders, they will magnificently decorate your image. Traditional Indian jewelry – necklaces, coming down to the forehead, complete the image of the Indian beauty. Traditionally, the head and earrings are decorated in the same style, it will be superfluous to have the same jewelry on the neck. Ribbons, small flowers, all this is welcomed in Indian hairstyles.

Indian hairstyle for long hairIndian hairstyles

To create it you need the following things:

  • comb;
  • Foam or mousse for styling;
  • ordinary gum-invisibility;
  • hairpins;
  • decorations to choose from.

Comb the strands and make a straight part in the middle of the head. If the curls “do not obey” or fray, then it is better to use hair mousse. Collect the strands in the tail on the back of the head with the help of elastic bands.

Divide the tail into three parts. From two parts make a bunch, twisting hair harnesses and fastening them with studs. From the remaining strands weave the braid and wrap it around the beam. To fix its end it is necessary under a bundle, having fixed hairpins.

Now it is the turn of jewelry. Indian women are very fond of all kinds of hair clips, earrings, chains. Therefore, the more, the better. Traditional chains on the forehead and along the parting will perfectly complement the earrings in a similar style. For everyday use, artificial flowers and hairpins, decorated with pearls and pebbles, are suitable. Read more: Haircuts for square face about 5 things

Traditional features of Indian hairstylesIndian hairstyles

Women in this country have long been very careful with their hair. There are a lot of variations of Indian hairstyles. Usually married Indians hair braided in the form of a braid and fit along the back. Girls who were yet to get married, it was supposed, on the contrary, to collect hair in the zone of the temples, braid them in braids or twist a knot on the crown of the head.

Regardless of the woman’s marital status, her hair was always made with ornaments that were woven into braids. Women’s Indian hairstyles regardless of the social status of the beautiful were simple.

To make a large volume smoothly combed and gathered at the back of the neck or closer to the neck of the hair, rollers were used, which should be placed under the bundle. The length of the hair reached the waist or even the hips. Obligatory was the procedure of fumigation of hair with various incenses. Usually, sandalwood was used for this purpose.

It is known that Indian women were quite difficult to manage with strands of this length. In ancient times, great popularity enjoyed high hairstyles, outwardly reminiscent of temples. According to the belief, the gods dwelt in women’s hair. That is why often in female Indian hairstyles were used jewelry – they were associated with the offering to the gods. Women braided hair in pigtails and stacked unusual strands. During the holidays, pearls, gold or silver threads were woven into the hair, precious stones were inserted. To hold such a mass of hair on the head was rather difficult, that’s why the hairdressers were “reinforced” with a strong thread. In addition to braid, Indian ladies often used harnesses that fit like serpentine baskets. This type of hairstyle could be used by married women.

How to make an Indian hairstyle?Indian hairstyles

To create such a hairstyle, according to experts, is not more difficult than any other. But we must take into account that Indian hair is made for long hair. Strands of medium length are also suitable for this. Girls with short hair or having a bang will have to abandon the intended image. Indian style Indian hair can easily ennoble any female look, giving it tenderness and charm.


The hairstyles of Indian women have been famous for their plainness and simplicity. Traditionally, the beauty of the hair of Indian girls was based, first of all, on their health and well-being. Most women preferred to comb their hair smoothly from the forehead back, after which they were placed on the back of the neck or lower, on the neck, in a beautiful bunch resembling a three-dimensional hemisphere or a snail. Indian hairstyles were necessarily decorated with pearls or flowers. All kinds of threads, combs, hairpins, rings, hoops, ribbons and beads were also used as ornaments.


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