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We present to you the 5 best female hairstyles for the summer of 2018. Girls know perfectly well: to be in a trend, preparing for the summer needs not only your wardrobe but also yourself. First of all, it concerns hairdressers.

Well-groomed, healthy hair and neatly executed fashionable hairstyle for 70% sets the tone for the whole image of a woman. Stylists propose this year a sea of interesting novelties. The brightest trends fit perfectly into the TOP-5 summer images for the summer of 2018.

Female hairstyles: The side parting is the hair of this summerfemale hairstyles

This is one of the most simple and universal hairstyles, periodically returning to the podiums and streets. Side parting favorably differs from the direct one in that it suits absolutely all the girls. This hairstyle perfectly conceals some of the shortcomings of the face, gives the image a lot of tenderness and mystery. Read more: Straight haircut: a look that will succeed!

Natural curlsfemale hairstyles

A couple of years ago, all the women of fashion sought to create on their heads voluminous curly hair, like the Hollywood movie stars. The style of the “Red Path” is gradually disappearing into the past. Return to fashion the maximum naturalness. In her hair, she expresses herself in chaotic curls of different sizes, which look as natural as possible. Read more:  BOB HAIRCUT: WHAT IS IT, WHERE DOES IT COME FROM AND WHEN TO TAKE IT?

A low beam or a low beam laid in a beamfemale hairstyles

This is a very practical hairstyle that any girl can build on her head. Hair simply gathers very low on the back of the head, almost at the edge of hair growth. After that, they can be twisted into a chaotic tourniquet or braided in a braid and placed in a careless bunch.

Broken hairfemale hairstyles

It is very unusual for our compatriots, but the hairstyle with deliberately tousled hair looks quite impressive. The girl with her makes such an impression, as if she had just woken up and hastily corrected her hair tangled in the night. This hairstyle looks good with strict outfits.

Clear straight bangs in the style of the 60’sfemale hairstyles

It can be worn as with short hairstyles like quads, and with long, carelessly dismissed hair. This hairstyle is very much a lady with an “inverted triangle” type of face, in which the upper part is more massive, and the chin is thin and elongated. The bang perfectly smooths all angulations and gives the image of the girl a little bit of innocence and childish enthusiasm.

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