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Wedding hairstyle


WEDDING HAIRSTYLE- The wedding day for each of the fairer sex is one of the most important and responsible. This day you want to look not just beautiful, but divine. The image of the bride must be harmonious, stylish, amazing, every detail is important in it, be it dress, make-up, hairstyle, manicure.

Fashion for wedding dresses, hairstyles are changing rapidly and sometimes beyond recognition. Now cumbersome, tall, complex wedding hairstyles are far in the past, and they were replaced by simple, natural and light ones. We present to your attention the 5 most fashionable and stylish ideas for a wedding hairstyle, which you can quite possibly create yourself.

Loose hair for a wedding hairstyleWedding hairstyle

More often than not, recently brides prefer natural loose curls for a wedding hairstyle. It looks very beautiful, gentle, natural, romantic. Screw the hair into large curlers or a curl and place a few strands of the original hairpins on the crown. To give the hair look even more festive look, the hair can be decorated with flowers, rhinestones, beads. Also fashionable and stylish look hairstyles with a “wet” effect. When creating a hairstyle, do not use complex elements and techniques, as they may not withstand weather conditions, such as wind, or the activity of the bride during the wedding. Read more: Wedding Indian hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyle – a ponytailWedding hairstyle

This hairstyle looks very neat, but it’s fashionable and stylish. To make such a hairstyle, apply the mousse to the washed hair and assemble the hair in a tight tail. Hair in the “tail” can be beautifully wound with a curl in chic locks, or vice versa, draw hair with an iron or create a “baby”. It is perfectly suited for such a hairdo and you can be sure that by the end of the evening it will not fall. Read more: Wedding invitations full of modernity and elegance

The hairstyle in a retro styleWedding hairstyle

Today every day more and more popular retro style. If you prefer this style in clothes, then to your wedding retro dress you can make the same hairstyle. To do this, you will need tools for strong fixation: mousse and lacquer, as well as a couple of hands. On cleanly washed hair, make an oblique parting, before this, apply mousse on the hair, and, starting from the tips, lay the hair strands in the form of a wave, fixing each wave with clamps and varnish. Do not overdo it with varnish, so as not to make the hair too “hardened”. So make waves throughout the head, then pull out the clamps and fix the hair on top of the varnish. Fatou, in this case, it is better to take a short, out of a hard tusk. Check This Out: 8 essentials of the groom’s wedding kit

The wedding hairstyles for short hairWedding hairstyle

Of course, when the hair is short, it’s a little harder to make a beautiful and original hairstyle than for long hair. But, to our happiness, today there are a lot of opportunities for short hair to make long. To do this, you can fit hairpieces and artificial or natural strands of hair. It is best in such cases to use the services of a professional hairdresser who correctly builds your locks and puts them in your hair. Check This Out: Wedding MakeUp – Top 5 Ideas

The wedding hairstyle in the Greek styleWedding hairstyle

Greek hairstyle very favorably emphasizes the oval face, grace neck, chest. There are several options for a wedding greek hairstyle. At the heart of all the hairstyles is one rule: the hair is divided into parting and curls that curl around the tape. You can leave some strands behind or curl only strands near the temples. Also, an excellent option for the Greek wedding hairstyle is the use of a special hair net for styling hair. Hair tightly curls around the reticulum, from behind you can leave the hair loose or braid in the braid, burn. The hairstyle can be decorated with flowers, various hairpins, beads, rhinestones, etc.


Wedding hairstyle is a very important event, and if you want to do it yourself, then be sure to practice in advance. And it is better not to rely on fate and trust professional stylists who will create a unique and unforgettable hairstyle, combined with all your wedding way. Westrow’s team of specialist hairdressers understand the importance of creating the perfect look for the most extraordinary day of your life. Our expert stylists are experienced in delivering a bespoke service, unique to you, no matter what your taste or requirements. Whether you are planning an extravagant themed wedding, or small, intimate ceremony, at Westrow our ethos is centered on catering for your every need, with close attention to detail, using the finest hairdressing techniques.

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