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Restaurants Marketing strategy

Restaurants Marketing strategy: photography to whet the appetite

Today I want to talk about the importance of having a good picture in your restaurant’s Marketing strategy. A few days ago we visited one of our clients: it is called L’Aldilà, it is an Italian restaurant in Poblenou and we are in charge of bringing them communication. We were there to carry out a photo session for the winter menu 2018. A good selection of traditional Italian dishes that will go very well, in addition, to promote business dinners that are just around the corner.Restaurants Marketing strategy

Working with them is really a pleasure. Luca, manager of L’Aldilà and his team, in addition to developing a quality kitchen, understand the value and importance of generating a good communication to attract diners, retain them and, most importantly: differentiate themselves from the competition with a good offer gastronomic.


Every restaurant’s Marketing Strategy should be very visual; specifically, I refer to food photography. For this reason, in 021, part of our work is to offer them constant photo shoots to show their audience the attractiveness of their dishes.

Today, we live in a very visual era. The view is a sense that plays a very important role in the communication of a restaurant, why? Because we eat by the eyes. For all restaurants, it is vital to have good photographic material. It is the best presentation letter of the kitchen or the chef after a recommendation. This type of photographs has a very clear purpose: to project the most appetizing image possible of the dishes of the restaurant to encourage people to go and try them; the images must be so attractive that we should be able to cause them to choose us and not the photos of the neighboring restaurant.

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9 tips to make photography in the restaurant’s Marketing Strategy restaurant's Marketing Strategy

Before mentioning the tips, I give you a suggestion: it is better to use a camera that you know well, even if it is semi-professional to use a very high-end camera that you do not know how it works. Good lighting will also make you get more out of it.

  • The photograph must have a good dose of color in its composition. The bright colors and especially warm attract us a lot visually.
  • Yes, the colors should be as faithful and real as possible and, for this, good lighting is essential and good control of the white balance.
  • We must prioritize the image we want to show. In this type of photography, it is convenient to focus on a clear and precise image. For this, it is interesting to have homogeneous funds that favor the attention to the dish or main ingredient. Many photographers play with depth of field.
  • When making the composition, keep in mind the formats you are going to use. A panoramic web slider is not the same as a photo for a vertical poster.
  • In food photography, macro objectives are often used. Makes you can better appreciate the textures and details of the food. Look at how McDonald’s hamburgers look: you can get to see the sesame grain of bread several meters away.
  • As much as possible, make things happen. If the food is hot, smoke comes out; A good example is the freshly made grill meat. If you need the image of a pizza, make it come out of the oven. I remember doing a photo shoot for a cereal line. I had to make a piece of chocolate fall into a glass container full of milk and it would jump through the air … It was fun. 😉
  • Keep in mind the cleanliness: it is vital to take care of the cleanliness of the dishes in the photos. Normally it is controlled more from the post-production than in the same session. From the screen, you probably notice several details: some trace, crumb of bread or drop of sauce or oil that should not be.
  • The photograph is of the patients: perhaps the first photo is not necessarily the best one. We shot several and then from the computer we chose the best ones before starting to post-produce them.
  • Passing all the photos in an image editor: I usually use Photoshop. A good post-production of the images is almost as important as the same session. There you can control, edit and modify everything in favor of a more appetizing image. It’s where the magic begins for me.Restaurants Marketing strategy

Finally, as you well know, at first glance we decide if the plate we see feels like it or not. But beware, in your restaurant’s Marketing Strategy you must maintain transparency and consistency. If the images are very appetizing, they may not only cause you to want to enjoy the dish but also share it on Social Networks and get that recommendation. Fantastic! But we must bear in mind that if we take very attractive photos, the reality must be consistent with what you promote. If people come to the restaurant and find that the dishes are not those of the photos, we can cause the opposite effect to the one we were looking for: disgruntled customers who will never return. And so you always make photography in the better restaurant’s Marketing Strategy.

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