Types of Digital Marketing

Types of Digital Marketing: 6 Strategies to Apply in Your Business

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Types of Digital Marketing-The darling of the moment to promote companies – digital marketing – is at the forefront: nowadays, it is the most accessible, practical. And personalized way of impacting your company’s target audience – regardless of their size or industry.

That is why it is important, above all else, to recognize the different types of digital marketing so that you learn to apply your strategies in the most assertive way possible!

6 Types of Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Know

best Types of Digital Marketing

These 6 are just a few of the types of digital marketing that you can employ in your business.

But remember: there is no magic. It all depends on a lot of strategy, planning and willingness to see things work out. Your effort is going to make a difference.

The digital sales funnel: the basis of everything

Regardless of the digital marketing strategy that you are going to follow, they all go through the sales funnel. And how you should behave to address the target audience at every stage of it.

From its elaboration, you can get a representation of the way in which your consumer walks from the first contact with your company to the completion of the purchase.

This flow helps you better understand the entire sales process and its steps. And where the bottlenecks are, for you to generate demand and opportunity.

For this, it is critical to understand the stages of the sales funnel:

Top of Hopper

Including the phases of Discovery and Learning. It is the moment when the consumer is not yet ready to buy, but already wants to know the solutions to their pain.

For this, companies also plan, creating relevant rich. And differentiated content, focusing precisely on solving their initial doubts.

Funnel half

When the customer’s consideration of solutions comes along. The middle of the funnel is the moment when you already have some solutions for the consumer – without directly selling the solution yet.

Funnel bottom

The purchase decision is the stage in which you have related to the target audience enough that it sees in your brand the industry benchmark. Being able to know in depth the specific solutions for it.

Align your strategies with SEO

the Types of Digital Marketing

Acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a popular strategy to align your content based on what the consumer most needs and looks for in their online searches.

To do this, keywords are selected and by using them in your content, you approach your consumer. Over time, you will acquire a more faithful base of readers.

Use Content Marketing

top Types of Digital Marketing

Content marketing is based on the insights your business acquires about what your audience values. ​​And desires when looking at the keywords they are most searching for on the internet. It’s the SEO mentioned above.

This way, you can generate the right content for the right person. And available at the right time to solve your doubts.

Over time, this translates into more knowledge and respect for your brand. As well as helping to transform your company into a benchmark for the industry.

In addition to blog posts, you can also use content marketing in:

  • Landing pages.
  • Disclosure of info graphics.
  • E-books.
  • E-mail marketing.

It is worth, therefore, to find out about content marketing, being one of the most used. And efficient types of digital marketing of the moment.

Marketing automation

With the help of specialized software. Marketing automation allows your company to send personalized email sequences to specific segments of your customers.

To do this, these applications use the statistics generated when your customers interact with your blog, such as: what articles read more, what materials are downloaded, etc. As well as other data such as browsing habits in social networks.

With these parameters, in addition to nurturing your prospects and customers with content via email. These tools can also tell your sales force which customers have migrated from the top to the bottom of the funnel. And are mature enough to receive a phone call, for example.

Promote more Inbound Marketing actions

Inbound Marketing has been idealized as one of the great types of digital marketing by its power of attraction and conversion of the clients.

This is done through a set of strategies – such as the consistent production of blog content and SEO techniques in your virtual pages – that aim for qualified interaction with your target audience.

That is: Inbound marketing does not stand on its own. Because it is a combination of qualities of other digital marketing techniques. What makes it so powerful, therefore, is the ease in combining strategies to thereby gain more success in your actions.

Social networks

the Types of Digital Marketing

Lastly, one of the great types of digital marketing boils down to the presence and use of the key social networks that your target audience uses.

With this, you create content that they can interact with. Relate to your brand and help spread your news and differentiation.

It is worth, therefore, to understand where they most concentrate. And focus their productions on these social networks!

You’ve just seen 6 strategies differentiated by digital marketing types. But you may have noticed that the goal of all of them. Working together is to bring your client to the top of the funnel, to inform. And educate you along that journey, to finally convert a sale to the base of the funnel when it is ready.

Digital marketing

If this is already complicated in the “real” or analog world, how much more is it in the digital universe. From the irruption of Internet, the rules of the game of marketing changed radically. And the existing possibilities were extended. On the one hand the free or low costs of use of most platforms, opens the doors to entrepreneurs with low budgets for communication can position. On the other hand, the increasing accessibility and habit of using digital tools makes it easier to reach large audiences. And establish close and lasting links.

Planning: first condition for success

discover Types of Digital Marketing

It is not about reading all the digital manuals of use of the different platforms (although it is essential to know their characteristics and possibilities). First of all, we need clarity in the objectives we seek to achieve: Do we want to sell more? Do we want to expand the database? Do we want to have greater notoriety on the Web?  Anyway, the important thing is to consider achievable and realistic medium-term objectives. Second, it is important to know the characteristics of each platform and the end of use: there are those that generate networks and positioning (Facebook and Google+); there are those that allow to publish and establish contact with the audience.  Those that allow uploading videos like YouTube or Vimeo to narrate and show what we do and many more.

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