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Importance of Industrial Design in Everyday Life

Understood as a highly utilitarian race by the objective it seeks to achieve and the elements by which it is fulfilled, industrial design is a discipline that today is studied in large numbers by young people who want to dedicate themselves to the design and subsequent creation of products. and elements that serve for everyday use and that respond to different needs. Due to its usefulness, precisely, it is in itself a discipline of great importance.

Industrial design in response to the needs of every dayindustrial design

While it could be understood as a discipline that develops products massively according to fashion, industrial design, on the contrary, is not merely production but especially everything that comes before, that is, research, the collection of data about the society or social group on which you want to work, to gather data that allow knowing what needs or preferences exist in that population group and act accordingly. The creation of industrial design serves, for example, to make chairs with ergonomic backrest for a population with problems or tendency to back pain due to prolonged hours of a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, the industrial designer acts with a product that is then sold in specific places to solve the population’s need. The same can happen with furniture, with leisure objects, with means of transport, with electrical appliances, etc. Read more: Knowledge and skills needed for a web designer

The importance of industrial designindustrial design

If we take into account that human beings have created artifacts and goods from their earliest historical age to find solutions to different needs that arose, we will easily understand the importance of the role of an industrial designer as well as the fact that industrial design exists as discipline and university career in many countries. The creation of the first human tools , of the artifacts that the human being made to improve their quality of life, of the invention of machines that accelerate the production process, etc. they are all moments in the history of Humanity that made industrial design something existing, although not at a conscious or collective level. Nowadays, industrial design serves as a space in which the primary objective is the creation of elements that are used on a daily basis in different spheres of daily life, to which anesthetic or beauty value may be added in accordance to the interests of the creator or designer.

The business strategy in industrial design industrial design

That is why I rescue assess the importance of industrial design through the perceptions that from within the company have the managers responsible for this activity. To demonstrate the importance of industrial design within the business strategy, the first thing we have to do is clarify what we understand by this concept. In a general sense, they define industrial design as “the activity that transforms a set of requirements of a product into a configuration of materials, elements, and components”. Also, the decisions regarding the industrial design, not only concern the appearance or aesthetics but also ergonomic aspects, simple production, efficient use of materials, etc. Read more: The Qualities that Every Freelance Web Designer Should Have

  • The lack of knowledge about what the design is and its contributions. The design is a broad and multidimensional concept whose definition varies depending on the situations of use. Likewise, its application requires the joint work of several departments of the company, and sometimes of agents external to it, whose interests may be opposed.
  • The company-designer relationship and the ignorance about the functions or tasks to be developed by each of the parties involved in the process of industrial design, entrepreneurs, and designers. Companies must better understand the process of industrial design and the work of designers, and the latter must better understand the reality in which companies operate.
  • The lack of a framework in which to analyze the contribution of industrial design in the company’s results. The difficulty in quantifying the benefits or results derived from the design, and the preference by the managers of the companies for the short-term results, means that many companies do not integrate this variable into their business strategy.


Industrial design has two fundamental repercussions: first, it increases the competitiveness of companies, and second, it facilitates the quality of life of people. For these reasons, design becomes a powerful tool for business management that must be developed more and more. The integration of industrial design in companies can, in turn, favor the development of products and services consistent with emerging cultural and social trends and reduce consumer risk and thus affect repeat purchases and brand loyalty. In addition, through industrial design companies can modify the response of the consumer so it becomes an important determinant of consumer behavior.



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