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Weekend with children

What is the use and pleasure of spending a weekend with children?

Joint leisure with a child on weekends is the best way to get rid of stress. Games, sports, creativity maintain a good relationship between children and parents. You share your impressions, discuss the past week, make plans for the future. The use and pleasure of spending a weekend with children. 

How do you spend a typical a weekend with child?Weekend with children

According to statistics, only by the evening of Sunday, adult members of the family can relax and really relax. Most of the time they spend on cleaning, cooking, and babysitting. Often on Saturday and Sunday, relatives and friends come. The result of all this is disappointing: you not only do not relax before the working week but even more tired. Read more: How to prepare your child for preschool

What needs to be done to improve the situation?

  • Plan at least one walk or a trip outside the city, to the park, to the beach, etc.
  • “Spread” the current routine on weekdays and involve children in doing household chores.
  • Refuse to excess cooking. At the weekend, it is quite possible to order something with delivery or lunch at a nearby cafe.

Your child is looking forward to weekends and holidays with great impatience, when parents are at home, when you can sleep, how much you want, and no one scolds for cartoons. Spend some time to spend the weekend interesting!

What to do in the city?Weekend with children

In the summer there is nothing better than a weekend on the beach. You can swim and sunbathe, build castles from sand, collect colored stones. Do not forget to take food and drink for a picnic. read more: How Should You Prepare Your Child to Start School?

Create an adventure each weekend. Zoo, water park, museum, cinema – discuss the program of the day together and look for an option that everyone will like. Children enthusiastically agree to any cognitive activity.

Study the poster of your city and suburban areas. Quite possibly, it will be interesting for you to be at an exhibition of dogs or cats, watch a football match, go kayaking competitions, etc.

If you have not yet taught your child to ride a bike, skate, ski, sled, play badminton and tennis – do it! And be sure to talk about yourself, about your childhood, school, funny adventures.

Bad weather? Then we come up with entertainment for the child at home.

For example, arrange a day of disobedience, when everything is possible: do not remove pajamas, draw on the floor, eat ice cream for lunch, have fun and fool around. This is very interesting, and most importantly, it is useful for children’s and adult psyche. Release your imagination, you are sure, you will open new faces and you will be able to look at the usual things differently.

Do you like computer games? How about a battle in a team with a child against aliens from space, monsters, and bandits? You can play on the computer, but you can buy or rent a prefix with a virtual reality.

If you are against computer games, offer the child a table. “Dobby”, “Aktiviti”, the old good “Monopoly”, “Barabashka” and many, many other options will not let you get bored. Games are designed for a different number of participants – from two to ten or more.

Make a menu for the evening and cook with the child. To make it more interesting, search the Web for recipes of dishes that were served to kings and princesses, national cuisine of different countries, etc. By the way, you can arrange a party in English, Japanese, Italian style.

Where to go?Weekend with children

You can spend your free time outside of your hometown. Any trip in itself becomes an adventure for the child. Do not forget about the fun on the road: stock up on music, audiobooks, simple games. You may also like to read about strix mythology.

Here is a list of eight popular places for recreation with a child in Russia.

  • “Divo-island” in St. Petersburg, our response to a foreign Disneyland. Here you can spend the whole day without noticing how the hours and minutes fly by. The territory is divided into thematic zones, there are attractions, interactive complexes, there is a lake where you can ride with children on a boat, small cafes, and shops.
  • Aquapark “Golden Bay” in Gelendzhik. Crazy hills do not leave anyone indifferent! No child can cope with the temptation to ride on a slippery descent and flop into the warm water of the pool. Attractions are divided by age, there is a zone for the youngest.
  • Park Lukomorye in Saratov. Created on the motives of Pushkin’s fairy tales, he has a special atmosphere, calms, tunes in a peaceful mood. As entertainment, guests can spend a couple of hours on the water, feed the squirrels and swans, dine at the cafe.
  • Museum-Reserve “Gatchina” in the Leningrad Region. In front of you is a large castle with mysterious underground passages. They say that there are ghosts here. Around the palace is a luxurious park complex with lakes, canals, pavilions, and gardens. Territory – 146 hectares! Here you can walk with pleasure all weekend.
  • Park “Kudykina Gora” in the Lipetsk region. Known primarily zoo, where your child will see live and real camels, ostriches, yaks, musk oxen and other animals and birds. Also, the “City of Masters” works here, in which you can try yourself as a potter, blacksmith, wood carver.
  • Residence of Santa Claus in Veliky Ustyug. It is here that Grandpa collects presents, answers letters. Of course, the trip here is better planned for the winter season. In the theater souvenirs are sold, games and contests for the youngest visitors are held, a workshop is opened where you can make yourself a gift with your own hands.
  • Primorsko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve in the Moscow Region. It is very small in territory, but there are 57 species of wild animals and 142 species of birds. Give the child an inexpressible experience – only here he can feed on the hands of the majestic king Slavic forests, bison!
  • Park of birds “Sparrows” in the Kaluga region. It is home to domestic and exotic birds – more than 2 thousand species. Open to visit the ostrich farm. In the pavilion “Exotarium” you can see not only birds but also fish, amphibians, reptiles.


Weekend with children is looking forward to the weekend to spend time with their parents. Yes, and parents do not mind tinkering with their children. The main thing is to get a good night’s sleep and how to plan leisure.

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