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The 5 Best Waterproof Speakers to Play Your Favorite Music in the Shower

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Maybe you are not Pavarotti or Monserrat Caballé, but if you like to sing and listen to music in the shower, maybe you have run into a small problem, water. If you do not have the best waterproof speaker at hand, it is impossible to enjoy our favorite songs and sing them without any micro-chain or playback equipment being damaged by moisture.waterproof speaker

On the other hand, if you use your mobile to listen to music anywhere, which is common nowadays, you surely want to have portable waterproof speakers, so that audio files and videos that you store can be heard with good quality and fidelity wherever you go. , comfortably. That’s for sure!

Having a heavy waterproof speaker, with a power cord attached to the phone or tablet is not practical. Imagine loading a pair of headphones of those hull with those purposes. What discomfort!

Now we get Bluetooth waterproof speakers, wireless, hands-free, portable, with long-lasting batteries, some last up to 12 hours. Bluetooth 4.0 technology, compatible with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, makes all this possible.

What is the best waterproof speaker?waterproof speaker

In the market, there are Bluetooth waterproof speakers resistant to water, outdoors or shower, for example, so you listen to music to your liking without worrying that they will damage or affect the quality of the sound. One last!

In the case of waterproof speakers, you must take into account some things before buying. The model you select should not only be affordable or less expensive than others. It must also have a truly protective design against moisture. This will make it perfect to use it not only when you shower but also when you want to liven up a day at the pool.

The battery life is also very important for waterproof speakers. It’s great if it can last about 12 hours so you do not have to do so constant reloads.

The connectivity must be guaranteed so that from a source you can supply all the songs you wish to listen to. You could also receive calls if necessary.

If you need suggestions with some of the best models, these 5 below are the cream of the cream, at present. They will not leave anyone bad. I share then this comparison to help you make a decision that suits you, okay?

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VicTsing Bluetooth Stereo and shower wireless waterproof speakerwaterproof speaker

It was a gift for my niece, and the truth when I received it I tried it immediately before giving it to her. I was surprised, the sound quality is super sharp and good volume. She tells me that in the bathroom she listens very well. Very beautiful, the color is beautiful. Connect divinely with the radio.

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PECKHAM P16 Bluetooth waterproof speakerwaterproof speaker

Very good, clear sound, compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Easy to connect to the mobile and has a range of almost 15 m. It is resistant to splashing water, you can take it to the beach and pool. Very resistant, it has a very good sound power (10w) and a great battery.

SoundCore Sports XL Bluetooth portable waterproof speakerwaterproof speaker

Very good quality and I like how sturdy it feels, it holds a lot of thread. Resists water perfectly in the shower and on the beach, with sand, it is super easy to clean. One super useful thing is that you can use the extra battery for your mobile or tablet. The bass sounds are very good.

Portable Stereo Bluetooth waterproof Speaker LOBKIN Waterproof IPX6waterproof speaker

It is an ideal waterproof speaker for the shower or takes it anywhere. As a speaker at home, hands-free too. Of a quite simple operation: You give to the button of ignition and in the part superior has another button to be able to connect it to the Bluetooth, you can connect it also from the telephone or pc. It has the slot to put sd card too. The battery lasts long. And the sound is loud and clear enough.

Mini Bluetooth waterproof Speaker VBS1D-VES1 VicTsingwaterproof speaker

Connect fast Bluetooth. It sounds crisp, with good bass for its compact size. It is resistant to shower and shock. The battery lasts long. Nice design Easy to use, good radio signal and auxiliary connection. Two ways to hold, with a sucker and rubber to hang.

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