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7 good practices for optimizing conversion online marketing

Good practices are considered to be the set of principles, measures, actions and experiences that, having reported advantages of different types for the organization in a proven and proven way, can be considered as a possible reference to continue to bring the improvement to other organizations, for which it must have completed the cycle of institutional effectiveness: Online marketing implementation, review, and improvement, which allows it to be considered as sustainable and, in addition, must be valid at the time of presentation.

The speed with which digital marketing evolves can make it difficult for us to distinguish between landing pages or inbound marketing own pages (consisting of a set of actions that seek to capture the user’s attention through the free content of quality and attraction techniques or pull) and those used in outbound marketing.

Although at a formal level it seems difficult to differentiate them, the truth is that there are some aspects that help us draw a line between them.good practices

The most relevant has to do with the quality of web traffic they receive. In the case of landing pages that are used in inbound marketing, conversion rates from the visit to lead are much higher than in the case of conventional marketing, exceeding 50% in some cases. Although this data is closely linked to the type of campaign and the design of the landing, the average is usually around 30%.

When explaining why these conversion data are so high in inbound marketing, you basically have to pay attention to four factors:

  • One of the main factors, and which is also one of the pillars on which inbound marketing is based, is the creation of the quality content of interest to the buyer, whether ebooks, articles, infographics, webinars or other downloadable.
  • The attraction of a traffic formed by users related to the target we are looking for since it offers a content offer adapted to their needs.
  • The presence of indispensable elements for a successful campaign: title, copy, form, call to action or call-to-action and graphics aspects.
  • All these factors work together, so it is difficult to draw conclusions about isolated aspects (for example, what colors are more effective in the call-to-action buttons).

However, what we can assure you is that there is a series of good practices that are really effective and that we share with you below. Take note! Read more Five Things About Online Marketing Technique That Work

Remove the navigation options a good practicesgood practices

These help to disperse the user’s attention, thus increasing the chances of not fulfilling the goal of the landing page (for example, clicking on a link that leads to a certain website or filling in and sending a form).

Focus on the benefits, not the productgood practices

Presenting a commercial offer in the first moments of the purchase cycle is totally counterproductive to the interests of the company, and usually ends with a frontal rejection by users. This is clear from a study carried out by a group of researchers at Harvard University among 1,400 business-to-business (B2B) clients from various sectors. The reason for this trend is very simple: consumers already know what they need. Thanks to Internet search engines and the tools of communication 2.0 (such as forums or social networks), they know in advance what is the best solution for their demands. In addition, not only have in mind how to solve them, but also the characteristics of what they are looking for and what is the price they are willing to pay for a particular product or service.

Add multimedia elements a good practicesgood practices

Videos or good infographics can help you significantly improve the performance of your landing page. In fact, a striking image is usually a good claim to attract the attention of users, helps increase the time that Internet users stay on our website and also favors interaction.

Bet for simplicity a good practicesgood practices

It is not necessary to explain with hairs and signals what the internet user will receive in exchange for filling out the form. Ideally, at a glance, the user could get an idea of what he is going to achieve. The bullet points can help you simplify and make the copy much more attractive. Also, if you can avoid scrolling, do without it.

Pay attention to the form

A common mistake is not paying attention to the form. In this sense, it is important that the title is a call to action consisting of a message similar to “sign up” or “fill in the form”. In addition, it is important to be clear in the headline or in the copy what the user will achieve when carrying out the action we request. It is good practice. Although it may seem obvious, you should not include more fields than strictly necessary or show those that the user has already completed.

 Share it on social networksgood practices

Although social sharing does not increase the conversion rate directly, the truth is that it is a good practice to increase the traffic to our website. It allows users to act as evangelizers of your content and promotions. While it is possible that these followers never become customers, it is also possible that one of your contacts decides to acquire some of your products or services.

Test, analyze and correct according to the resultsgood practices

Finally, we encourage you to experiment with your landing pages. As we said at the beginning of this post, not everything that works on one landing page will always be effective on another. A good practice to know what is best suited to each campaign is to perform an A / B test, modifying in each test a single element of the landing page. Although this may take more time than the rest of the tips, rest assured that with this one you will achieve the best results.



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