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If you are looking for a job in digital marketing, it is likely that you have already exhausted the path of traditional portals such as Infojobs. What if I told you that there are specific employment websites for online marketing? Would you be interested in knowing a tool that allows you to send auto-candidacies to several companies in a single click?

Digital marketing: eCom & Jobsdigital marketing

This digital employment portal is dedicated to job offers in e-commerce, but as the borders between e-commerce, online marketing and other “techies” professions are vague, you can find vacancies in web analytics, programming, content marketing, SEO / SEM and social media. Read more: How has the illustration changed with digital media?

One of the advantages that I see eCom & Jobs versus other websites, is that the categorization of jobs is more logical. If you have tried to filter offers of digital marketing in portals of HR consultants, you will have seen that it is almost impossible task, because they tend to be poorly classified and give rise to illogical situations in which there is no box for a general category such as ” Marketing Online “, But it does exist for a range as specific as” Customer Service in eCommerce “.

Disadvantages? The first, that there are never enough offers as we would like!  The second, that at the moment many of the offers are for Barcelona, so if you search in Madrid you will find less volume. If you are looking anywhere other than these two capitals, we will not even talk.

Digital marketing: Domestikadigital marketing

Domestika is a portal for creatives and designers, but its employment section has gradually been making room for professionals in advertising, marketing, fashion, programming, etc. To date, we can find job offers in digital marketing in sections such as IT, Marketing, Advertising and UI / UX, among others.

One of the things I like most about Domestika to find work is that the volume of specialized offers it receives is superior to other portals, and also, being a non-generalist portal, recruiters are usually professionals in the sector or, at least, HR people who work in agencies and related companies. For me, this is important because when dealing with new professions, not all HR employees from outside the sector are familiar with the terminology, processes, software, etc.

Any faults? It does not have filters by a city, by salary or type of contract, so sometimes if you are looking for a position with specific conditions (for example, in Madrid and that are not practical or scholarships), you have to dedicate a few seconds to read diagonally each offer.

Digital marketing: Seo & Mediadigital marketing

Although it is still in beta, it can be an interesting website if you are interested in freelance work or specific collaborations: you can offer your services as a professional and look for collaborations with companies and other freelancers. As its name suggests, it is very focused on SEO specialists, although there is also space for community managers, web analysts, etc.

# tool to send self-candidacies in a free clickdigital marketing

Surely you’ve heard (and even proven): ” 80% of job offers remain hidden, are not published .” It is a demoralizing fact for anyone looking for work, but it has several solutions: contacts, personal branding, … and proactivity. Self-candidacy is nothing other than being proactive in finding a job and presenting our CV to companies, even if they have not published any vacancies.

It is a good idea in theory, but in practice, it requires a lot of time and dedication: each company has a protocol to receive cv (e-mail, own portal and even Linkedin) and even requests different documents. And here is where I present a tool that can be really useful: Bizneo. From this web, you can send your application to thousands of companies, and you only have to complete your profile once. In addition, the selection of companies for the shipment is done with a very simple search engine, filtering by sector and locality.

What is the but? You can not customize the shipments. That is, for your top 10 of ” companies where I would kill to work someday “, maybe you should use the classic method of curate a letter of ad hoc presentation, focused on each organization, and help you stand out from the possible candidates. In my opinion, the combination of both methods (personalization + automatic submission with Bizneo) allows you to optimize time and effort, as well as reach more potential employers with a more reasonable “investment”. Continue reading How has the illustration changed with digital media?


It is likely that if you have finished your studies in digital marketing, business or any other degree that is related to Social Media, you are wondering what is the step you must take now to find a job. Well in this post I will detail in a realistic and meticulous way the Webs that I myself used to find a job in the Digital Marketing sector.

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