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control anger

Learn to control anger with these simple tricks

Known by several names such as anger, anger or anger, anger is a feeling that in situations of our lives invades us and many of us struggle to control anger. This can generate serious problems for ourselves and the people around us.

Almost all of us have gone through this uncomfortable and exasperating feeling, but today we are going to know a series of tricks that will allow us to control this type of sensation.

What is your control anger?control anger

Anger is the union of several negative feelings such as indignation, anger, frustration, and other factors that, in one way or another, are related to violence.

It is a common behavior in all human beings and, although in some cases it is necessary to get angry, the important thing is to know how to control it. When we do not know how to control anger, this can lead to depression, hypertension, and passive-aggressive behavior. Keep reading Why do psychologists also go to best therapy? about 3 things

Are there people who get angry more than others?control anger

Yes, there are people who get angry more than others, or who do it more easily and more intensely. There is a group that gets angry but does not manifest it. However, they are often irritable, away from society, sick or bitter.

Individuals who get angry easily are people with low tolerance. They find it difficult to handle unfair or difficult situations because they feel that it is not their responsibility to be linked to them. Keep reading 5 examples of inequality between men and women

There are people who are irritable, either because of genetic factors or because they were not taught to handle themselves in certain situations. For example, in the case of the genetic factor, children are known to be easily irritated from birth, either because of hunger, sleep or an uncomfortable environment for them.

In another case, there are people who are not taught certain values, such as striving for something and when they want that something and does not get it, they get easily irritated.

Why does an attack of anger occur?control anger

For frustration

An event or situation that interferes with the realization or fulfillment of some objective goes directly to the individual’s thinking as a signal of blocking what he wants. Thus, it can become angry.

It also happens when there is unfair treatment, rights are violated, or the law is transgressed before society we can feel anger since we are social beings.

Anger can also appear when we do not get a reward after an action.

Adverse scenarios

The experiences of physical and even sentimental pain are causal and determining factors in the development of anger.

Not feeling understood, a love break without explanation or betrayal are also causing this feeling.

Steps to control anger or angercontrol anger

Relaxation and breathing techniques

Relaxation is one of the ways to control anger. This is achieved by breathing deeply, trying to meditate for a lapse of ten minutes, visualizing scenarios or positive situations for your mind.

If we do it constantly, a link will be created with our internal world. Thus, our attitude will be unshakable despite the circumstances.

Thoughts and positive attitude

Think differently, bringing positive situations to your mind and looking for awareness, a state of calm is achieved and we will have fewer regrets. When we are angry, we can act unreasonably and cause harm to those we love.

Listen carefully to others and with emotional maturity

Being angry we can not solve problems. Ideally, we should focus on finding ways to solve them, instead of acting in an angry manner.

In times of discussion, we must take time to listen to the other person and also to think about our answers. Maturity will encourage us to avoid conflicts and people with toxic qualities, no matter how much we love them.

Express emotions calmly

If we want to say something delicate, it is better to wait a prudential time. We could ask ourselves: what do I say, is it to solve the problem or do I just want to hurt the other?

We must slow down because in these circumstances we could give wrong answers that make things worse.

 Do not receive the offenses and ignore the lies

Always remember that by keeping calm, looking for your inner peace and feeling able to face situations you can easily handle this emotion that so many problems can cause us.

One of the best ways to control anger is not to receive offenses. Only a message offends us when we receive it. After all, anger hurts us, not the other.

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