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Playing golf with wind How to do it?

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Except in sports where a strong wind is necessary, for the rest of outdoor activities a strong wind is a bad friend and playing golf with wind makes it even more complicated, forcing us to use more imagination and think each hit with much calmer.

A few days ago I suffered from a strong wind playing a golf tournament and since I am not a professional or have a low handicap … my card was not as good as it usually is. But one of my playmates retired from the tournament after chaining several holes with double digits (10 or more strokes), so I want to remember how to playing golf with the wind. Read more: The Spikeless Golf Shoes Revolution: Cleats or Casual?

Playing golf with the wind in favorplaying golf

When playing with the wind in favor, the golf balls tend to be longer in the air, which means that more distance is obtained that a priori sounds good. It is advisable to give it stronger, yes stronger. The reason is that in doing so we encourage the ball to take more height and more backspin.

Once you are ready for an approach, use a stick less than you would if you were not within the wind in favor so the ball will rise higher and brake faster on the green.

Playing golf with the wind againstplaying golf

To play with wind against the most successful is to play keeping the ball as close to the ground as possible, so play by placing the ball towards the right shoe and think that you would choose a day with no wind against and add one more to choose the suit suitably. You must play by lowering your left shoulder a little and raising the right to hit, as well as with the most loaded weight on the left leg, to make a finish not too high.

Playing  golf  with the crosswindplaying golf

Playing with the crosswind is the worst scenario of the three, for those who have a high handicap, given that if we suffer slice or hook problems, they will multiply. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is to aim based on the wind’s tendency and its strength and try to finish the game with the smallest of double digits possible.

On the contrary for players with a low handicap, the existence of crosswind should not be a serious problem (but it is an added difficulty) because its striking is consistent which makes the impact of the crosswind is lower compared to a handicap player high and even medium.

If the wind is from left to right you have to hit with the most loaded weight in the heels and when the crosswind is from right to left you have to load it towards the tip of the foot. When making an approach, observe the position of the flag and put to fail … do it to the opposite side where the wind blows.


If we find strong wind, assume that you are obligated to understand him and that you have to try to take advantage as far as possible and avoid making too risky blows and you will go home with a dozen more hits on your card in Comparison with a day without strong wind. Continue reading  Golf shoes, do you know how to choose the best ones?

As a general rule, place your feet more separated than usual to have a better balance, pay special attention to a smooth and fluid swing (it will generate a better and more compact blow, on which the wind will have less action compared to a blow with less control). Above all, make sure you are pointing the clubface correctly and grasp the putter firmly hitting the hole decisively, especially with the wind against (but do not obsess about it)playing golf.

It is obvious, but always be very clear where it blows in the wind and do not rush to hit, it will be a long day and your physical shape will be much more relevant in your game compared to a day without strong wind.

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