Easter parade

Easter parade in New York

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Easter parade in New York-Among the many ways to fight nowhere, one of the best is to take pictures. Every day hundreds of photojournalists put it into practice in every corner of the world.

From 49th Street to 67th, thousands of citizens and tourists wear extravagant costumes and eye-catching hats in the framework of the Easter Parade. During this celebration, the Hat Festival takes place, where you can see exotic models designed by the participants.

Among the main reasons, flowers, rabbits and Easter eggs abound. Some even dare to disguise their pets. The presence of tall hats covered with flowers is linked to the beginning of the American spring, one of the favorite seasons of those who like to enjoy the city and its green spaces.

In spite of the great extension of the parade, the most suitable place to witness it is in front of the Cathedral of San Patricio, located in front of the Rockefeller Center building.

The Easter Parade in New York is so important that even Fred Astaire. And Judy Garland pay homage to him in a homonymous musical film directed by Charles Walters in 1948. While Spain is celebrated on Easter Sunday, on Fifth Avenue in New York City Celebrate a festival to walk with the best galas and the most creative headdresses in the streets from 49 to 57 .

The Easter Parade dates back to the end of the 19th century. People came with their best clothes to the churches of central New York, with Gothic architecture, decorated with flowers. And Easter ornamentation. With the decoration of the temples the personalization of the gala costumes began with motifs that made reference to this holiday. And became examples of taste and style, in which the creative hats acquired a great prominence.

Each year, after attending Easter Mass, thousands of people gathered on Fifth Avenue to show off. And release clothing sets. In 1890. The party was already popularly known as the Easter Parade and appeared in all the US holiday calendars.

When the celebration began to have weight, many sponsors joined the Easter Parade to promote themselves due to the great scope of the event, in the style of Thanksgiving rides. In the year 1900. The level of sales during the Easter Parade increased and was positioned in percentages close to those of Christmas. While the religious origin of the party has been diluted over time. The social component has been increasing. And has become a demonstration of extravagance and American dominance as one of the most important economic powers in the world.

Currently, attendees of the Easter Parade celebrate both the original tradition and the reinterpretation of the same day. Just as there are those who wear their best headdresses and galas, there are also those who develop the imagination and design their costume for this social event throughout the year. As it happened in its origins, the hats are still the targets of all eyes, since many of the attendees carry ornate compositions of flowers, eggs and rabbits on their heads, but also other less traditional symbols, such as birds or airplanes.

The origin of the Easter Parade

a Easter Parade

The origins of this celebration are more than 100 years old, when the families of the New York elite gathered in society to celebrate the Christian Resurrection. At that time the party involved a parade of carriages in which only the wealthy people wore exotic hats displaying them to the crowd that was going to witness the parade.

Times changed and the Easter Parade became a popular party where there are plenty of reasons to have fun.

Where to buy hats

One of the oldest stores in the city is located on Seventh Avenue and is called Barbara Feinman Millinery. The reasons are varied although some can cost more than 300 dollars. An economic alternative is the Harlem Heaven store, which exhibits $ 60 models.

Holy  week in New York 2019

the Easter Parade

New York, a city in constant movement and where you will always find something to do regardless of the time of the year in which you visit it. That’s right, being the center of many cultures makes every day of the Big Apple a vibrant day, so if you plan to go on a tour to New York during Holy Week, but you think there won’t be much to do, here we share a list that It will show you the opposite and will show you how great the City that Never Sleeps during Easter is.

One of the funniest plans you can make during Holy Week is to join the search for Easter Eggs in New York. This great tradition, celebrated on Easter Sunday, is that parents hide plastic or chocolate eggs decorated on the outside and filled with candy inside, children believe that this is the work of the Easter Bunny and they go looking for them.

Easter eggs in New York

The hunt for Easter eggs is so important in the United States that the president of the USA usually invites families to participate in the search for Easter Eggs in the White House. So if you plan to take a tour of New York during Holy Week this is an excellent plan to have a great time in the Big Apple, also in museums such as the Children’s Museum of Manhattan or the New York City Fire Museum organize fun events to celebrate Easter.

Easter Parade and Hat Parade

Without a doubt, the star event during Holy Week in New York is the Easter Hats Parade. Every year, this traditional event takes place on Easter Sunday morning in the middle of Fifth Avenue, which was born in 1870 as a spontaneous plan and without religious connotations so that New Yonkers would have fun dressing up in extravagant clothes and hats.

Easter parade in New York

During the Easter Parade the entire Fifth Avenue is paralyzed with this entertaining celebration, you will see many people walking with original and quirky hats that will hardly go unnoticed. In addition to the hats, you will also see dozens of colorful characters with whom you can take a photo to remember your tour of New York during Holy Week. This original event is something not to be missed, it is very fun and the party atmosphere is sensational, it is worth going through Fifth Avenue and the St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Easter Sunday. If you want to be part of the parade you just have to wear a quirky hat and enjoy the party.

If you go to the Hats Parade then take advantage of the day to take a walk around Rockefeller Center and visit the beautiful Channel Gardens, which for spring are decorated with beautiful sculptures of Easter Bunny.

Easter Brunch

Another great activity to do on Easter in New York is to enjoy Easter brunch. Brunch, a combination between breakfast and lunch, is a special meal during Easter weekend, so much so that the vast majority of the restaurants in the Big Apple create a special menu for those days, which they call Easter Brunch New York .

If you are thinking of enjoying mimosas, waffles, sweets. And many more delicacies from the Eastern Brunch New York here below we share a list of some restaurants that offer this delicious menu:


With his new chef Grabrielle Carpentiere, Morandi will offer super special dishes for Easter weekend that will make you suck your fingers. Within its menu you will find the best of Italian food, dishes such as lasagna. And roast leg of lamb are some of the strengths for Easter Brunch. In addition to food, you can also enjoy an authentic Italian experience in a beautiful restaurant with a great decoration, perfect place to take brunch as a couple.

Root & Bone

Root & Bone gives you the fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in southern food. So if you want an Easter Brunch with very American dyes then do not hesitate to go to this restaurant. As Easter weekend brunch schedules vary in this restaurant. The special menu can be enjoyed from 10:30 am until 4 pm. Super recommended place to visit as a family, a pleasant atmosphere and very southern decoration.


A well-known restaurant in New York City for being one of the favorite destinations of New York families. In addition to offering traditional dishes such as meatballs, parmesan beef, chicken marsala, during Holy Week the restaurant also offers diners the experience of preparing. And decorating Easter eggs or baking butter bread. Another great restaurant to visit as a family, children will love it.


If you want to have an Easter brunch away from the traditional then do not hesitate for a second to visit Rahi. An Indian restaurant that during the Easter weekend will be serving the brunch from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm One of the points This restaurant’s strength is its menu, which has a wide variety of dishes such as Indian waffles or fried eggs in butter. So if you want to encourage yourself to do something different during Holy Week in New York, visiting Rahi is one of the best plans you can do.

Simon and the Whale

If you want a more traditional Easter Brunch then Simon and the Whale is the perfect restaurant for you. With a great menu where you will find waffles, lots of sweets, cookies, chocolates, muffins. And mimosas to give Easter a little more flavor. Visit this restaurant, especially if it is your first Holy Week in New York; believe us you will have a great time.

Mass Gospel

From the beginning, attending a gospel mass in New York does not seem like a great plan. But … the opposite is true. It is one of the best experiences you can live in the Big Apple. To enjoy this incredible plan it is not necessary to be religious. You just have to go a little fixed out of respect for the parishioners. And already complying with that minimum standard you only have to enjoy an authentic gospel mass in New York, just as you have seen it in films.

Your tour of New York during Holy Week can be a great opportunity to get closer to African-American culture. And if you prefer to know much more about it.

Tour Central Park

Whether walking or cycling, tour Central Park during Holy Week is an excellent plan. Since during April the weather has greatly improved. And you can see spring peeking out with its beautiful colors.

If you decide to travel Central Park by bicycle then you can walk through several paths of the park. And know it in its entirety, access areas that are far away. And rarely frequented by tourists, they are 4 kilometers of nature that you will love. Although if you want to spend a relaxing day, you will love walking through Central Park. Although you will not know the park completely. Since it is incredibly immense. You can go to specific places in the heart of Manhattan such as Bethesda Fountain or Belvedere Castle.

Central park

Another great plan in Central Park during Easter is to go on Easter Sunday. And join the popular Easter Egg Hunt, you will have a lot of fun. And it is a way to enjoy this wonderful park in a different way.

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