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exercise in the morning

Best habits of exercise in the morning every day

Exercise in the morning every day is one of the best habits for healthy living. It is that the first hours of the day find us with the body rested, the energy renewed and the mind fresh to indulge in physical activity. However, there is a great enemy lurking: the laziness of getting up early! Uff, for many getting out of bed a few hours before, for whatever it is, is an impossible mission.

Do you have that problem? Well, I recommend these tips to exercise in the morning. Believe me that practicing physical activity in the first hour has many benefits, such as burning more calories … It’s worth a try!

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Regulate your sleep habitsexercise in the morning

If you want to exercise in the morning, it is more than clear that you should sleep enough during the night to get up with the necessary energy. Regulate your sleep schedules taking into account at what time you would like to get up to do physical activity at a certain time in the morning, and so have slept the 7 or 8 hours a day recommended by the experts.

Of course, if you are used to falling asleep at midnight, from one day to the next you will have a hard time falling asleep at 10 o’clock, for example. What you have to do is accustom your biological clock little by little, going to sleep 15 minutes earlier than usual every day; thus your body will naturally adopt the sleep habit earlier because it is one thing to go to bed early and another to get to sleep early.

Realistic exercise in the morning  strategyexercise in the morning

Ok, you’ve gotten used to getting up earlier to exercise. Now, we must follow a realistic strategy of exercises, that we can fulfill every day with enthusiasm and we do not abandon the minimal sign of laziness. If for a subject of schedules you have no choice but to exercise very early, around 6 or 7 for exercise in the morning, do you really think you can go to the gym every day, at that time?

Better, go safely: an exercise in the morning at home with instructional DVD, go for a walk or run around the neighborhood, ride a bike. It will be much more effective.

Plan B for exercise in the morning every dayexercise in the morning

If your car does not start and you can not go to the gym, or if it’s cold, raining or snowing outside, then have some instructional DVDs ready to exercise in the morning at home. There are many things that we can not foresee overnight; the important thing is to have a plan B for any inconvenience so as not to abandon the exercise that makes us so good.

Get excited about what you likeexercise in the morning

The first week of exercise in the morning can be a success. The second, too. But from the third one, we can present a great obstacle: that of wanting to continue sleeping a few more hours! As much as we sleep enough, we must have enough will and predisposition to not succumb to the pleasure of staying in bed. Do you know what can help you? Something you like!

For example, make a deal with yourself: “if I complete the workout this week, I have permission to buy those shoes I love so much” or “I am allowed to start with a breakfast (as delicious but healthy as possible) at Starbucks”. I assure you that thinking about a pair of new shoes, a tasty cappuccino or any object of desire will make it easier to get out of bed.

Music!exercise in the morning

Music is another element that we can use to motivate us. And not only while we exercise; before too. Program your alarm clock so that one of your favorite songs sounds to get up quickly and in a good mood. Then, program a playlist that includes more songs that you like and makes you move. Never underestimate the power of music for exercise in the morning!

Post-trainingexercise in the morning

Once you have finished exercising you will feel full, because your body will have spent many calories and will have released endorphins, and very happy, because you have fulfilled your goal of exercise in the morning. But the day is just beginning! Take a good shower to continue. And remember to keep your training clothes, socks and shoes always in the same place so it is ready for the next day and does not waste time looking for it.

Many people think that to lose weight and be healthy you have to exercise in the morning every day. Sometimes, we put so much pressure on ourselves that it is inevitable that we fail in the attempt. But I want to say that an exercise in the morning routine should perfectly fit their lifestyle.

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