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5 things you should avoid on a work trip

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Work trip seeks to strengthen business relationships, as well as resolve certain situations and be in contact with personnel of the same company, planning it properly can save you up to 30% in costs, times and efficiency, “says Gerardo Tenaha, Vice President of Travel for American Express.

If you are going to travel for work reasons, these are some things you should avoid. We are the leading lifestyle site in Mexico and Latin America. We add the best experts to improve your quality of life. Traveling for work or business reasons can be a stressful or quiet experience if you take care of every detail. To make your stay a pleasant one and to meet the objectives set, these are some things you should avoid during a work trip.

Blew there is some work trip:

Do not planwork trip

Whether traveling abroad or in any other state of your country, proper planning helps you take steps to organize your activities and work meetings from your arrival.

Also to look for information related to habits, customs, and risks of contracting a disease due to the climatic or environmental conditions of the place, this helps you to protect your health to avoid contracting a disease, explains the document Viejas internationals y salad, from the Government of Spain and World Health Organization.

When planning your trip you can avoid stress since flying can be particularly distressing because it regularly involves staying in the same position, long journey to the airport, shortened sleep and the need to walk long distances in the terminal building.

A good work trip or planning contemplates having in order and at hand passports, currency, medicines and being with arriving at the airport in good time, this relieves the tension, suggests the document International Travel and Health.

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 Unveilwork trip

Rest is an important factor to stay active during the day and effectively fulfill your work commitments. When you travel for several hours and the time of the country you visit differs from yours, you may suffer a decomposition, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The recommendation is that on any long work trip wear loose clothing; Make a smooth activity on the journey, such as walking or stretching every two hours, hydrate properly, avoid drinking alcohol or coffee in excess.

Drink alcoholwork trip

If you are going to travel by plane, the suggestion is to avoid alcohol consumption during the work trip and during the 24 hours prior to it, as it causes dehydration, the height accelerates the effects of alcohol on the body and affects your rest.

People who are under the influence of alcohol are less likely to adjust their safety belts, which is a turbulent situation can be fatal, explains Deborah Girasol, a researcher at the University of the Health Sciences.

Neglecting the feedingwork trip

To successfully cover your commitments it is highly recommended that you take care of food, both meals, and water, this helps you keep your health in good condition and prevent certain diseases such as diarrhea and infections.

Avoid cooked foods that have been kept at room temperature for several hours and consume those that have been fully cooked and are still hot, “is advised in International Travel and Health.

Exit without travel insurancework trip

If you travel for work abroad, it is important that you take out medical insurance during your stay. Generally, medical assistance is obtained in private institutions and can be very expensive. Remember to carry a copy of the insurance certificate and contact information along with all travel documents in your carry-on baggage, explains International Travel and Health.

If you travel constantly it may be an exhausting and stressful experience, but if you plan ahead and take the right steps, it can be very stimulating. Happy journey!

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