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Give Your Health a Positive Impulse with These 30 Tips

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In life there is nothing more important than taking care of your health, so keeping fit and healthy should be your number one priority. With these 30 little tips, you can get the motivation you need to enjoy a new and renewed healthy lifestyle.

Bellow the 30 tips care of your health a Positive Impulse  

1. Tips.Your Health

If you feel like you want to eat, but you’re not sure if you’re really hungry, ask yourself if you’d like to eat an apple. If the answer is “no,” you’re probably more bored than hungry.

 2. Tips.Your Health

Exercising before going to bed will cause your muscles to burn more calories at night.

3.Tips.Your Health

Crying releases excess stress hormones in our body and can scientifically alleviate mental tension.

4.Tips.Your Health

A half-day nap improves your memory and reduces the chances of suffering from heart disease.

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5. Tips.your health

If you feel anxious or stressed, eat a melon. Melons help relieve anxiety and stress while giving your metabolism a boost.


Start learning a new language or playing a new instrument. These actions help delay the brain’s aging process.

 7. Tips.

While driving, chewing mint or cinnamon-flavored gum can reduce the feeling of frustration by 25%, increase vigilance by 30%, and make the journey feel 30% shorter.

8. Tips.

You can program your brain to be happy in one easy step: think of 3 things that you are grateful for each day. After repeating this step for 21 consecutive days you will notice the difference.


Skipping your meals will only cause you to gain more weight. Your body thinks it is going through a famine, which makes it work in energy saving mode, which will make burning calories much more difficult.

10. Tips.

Listening to music regularly reduces the chances of developing a brain tumor.

11. Tips.

Drinking two cups of cold water before a meal increases your metabolism by up to 30%.


If you suffer from constant headaches or mental stress, lie in bed near a wall and raise your legs against it at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 5 minutes.


Running half an hour a day will help you reduce 0.5kg (1 lb) of fat per week for your health.

14. Tips.

Drinking plenty of water during the day will help you sleep well at night for your health.

15. Tips.

Women who walk for an hour each day reduce their chances of suffering from breast cancer by 15%.

16. Tips.your health

Check that your toothpaste has an ingredient called ” Nova in ” – this is the only substance that can repair teeth.

 17. Tips.

Natural pineapple juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrup. It can also prevent baldness and even the flu.


Make the effort to cook your food at least 5 times a week. A recent study found that this will extend your life up to a decade.


If you are trying to quit smoking, follow the following method. Every time you feel the need to smoke a cigarette, lick a little salt. The desire to smoke should happen within a month.

 20.Tips.your health

A cold shower relieves depression and helps keep your skin and hair hydrated.


If you’ve been up all night, take a 15-minute nap before the sun comes up. It is a way of tricking the body into believing that you slept enough. (Do not do it too often.)

22. Tips.

Having a pet at home reduces stress, improves mental functions and increases your life expectancy.

 23. Tips.

Make the effort to be organized. The more organized you are, the less likely you are to suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

 24. Tips.your health

The first day of the week defines your thought health patterns for the rest of the week. It is best to start the day by exercising to ensure your healthy routine.

 25. Tips.

If you have been wearing the same pair of shoes worn for a long period of time, rub your feet in alcohol. This will help you to disinfect regions that are susceptible to fungi.

26. Tips.

Experts say that running or brisk walking usually improves the immune system, keeps the heart healthy, prevents aging, reduces the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, and hypertension, relieves stress and improves self-esteem.

27. Tips.

Honey is one of the products with the highest levels of antioxidants, so it protects from the damaging effects of free radicals and also prevents heart disease, cancer, and muscle degeneration.

29. Tips.your health

Popular wisdom has always said that living with a pet made us more sociable and healthy.

30. Tips.

Who has a friend has a treasure, and on top of that their defenses are stronger. In fact, according to the latest studies, friendship could pass to the category of “natural medicine” because it is shown that loneliness favors the appearance of diseases. When a person feels lonely, their norepinephrine levels skyrocket and the body loses its ability to fight the viruses.

Finally, neither one thing nor the other and everything at the same time. Nature may or may not have endowed you with a strong immune system, but the pillars on which these defenses rest depend on you and are based on your health.

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