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Ideas! Fashion for pregnant women, spring-summer, autumn-winter

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful conditions of a woman. Many men claim that during pregnancy a woman becomes especially beautiful, touching and tender. Naturally, only we, women, know what we have to experience at a time when a baby is born in us, grows and develops. But you will agree, even in this not always simple period of life, you want to be beautiful, have time for fashion, give smiles and receive compliments from others. That’s why stylists do not forget about expectant mothers, including in their recommendations for the season, fashion advice for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is not at all an occasion to wear what had to fit. Leave my mother’s dresses and skirts to my mother, her husband’s sweaters – her husband, and her wardrobe before pregnancy – until the birth of the baby.

Ideas!  Fashion for pregnant women, spring-summer, autumn-winterpregnant women

After all, there is nothing worse than a woman dressed with someone else’s shoulder, not in size, uncomfortable and incompatible with each other things. Believe me, today you can buy things that you can wear and after the appearance of the baby, it is only right to choose them. Read more: 5 healthy habits that will transform your mornings and change your life

Women in the situation at any time are difficult to bear the heat. The question of what to wear, when the thermometer scares the terrible numbers, and it is necessary to go out into the street, will never lose its relevance.pregnant women

Ahead of us is a hot period – summer! Stylists and doctors advise giving preference to lightweight natural fabrics, such as cotton, viscose, denim, and chiffon.

In the trend of femininity, so pregnant women will not be difficult to choose a wardrobe – to help you come dresses. Light cotton products with a skirt of magnificent style, high waist, and free top are very relevant and convenient when the tummy has already rounded.

With regards to print – the fashion for the background completely clogged with large flowers departs. A large flower remains as a single asymmetrically located pattern, for example, on the hem and the bodice. The small floral pattern, on the contrary, takes its toll – fabric designers offer it as an alternative to large peas. The main thing is to clearly see the background color. In this season it is better to give preference to calm pastel tones. In the favor remain blue and lavender, but in very soft, pastel shades.pregnant women

Things made of natural flax are not very practical, but the linen color becomes popular – from deep unbleached flax to soft cream. This color is offered to be combined with a print from Venetian style monograms. Read more: How to relieve back pain with just breathing – very effective

The color of powder in little-dolah will be liked by lovers of lace and chiffon. The girl in the position of this outfit will look extremely romantic, the main thing is not to overdo it with transparency, so as not to look like a result. Here, accessories will come to help – light straw hats, bags with a minimum of decor, shoes at low speed.

Another trend – dresses are oversized. The main principle is that it should sit on the shoulders. For the summer, you can choose a dress such a cut of lightweight denim. In this outfit, you can avoid the heat, while looking stylish and not experiencing stiffness in movement.pregnant women

Decor – light abrasion and artificial pearls, which are mainly embroidered with a bodice. In denim dresses, the upper part of the bodice can be arranged with chiffon or lace, which will provide additional air permeability and help to escape from the heat.

To comply with the business style, dresses-shirts are perfect. Now they are at the peak of popularity and, strangely enough, the stylists offer them and the ladies in the position. Models for pregnant women differ with wider front shelves and an overstated waist. The belt is designed to be tied under the breast. Dress-shirt made of natural cotton linen of calm or even strict colors is perfect for the office.

Shirts with an inflated chest line and a wide hem in the front can be combined with skirts and pants for pregnant women. Stylists suggest giving preference to cotton and light colors that fit into the dress code. T-shirts and T-shirts suggest wearing an adjacent silhouette, but all sorts of rags and loose hats are better for forgetting – they do not make the figure feminine, turning a woman into a kolobok.

Skirts and pants for pregnant women should be as comfortable as possible. It is worth noting that the classic cut has migrated into fashion for pregnant women, has undergone some changes in the part of the kulis, which, of course, is made of soft jersey or elastane. You can safely choose an image in the classical style, even in the ninth month of pregnancy.

Outerwear for the summer is not grandmother’s sweaters. Shortened denim jackets, jackets of lightweight fabrics in classic style or jackets of soft wool – all this should have a fitted silhouette from the back. Yes, yes, even pregnant women have a waist, do not forget about it! Wearing such things is offered not buttoned. some models assume an asymmetric fastener on the upper button.

During pregnancy, doctors recommend wearing shoes at low speed, but if weight and posture allow – on the way out, you can afford boats with not too high heels. Sandals with a tractor sole can weight your image, but a tidy low wedge will give leg strength and allow evenly distribute the load on the spine.

Dresses made of wool and knitwear for pregnant women are offered in several main areas:pregnant women

Dresses above the knee for pregnant women are offered a cut of oversize – a free silhouette with slotted pockets. They freely fit the belly and for pregnant women, it provides a slightly elongated hem at the front so that the bottom of the dress, even with a large belly, has a straight line and does not bulge upward. The decor is provided in the form of a ribbon under the breast, folds at the rounded out cut or a complete lack of decor. Colors are calm, warm from light to dark. Still popular is the print in the form of a cage, but even he is more and more inferior to monotony.

Dressed midi dresses also come in fashion for ladies in position. It is worth giving preference to knitted goods, which stretch well on the stomach. True, it is worthwhile to ensure that the fabric is not enlightened and is dense enough to stretch only where necessary. Very popular models with a collar under the throat and collar-yoke, which can be worn at half-mast on the shoulders. In fashion, all the shades of gray and beige, and the bottle and burgundy are gradually receding into the past.

Maxi dresses with a string or kulis under the chest, along with the wide skirt and rich prints, stylists advise for tall ladies in position. If your height is less than the model one, then it is better not to choose such a dress – you will get lost in it and for a long time, you will look ridiculous in such a long garment. With regards to the drawings – flowers and a cage go into the background, they are replaced by Venetian motifs. Ladies in the situation should choose the calmest and muted options.

Spring-autumn requires darker shades, rather than in summer, but if you really want, then the image can be shaded with bright accessories accents – a handbag or shoes.

Skirts and trousers for spring and autumn are also offered in a classic style. Fabric – wool, jersey or a suit. With regard to such a favorite clothing item of all pregnant women, like jeans, they are perfect for walking and meeting with friends, but not for going to the office. It is worth noting that designers removed jeans-boyfriends from collections for pregnant women, in return, they offer tight-fitting pants with high elasticity. If the dress code of your workplace allows you to wear jeans, then it’s better to give preference to a black coloring that successfully trims your legs.

Warm shirts and sweaters for pregnant women will complete the image with a skirt or trousers. In this case, pay special attention to the combination of tissues – they must be combined in texture.

Shoes on the tractor sole will look great in combination with trousers, but all kinds of offers and oxfords can squeeze too much because the probability of edema increases during pregnancy. When buying demi-season shoes during pregnancy, pay attention to its softness and the presence of an orthopedic insole, try to give preferences to shoes and shoes on lacing, which can be weakened at any moment.

Winter for pregnant women is always a great stress. Blag into fashion included knitted dresses midi and knitted tunics. When choosing, give preference to a dense mating which, when stretched, will not be enlightened on the abdomen. Natural colors and materials are gray in favor, as well as angora. But mohair and natural wool – this is not for you. Too prickly and skin-irritating yarn is not the best choice when you are in position. Alternative to natural yarn – yarn from bamboo or cotton with the addition of synthetic fibers. It is soft, well-shaped and does not crumble. A dress, a sweater or a tunic made of such material will look chic, warm and will save from a cold.

Soft tight jersey will not squeeze the stomach, but at the same time, it will provide a reliable support for the figure. Warm sweaters and dresses made of fabric with firmware are a novelty of fashion for pregnant women. The print in the form of bright pictures, ethnic-motifs and flowers retain their relevance in them, and this winter will still be in fashion.

But the trousers suggest replacing warmed leggings on fleece or fur. They can be successfully combined with tunics or short dresses, but not with sweaters, otherwise, you risk getting the effect of pantyhose.

Outerwear is down jackets. The so-called “Blankets” became fashionable last season, and pregnant women will also be relevant this year. They do not squeeze the stomach, do not interfere with walking, besides soft and protect from jolts and bruises in public transport. From shoes – prefer ugg boots or soft boots at low speed.

To wear heels in winter to pregnant women this year is not recommended not only by doctors but also by stylists.pregnant women

Choose to along soft boats on a comfortable heel, and without much effort, you are ready to go to a restaurant or to an official event.

A tight midi dress with a short sleeve is complemented by soft moccasins in tone, and a denim shortened waistcoat. A small handbag over his shoulder and a straw hat with a ribbon that coincides in color with one of the garments – a stylish image for a summer evening is ready.

A knitted skirt is complemented with a light blouse from chiffon for release. Top with a jacket of dense cotton fabric. Supplement the image with a stylish handbag and ballets with a pointed to – what is not the dress code for the office?

Jeans in combination with a T-shirt of an adjacent silhouette, complement with sneakers or canvas moccasins. From the top, put on a blown vest, or jacket depending on the weather – in this outfit you can go both to a supermarket and to a walk.


The fashion industry has not avoided pregnant women, and this is a real breakthrough. Whoever but we, ladies and gentlemen, know what it is like to walk awkwardly, has been worrying about hundreds of various trifles for almost a year, and even not being able to wear beautiful things. But all this is already in the past, and today, despite the fact, on what month you are, you can easily eclipse your way even the most slender and unencumbered young lady.

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