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How loans are to improve the energy efficiency of a home

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The first step to start improving the energy efficiency of a home energy savings is to identify the areas, devices or equipment that consume the most energy. A monitoring system can help you track your family’s energy consumption by showing how much energy each device or device consumes, and what the associated costs are. New models can connect to your Wi-Fi network to provide power data to devices connected to the cloud. Some even offer applications that allow you to monitor the energy use of your home directly from your mobile device. Access to this information can help you determine how changes in habits, such as turning off the computer or reducing the use of air conditioning, can help you reduce costs each month.

The so-called green credits are news: recently, a large electric company has managed to obtain 500 million euros to finance several projects related to environmental impact and renewables. These products, however, are not exclusive to large companies, because you can also obtain a specific loan (of a lesser amount, logically) to install photovoltaic panels, to insulate the windows of your house or to carry out any other reform that improves the energy efficiency of your home. Read more: 10 tips to improve your home

What are the advantages of green loans? For energy efficiency of your homeenergy efficiency

The first thing you should know about loans to improve energy efficiency, also called green credits or eco-loans, is that their specific objective is to finance any project that has a positive impact on the environment. As they are for a good cause, the banks that grant them offer very attractive financing conditions, although logically you will have to show with a receipt (the budget or proforma invoice of the project) that you will use the money to make your home an energy-efficient home.

Regarding the specific conditions of these credits, in general, their interest rate is lower than that of conventional loans for reforms and, in some cases, the higher the level of energy efficiency you want to achieve, the lower the interest rate. applied. Also, some banks will not charge you the commissions that they usually include in their products or they will reimburse you for the cost of the opening or study expenses. Read more: 7 ideas to decorate a house with little money

In addition, green loans to improve the energy efficiency of a home have all the advantages that credit for reforms usually offer: financing of 100% of the project with a very high maximum amount, extended repayment term to be able to repay in cash in comfortable installments, fixed interest rate so that the amount of monthly payments is always constant, and so on.

Purposes of eco-creditsenergy efficiency

Regarding the use that you can give to these credits, you should know, in general, you can use the money to carry out any project that has a positive impact on the environment, although normally they are usually used for the following:

  • Installation of photovoltaic or thermal plates to obtain electricity or hot water in a clean and sustainable way.
  • Installation of a wastewater treatment system to avoid contaminating your environment.
  • Installation of windows with insulating glass so that heat does not escape in winter and thus save on heating.
  • Installation of a rainwater collection system to take advantage of rainwater to irrigate the garden or for any other domestic use (fill the toilet cistern, for example).

Eco-credits can also be used to finance any other ecological project that does not involve remodeling your home. In general, with these products, you can also finance the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles or have carbon dioxide emissions well below the average. Also, you can use them to buy appliances with a class A or higher energy label, such as a refrigerator, a washing machine or a dishwasher.


More than a year ago the government imposed the obligation to have an energy certificate to rent or sell a home, but what is energy efficiency? , What’s the use? An efficient home is one that manages to reduce energy consumption without decreasing comfort and quality of life. Having an efficient home can save us 5,500 million euros a year, in addition to avoiding the emission of 10.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Buying low energy appliances, insulating windows and installing thermostats in the rooms are some of the actions you can take to improve the energy efficiency of a home.

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