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Travel alone to the United States: the 8 recommended destinations

Many people have plans to travel alone. For the pleasure of being their own company or because they did not find someone else who wants to keep up with them. For whatever reason, solo trips are pure growth and discovery; an opportunity to appreciate the silence that places communicate us and travel alone from another place. Losing itself in its streets and its secrets, and running into any surprise that jumps on the road.travel alone
Travel alone allows you to choose your own paths, be more open to meeting new people and be your own guide. On another trip, we recommend 8 United States cities that are perfect for lonely travelers. Today, we bring you the 8 most friendly US destinations for just travelers.

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ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA to travel alone travel alone

A city is known for its creativity, the friendship of its locals and a cool factor that is replicated in food, drink, and landscapes. The center is the best part to stay, with its hippy vibes, since there are most attractive businesses, especially local breweries.


AUSTIN, TEXAS to travel alonetravel alone

An ideal destination for music lovers who consider it the fastest and fun way to connect with people. It is best to stay on South Congress Avenue and visit the bars and food trucks hipsters (food is spectacular), the businesses of South Lamar and Rainey Street.

BOULDER, COLORADO to travel alonetravel alone

An ideal destination for adventurers that gathers groups of runners and cyclists (who travel the place for free) and hostels where they stay who plan their next days of mountaineering in a spectacular landscape. The fewer athletes can enjoy the park of Rayback Collective food trucks and make friends there with whom they can go to the Fox Theater to see a live show at night.

ISLAMORADA, FLORIDA to travel alone travel alone

Of all the Florida Keys, Islamorada is the most welcoming town that makes you feel at home. The locals enjoy entertaining visitors with family tales and fishing legends; one of the central activities of the place. The tranquility of those few streets is endless, it has a beach and restaurants that offer the best seafood.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY to travel alonetravel alone

Known for its history and its bourbon, this neighborhood is ideal for lovers of history and architecture – especially Old Louisville – with a combination of past and future in a perfect fusion. Here is the restaurant of culinary star Edward Lee called “MilkWood”.

NEW YORK to travel alone travel alone

The city that never sleeps can be full of masses but it is a destination that also welcomes travelers alone. There you will find some of the best art and be shopping in the world, a wide variety of food and drinks and hotels with bars that attract a lot of young travelers. It is impossible to finish knowing everything.

OJAI, CALIFORNIA to travel alonetravel alone

There are travelers who choose more desert destinations to reconnect with themselves. Ojai is 90 minutes from Los Angeles and is a great place to connect with people who love nature and tranquility.

OUTER BANKS, NORTH CAROLINA to travel alone travel alone

This series of islands off the coast of North Carolina attracted authors and artists who were inspired by its stormy waters, the isolated location and its attractive history (the Wright brothers flew their first plane here successfully). The best island for a person traveling alone is Hatteras: it has fishing, kayaking and collecting the best snails on the coast, plus dozens of picturesque cabins that overlook the beach for rent.

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