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The Ultimate Secret of Trends

most profitable companies


The most profitable companies– For any company to achieve profitability is a great achievement, especially for those arising from the venture. Then remember that, in the case of Mexico, up to 75 percent of businesses close before the end of the second year.

new business

The new businesses for 2019 that are triumphing

New businesses for 2019– If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have ever thought about setting up your own company, surely you have wondered at some time what it is that makes a business work or sink. There is no magic formula for this since there are many factors that influence, from the idea to […]

Laundry Business

How To Set Up A Laundry Business

A laundry business is an excellent way to make money due to the flexibility of setting your own schedule. Today we will see one of the best business ideas that exist today, it is about how to set up a laundry. Formerly this idea had been one of the great successes in business, becoming a […]

Business dress codes

Business dress codes: Difference between casual and commercial business attire

Business dress codes are typical clothing options consist of colors, fabrics and conservative styles. Occasionally, office workers may dress less formally in garments that help maintain a productive business environment but are comfortable enough to feel more relaxed than in a typical workday. If in doubt about the clothing of the workplace, choose more conservative […]

knowledge management

The importance of knowledge management in the company

knowledge management in the company conditions of the business environment today, where high complexity and strong competitiveness are imposed, is turning knowledge management into the company, a key element of vital importance to ensure the sustainability over time of businesses and businesses world. In fact, the globalization of trade relations, the global crisis, technological development […]

working capital


The importance of working capital has its origin in a time when industries had a close relationship with agriculture. The processors bought the autumn harvest, processed it and then sold it to the market as a finished product. We have all heard the term “working capital”, but what exactly is it? How can you best […]

capital invested

How to calculate the capital invested

Calculate the capital invested is one of the most important indicators to consider when considering investing in a company. It measures how much money a business can generate over the capital employed. Capital is another way of saying money in the business world. Without capital, most companies will have difficulties for ongoing operations. Invested capital […]

value of a company

How much is my company worth? Five methods to the value of a company

In the business world, although the value of a company is much more objective, there is no single formula to calculate it and, therefore, there is no single value. Of course, there are more or less accepted methods that serve to approximate their real value. What is the value of a company? It is true […]

net working capital

Net working capital versus operating working capital

Operating working capital (OWC) is the measure of liquidity in a business. Net working capital (NWC) is the result of all assets of a company minus all outstanding liabilities. Operating working capital is all assets minus cash and securities, minus all short-term debts, which do not accrue interest. Net working capital Net working capital is […]


The 10 differences between a boss and a leader

First, let’s define both concepts. “Boss” is defined as the person who has authority or power over a group to direct their work or activities. Instead, “Leader” is a person who leads and directs a group or social movement, political, religious, etc. In principle, the difference is clear. But in the day to day, many […]