disadvantages of traveling

The advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone

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Disadvantages of traveling-After traveling two continents without more companion than my backpack I have learned that traveling has only many advantages but also disadvantages. There are good things and other less good things. Traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences that any human being should be able to experience at some time in life. Unless the trip goes wrong, it will always be loaded with good times that we will remember forever, even if we travel alone.

In fact, traveling can only become the best way to experience a great adventure one hundred percent. Therefore, to see the pros and cons. Advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone. Both for those who have not yet dared, as for those who are addicted to this practice.

Advantages of traveling alone

disadvantages of traveling

Absolute freedom to decide

You can always make your own decisions and not have to reach an agreement with anyone else to do what you want, when you want and where you want. You are the captain of your life. You take the helm and set course for the port you want at all times.

You know yourself more

Traveling with anyone but with yourself forces you to know yourself more deeply, to discover what you like, what doesn’t make you happy and what is essential in your life. You learn to manage your feelings better, to be more open to the world, more flexible with your routines, more grateful to others …

You feel stronger

When I arrive in a new city that I don’t know and start exploring it I feel extremely independent and proud to see with my own eyes things that I had only seen in postcards or photographs. It’s like saying: I’m here, I’ve done it. I have fulfilled a dream. I can with everything.

I can spend little money

Traveling the world I have realized that I don’t need many things in my life, that with the basics and essentials it is enough to be happy. I can eat what I want and where I want without consulting with anyone, I can decide if I want to pay the entrance of a museum or save it for something else. When you go with more people sometimes you end up paying for activities that if you went alone you would not have done.

More time for me

When I travel I only have more time for myself. To do what I like. I have more time to read, to listen to music or write. I can go to a cafeteria and work with my laptop until the time I want. I own my time. Is there anything better than that?

 New friends every day

Traveling is one of the best ways to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. Asking a question to a stranger at a train station or establishing a conversation with someone in a hostel can be the beginning of a great friendship. Going alone makes it even easier to meet people because if you want to socialize you have no alternative but to communicate with others.

I try new things

At home the routine is always the same, the same place, the same friends … when you travel every day it becomes a new adventure. The advantage of traveling alone is that it is easier to get out of your comfort zone, dare with different things that you might not do in your country and discover a world full of possibilities.

Travel without asking permission

Tomorrow I can decide to go to South America with my backpack, travel to Australia to surf its magical coasts or make a wild route through the most rural areas of India. I can do it if I want because everything depends on me. I have that freedom.

Disadvantages of traveling alone

Bathing on the beach is complicated

Basically because I don’t have anyone to stay in the sand to watch my stuff. However, I recently found the solution. Place my backpack under the towel, use it as a cushion and have my feet stretched touching the water. It is not ideal but at least it works.

You can’t drink at night

Sometimes I feel like having a party night of those that end up being memorable but I never drink more than two beers or a mojito for safety reasons. Arriving at the hostel on my own depends only on me.

I can’t share food

One of the things I like most is to share food and discover new flavors, especially if I eat traditional dishes from other countries. If I go to a restaurant alone, the only thing I can try is what I ask and I can’t share it with anyone. There is nothing like sharing tapas with friends.

Your friends and family are far away

As much as I like traveling to a greater or lesser extent I always miss my lifelong friends, my family or my dog ​​Duna. Because sometimes they are thousands of miles away I can only see them on Skype. Social networks work very well to maintain contact but at times there is nothing like a good hug.

The hostels get heavy

The hostels are very interesting places where travelers from all over the world are known but after several months of traveling you can get tired of sleeping with 8-10 people in the same room every night. In the end you miss your bed, absolute silence and a good pillow.


As it could not be otherwise, one of the biggest disadvantages of traveling alone is the danger that is run. Again, it will depend a lot on the destination and the country to which you travel.

In the case of traveling to insecure countries, statistics confirm that those who travel alone (especially women) are at greater risk of suffering different types of altercations ranging from robberies to kidnappings or murders.


A major disadvantage of traveling alone is loneliness. We must admit that not all people are prepared to enjoy solitude.

The main variable here to consider is time. Perhaps most people can be alone for a few days, but when it comes to longer trips it is possible that the feeling of loneliness appears and with it the anguish or even anxiety.


This disadvantage of traveling alone is the contrast to the aforementioned advantage of freedom. The word isolation is not accurate to describe the situation a person may feel when traveling alone. I will try to explain myself:

Actually here we talk about a feeling of no escape. Similar to what an agoraphobic may feel when going outside or in open spaces.

This sensation appears rarely, but it can be very unpleasant. It occurs as a result of the high freedom that the person suffers more or less suddenly. This makes him feel aimlessly and without a “guide” to follow, giving a sense of non-escape, fueled in part by not having acquaintances close to those who go.


One of the most intuitive examples of disadvantages of traveling alone. Many of the expenses are reduced when traveling accompanied. Some may be: taxis, hotels, car rentals, gasoline …

What are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling cheap?

disadvantages of traveling

Learn more about this topic now that the new low cost airline Viva Air Peru announced the start of its operations for 2019

#1. Viva Air Peru has notified that it will offer tickets to S /. 59.90 The section and the user will have the right to carry free luggage of a maximum of six kg and measures 40x35x25 cm. If one wishes to carry a larger suitcase, one must pay an extra.

#2. All service on board (food and drinks) during the flight has a separate cost.

#3. There is no class distinction for seats on the plane. All belong to economic and are not numbered, which means that their assignment is in order of arrival in the departure lounge. Your previous assignment means an additional cost.

#4. The company offers “one way” ticket sales, at cheaper prices than a round trip, compared to conventional airlines.

#5. One must compulsorily check online personally and print the boarding pass before showing up at the airport; if not, they can charge an extra.

#6. Most of these passages are not subject to seasonal variation, which facilitates the reservation with little anticipation of time.

#7. These types of airlines do not usually have physical offices for customer service and these are often replaced by telephone exchanges.

Conclusion, disadvantages of traveling alone is not for everyone. You have to know how to get along with lonely moments, enjoy them, value independence above anything and be a person open to new challenges and challenges. It’s not always easy but in the end it’s worth it. If you are a daring person, surely you have wanted to travel alone. Keep in mind these advantages and disadvantages of traveling alone and go on an adventure. Do not be afraid.

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