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Three Ways to Produce Energy and Meet Net Zero by 2050

In order to tackle climate change, many countries have agreed to aim for an ambitious target – known as the Net Zero Strategy, which means that by 2050 the country will not be putting carbon into the atmosphere. This will affect both individuals, industries and businesses, as it is a huge undertaking – but how is it going to happen?

Wind Power – This is a great way to produce energy and the Government is going to be building new wind turbines to produce power, both onshore and at sea. Already, around a quarter of the power we use is already produced by wind in the UK, so this is a great way to boost this and reduce carbon emissions.

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Nuclear Power – Although often controversial, and a form of power that can get a fair bit of negative attention, nuclear power is something that can also help to tackle climate change. Research and technology is advancing and places like this Bristol Robotics https://hotrobotics.co.uk/facilities/university-of-bristol/ laboratory are coming up with ways to make nuclear power a safer option going forward.

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Energy from Waste – Landfill is another problem that we have to deal with, so therefore, turning our waste into energy could be a fantastic way forward.   Waste that cannot be recycled is taken to a special processing plant and burned to produce energy. Of course, this is not as efficient as many other forms of energy, but by burning the waste and turning it to energy it also helps to alleviate the pressure on landfill.

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