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Three Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly and Help Fight Against Climate Change

One of the biggest issues that the whole world has to tackle right now is the climate crisis. With temperatures rising and extreme weather events being seen all over the world, making sure that we are doing all we can as both countries and as individuals is more important than ever.

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At a personal level there is a lot that you can do to help the planet – here are a few ideas…

Cycle or Walk More – Walking and cycling will not only benefit the planet but will also benefit your health. Cycle to work rather than driving if your journey is not too far, and on the weekend there is little more enjoyable than taking a bike ride or a walk through the countryside.

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Use Natural and Sustainable Materials – When building, use natural materials like stone or wood that can be recycled easily. Whether you are building a home from scratch or are adding an extension or outbuilding, go for something like these Timberpride oak garages which are much better for the environment.

Recycle – The earth’s resources are precious and lots of waste materials have caused big problems – from the over full landfill sites to the plastic contaminating the oceans. Recycling as much as possible is important. When you are getting rid of things, see if you can donate them to a charity shop, or to a place that will be able to re-use them.

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