types of sports

Different Types of Sports That You Have To Know

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Types of sports– Sports are understood as various games and physical. And mental activities that are regulated and structured, activities that are practiced for leisure, or in a professional manner. But always having a competitive tendency. The various types of sports can be done individually or in groups, which depends on the specific sport being practiced.

Different types of sports

types of sports

Sport is an activity that has accompanied human beings for millennia. Although it is not known for sure how it arose. But several hypotheses have been devised in this regard, such as the one that says that they may have emerged as a continuation of the infants’ games, obtaining a clear competitive tendency, to somehow demonstrate who was the best among the members of a society primitive, perhaps among the youngest member groups, who were not yet ready to accompany adults to the hamlets.

Not knowing the real origin of the sport hypotheses have been devised like the previous one among others. Sports have evolved for millennia, disappearing some. And transforming and regulating others, reaching today,

Most sports can be classified by several criteria, such as the means in which they are performed. As is the case of water sports, by the use of some special utensil to perform it, such as balls, rackets, “sticks”, bats, skates, skis. Or more complex and mechanical devices, such as bicycles, cars, motorcycles, or various boats, among others.

Most sports can be classified into two main categories, individual sport and couple or group sport.

  • Individual sports. Individual sports can include surfing, skydiving in all its versions bullfighting several athletic sports, such as bullet shooting, the javelin, the high jump, the jump with chick, the dive. Or jump the archery, the shot of sport pistol, the cycling, the golf, the boxing, the fencing, the Judo and other martial arts. As well as tennis and most of the ski and skating sports.
  • Group or team sports. These can be done by couples or teams, which can vary in the number of members, depending on the sport in question. Examples of this type of sports are football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, relay races, couples skating wrestling, skydiving, tennis, cricket, polo and toilet pole, among others.

Sports can also be classified by the use of an implement or machine in the sport that is practiced or by simply using the human body.

  • Sports where some machines are used. In these sports some artifacts are used such as bicycles, cars and motorcycles sailboats. And paddle canoes, in sports such as sports sailing and individual and group rowing.
  • Sports in which no artifacts are used. This type includes sports such as wrestling, Olympic wrestling, judo, karate, taekuondo, lacks of speed and background, swimming, diving, diving height.
  • Sports in which a tool is used. Within this category are those where artifacts such as rackets, baseball bat, diversity of balls and balls, skis, skates, etc. are used. That although they are devices. Or tools they are used directly by the person for the execution of the sport, unlike machines such as bicycles. And race cars that involve the use of abilities different from the physical abilities of the athlete.

Some types of sports

 types of sports

Athletic sports

Various types of sports can be classified within athletics, such as walking, speed racing, obstacle courses, cross-country, long jump, high jump, pole vault, bullet throw, and disk launch, among others.

  • Water sports. Within this category are sports such as swimming, diving, toilet pole, surfing, rowing races, as well as sports such as sailing, which It may well be fast races, or long races crossing even seas.
  • Winter sports. Within this category there are several sports such as skiing, either in mountain races. Or in ski jumping, acrobatic skiing, other winter sports are, slalom, speed racing on skates, Figure skating, ice hockey, or Nordic walking.
  • Combat sports. Refers to sports in which a fight or combat is initiated against the opponent, or in his case against the opposing team. It is a sport in which several players or contestants enter, can be performed simply with the hands, feet. And body in general of athletes or using various tools, as in the case of fencing, within this category sports such as Olympic wrestling, wrestling, karate, taekuondo, cun fu, boxing, judo, mixed martial arts. And other types of martial arts that are practiced sports.
  • Adventure sports. It refers to those sports activities that are aimed at others of the exercise, to provide certain emotions by printing the sensation of adventure to those who practice it, sports such as mountaineering, hunting, diving. And others that commonly involve other disciplines such as hiking, swimming, mountaineering, rappelling, and even skydiving.

Within adventure sports, extreme sports are also counted, such as sport skydiving, surfing, high mountain mountaineering, sport caving, bullfighting, bongie jumping, base jumping or base jumping and Heliski, among others.

Intellectual sports

Intellectual sports. Activities such as chess are referred to as mental or intellectual sports, since they have the majority of the requirements to be considered as such. Although the actions carried out with this activity are more intellectual in nature.

In the same way they are often described as sporting competitions for intellectual events such as mathematical tournaments. And mathematical olympics, which is why some count these activities as intellectual sports.

Several sports can be classified into various subtypes or categories, in the case of sports that enter the sphere of athletics, or water sports such as swimming. Below is an example of how some sports can be sub-classified.

Gymnastic sports

They include sports such as Swedish, rhythmic or artistic gymnastics, among other subdivisions that in turn can be classified by the various devices they use.

  • Gymnastics with devices. In it several devices are used such as the “horse” with arches, parallel bars, asymmetric bars, or rings, objects that must be used by athletes to perform certain stunts and exercises.
  • Artistic gymnastics. Artistic gymnastics is one that by means of body movements using head, arms and legs is about performing various forms, to express themselves using music, being able to perform with various devices and even with a companion or divided into male and female categories. Feminine
  • Rhythmic gymnastics. In her only the feminine modality exists, Routines are executed with several different devices, following a rhythm that is marked by the music.

3 Sports on wheels for family practice

The good weather makes it more palatable to practice outdoor family activities. A fun way to start children in sports on wheels is to go skateboarding or cycling together. Three healthy alternatives that, in addition, we can turn into a way to discover new urban routes or enjoy the environment.

These proposals not only help instill positive values in our family, but their practice is fun. The perfect combination of leisure, play and exercise.

Initiation bicycles

The method that most parents prefer when teaching their children to ride a bicycle goes through the new models without pedals. The system allows acquiring balance in a natural way, an advantage over the use of wheels.

When you consider buying a bicycle you have to take into account several factors. The first of it is height. To know if it is appropriate, the child should be able to sit on the saddle and touch the ground with the base of the toes. Also check that it reaches the handlebar keeping the elbows slightly bent so that you have good control of the ride.

Choose one with little weight, since it usually costs to push you. And, therefore, it is important that it is light. If they are starting to assemble it will not be necessary to have gear changes although. If you choose a model that has them, we must teach their different uses.

My first skates

Another alternative of sports on wheels to improve psychomotor skills and balance are roller skates. The ideal age to begin to start in this alternative is from 3 or 4 years, when its coordination. And structure is developed. It is essential to make sure that we acquire a good product by checking the stiffness.

Many children’s skates have the option of making them extensible. Through a simple regulation system you can contract or enlarge up to 4 sizes. In this way. The child always uses the appropriate number and, parents avoid unnecessary expenses. The most common is to use those that are in line, with which you learn faster. Although you can also opt for traditional axes or in parallel.

Those with four wheels in parallel, contrary to popular belief, require more stability since the axis of gravity is different. In addition, with traditional rollers it is more difficult to perform maneuvers, especially for the little ones. However, they are necessary to start children in some sports disciplines, such as figure skating.

In both cases, let’s never forget to use the necessary protections!  It is important to consider accessories such as knee pads, elbow pads, wristbands and helmet.


One more possibility to do sports on wheels as a family is to take a skateboard. And go out to enjoy the city. From 4 years old children can start on the skateboard, with which they will promote balance. And control of the body.

For the little ones it is necessary that the skateboard has a wide surface table that adapts to its height. As in the previous cases, both minors.

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