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What is Thermal Plasma Spray

Thermal Plasma Spray is not necessarily something that you might have heard about. They are all words that you can recognise and probably have some awareness of, but not necessary when they are put together in the same context.

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Thermal spraying is a way in which coatings are put on the service of various items to help them withstand the effects of weathering, dents and knocks and any other environmental factors that might be placed upon them. Thermal plasma spray is thermal spraying that is completed through a heating process that uses electricity. You can find out more by visiting a company like https://www.poeton.co.uk/advanced-treatments/apticote-800-thermal-plasma-spray/, which offers these kinds of treatments.

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The types of materials that can be coated using this technology include metals, alloys, plastics, ceramics and products that are made of composites. The spray can be put on materials of almost any size and shape. The process is fascinating.

A feedstock (the material that is used to create the covering), such as a liquid or powder, is placed inside the equipment piece known as a plasma jet. The jet is linked to a plasma torch that will spray the material out onto the surface of the item that is to be coated. In the jet, the powder or liquid is heated to an incredible temperature which then causes it to melt. This melted material is then sprayed through the torch area of the equipment onto the item.

There are many reasons that a coating may need to be put on an item, and they can include:

  • To help an item withstand high temperatures. This could be temperatures that are needed for engine parts or items that need to be cleaned at high temperatures. It can also be parts of equipment that come into contact with naked flames.
  • Products that are subject to lots of wear and tear may need to have an additional coating on them to help prevent them from becoming easily damaged. In this way, an exterior coating can help to prolong the overall life span of the item.
  • Medical equipment can be created, such as implants and plates that are used to help bones fuse together. These not only need to be hygienic but also hardwearing, and in some cases, they will have a special coating added to the outside to help strengthen them.

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