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Undecided of which motorcycle intercom can serve you best on a day to day basis to communicate with other drivers or to listen to music or surf the city?

Nowadays many of the big cities and even the people who live in small places of the world have chosen to use a more effective means of transport, that does not occupy too much space, that does not use too much fuel. And that of course, the transportation of point to point without problem. And just like a car normally does.

This means of transport is of course the motorcycle, which is used in cities where there is a large amount of traffic. And every day it becomes more difficult to travel between too many cars in a faster way. And of course, as in the world of automobiles, where there are currently so many amenities and features within them. Nowadays you can also find some of these amenities in the world of motorcycles.

An example of this is the intercom for motorcycle, which might sound a little confusing to whoever is the first time you hear the term. If you own a motorcycle. And you are interested in being able to be communicated at the time of walking quickly through the streets. And avenues riding your motorbike. This shopping guide of the best motorcycle intercom will help you throughout the process.

What is a motorcycle intercom?

Many motorcycle drivers still do not know that there is this device that allows you to talk on the phone. Or listen to music without having to give up security. Why? Very simple, you can do this using a helmet at the same time that you take with both hands the handles of the motorcycle. A motorcycle intercom is precisely a motorcycle communicator that helps you to be able to communicate with the world without having to stop to answer the phone.

How does a motorcycle intercom work?

Like many current electronic devices, motorcycle communicators have an extensive range of types on the market, which are updated as technology advances every day. To understand the operation of a motorcycle helmet with integrated intercom. Or motorcycle intercom itself, you should take a look at what types you can find today:

Motorcycle intercom with cable

As its name indicates, this type of motorcycle intercoms contains a cable that connects the passenger to the driver. And all can be connected in a central control box. Some of these intercoms can be connected to a GMRS or FRS radio.

 It should be noted that this model is one of the oldest that can be found in the market, as well as the least expensive. However, the level of comfort that this intercom offers is lower than a wireless intercom.

Wireless motorcycle intercom

 motorcycle intercom

There are different types of technology used in a wireless motorcycle intercom. There may be intercoms with Bluetooth, GMRS radio, FRS and FM. Since these technologies are different from each other, one must explain in detail how each one works:

Bluetooth Like many of the current devices that use this type of wireless technology, a motorcycle intercom with Bluetooth is the type of intercom most chosen by users thanks to its efficiency. And due to its easy connection, which can be established with the contact with who want to start a conversation.

However, the problem with this device is that it cannot be entrusted with a large scope, which must be increased thanks to GRMS or CDMA frequency. However, the great advantage of a Bluetooth bike intercom is that it allows its connection with smart mobile phones, music players and GPS devices.

Family Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service. If you ever had or have had a device called “walkie talkies”. Then basically you already know the operation of the motorcycle intercoms with the Family Radio Service.

For there to be great communication within both devices, they have to be in a certain range of distance without having any kind of obstruction. On the contrary, the General Mobile Radio Service can be more efficient when communicating to two users over long distances.

Modulated Frequency (FM). You can understand the operation of this type of motorcycle intercom thanks to the radio frequency of which we are all aware. What is different is that the frequency of a motorcycle intercom is adjusted to another level. Which translates into clearer sound effects.

What are some advantages of the motorcycle intercom?

If you are still not sure if you want to buy one of these intercoms for motorcycle helmets, do not worry. Because these reasons and advantages can be very helpful in that difficult decision.

Better communication with the passenger

Many drivers or people who like to ride motorcycles appreciate a good conversation with the passenger with whom they are sharing a trip. Naturally doing this would be almost impossible to do effectively by transmitting the message.

But something that should be appreciated in a motorcycle helmet with integrated intercom is the fact that you can communicate efficiently without having to raise your voice. Or even turn your head a little so that the passenger can hear you in a better way.

Broader options

These options are obtained thanks to the wireless motorcycle intercoms, which, through their Bluetooth connections, allow connection with other devices such as smart phones and GPS. This allows you to listen to music through your Smartphone. As well as navigate with GPS thanks to the motorcycle intercom.

Speed ​​in the decision process

We commented in point one that a motorcycle intercom offers better communication with the passenger in general. However, it is not only important to communicate with someone who is traveling with you. But also those who are traveling on their own, but who travel in a group with you. Why?

Imagine that thanks to the GPS navigation that you can do thanks to your Bluetooth motorcycle intercom, you could realize that the route they followed initially is no longer an option due to remodeling or traffic that exists in it. How would you normally say this to your group of friends or colleagues who drive alongside you? Logically you would have to stop to tell them, or slow down to be able to communicate. Now you realize that the best motorcycle intercom will not allow this to happen,

Buying a motorcycle intercom is an excellent way to invest your money if you want to take advantage of the fact that you can have a “hands-free” without having to drive a car.

What elements are those that are usually included when buying a motorcycle intercom?

If you are increasingly considering purchasing a motorcycle communicator but you still do not know what you could be acquiring in total, here is a reference of what you might be finding in a package when buying a motorcycle Bluetooth intercom:

Bluetooth intercom to integrate with the helmet. This is the device that can receive the transmission of either a conversation or multimedia content, will be responsible for being able to connect to your mobile phone

  • Speaker and microphone
  • USB cable
  • Clip to fit the intercom headset to the helmet
  • User manual

There are several elements that will have to be adjusted to the helmet that you use in order to begin to experience the advantages of being able to communicate without having to stop for a second.

What to pay attention to when buying a motorcycle intercom?

It is a question that everyone considering this purchase should be asked. That is why here we provide these points so that you get the best bike intercom based on its functions and performance; not always cheap motorcycle intercoms are the best option.

 An important point to clarify is that you will be acquiring a product that will help you to communicate at the same time you drive. This experience has to be excellent, otherwise it could have consequences that could affect to a greater degree both you.

Find one that has the GPS function

As we explained previously, the GPS function will help you to explore a map in detail. Thanks to this, the GPS will be able to locate you automatically in any point that you are of the world. And if you need it. You will be able to consult a route that is suitable for you according to the indications of the GPS.

If you constantly use GPS to plan a driving route, you have probably had to consult your Smartphone a couple of times. On the other hand, if your motorcycle intercom already includes GPS. The only thing that you will have to worry about is to listen to the instructions of the same by the headset of the device.

Take care that it is easy to handle

Considering that you will have to use the motorcycle intercom at a time when you will not have your absolute attention to it. You should look for one that has the ease of handling through its controls that facilitate the tasks that are most important. These controls, too, should be able to be easily pressed even if you are wearing gloves.

Excellent audio quality

This feature must be very important in your decision when consulting a comparison of motorcycle intercoms since the main element for which you are buying it is to be able to communicate. And listen to all the content whether it is a call, GPS. Or even multimedia content. Make sure that the audio quality of the intercom is appropriate to your needs.

More connections with other drivers

If on a daily basis you need to communicate with more than one person at a time when driving. Do not worry, some motorcycle intercoms have you covered. As they allow up to 10 connections. The most common is to find those that only allow you to connect with a person.

But you can find those that allow a connection with less than 10 people. Naturally, the price for which intercoms are offered with this feature is proportional to the number of connections that the device allows.

Connection with smart phone

Because this device is intended to be used without having to pay too much attention. You should be able to connect to your smart phone through wireless technology to receive. And make calls with relative ease. In order to use several of the features mentioned above, consider that the motorcycle intercom can take the functions offered by the mobile phone.

Proof of all types of weather

Since when driving a motorcycle there is no roof or protection in between. It is clever to look for a motorcycle intercom that is not damaged thanks to the different characteristics of the climate. Acquiring an intercom that allows its use in different types of weather is an intelligent decision.

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